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#rockbox log for 2015-03-23

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03:17:45prof_wolfffHi my friends, very much sorry, i have been forced to be offline for last months (job issues, no in jail ;), at this moment i am not updated on the rockbox developing, i have just arrived at home and in the next days i would be a bit busy, but i am commited to Classic development, really i can't remember where i leave it, IIRC i got some CPU HW info, i will try to find it and commit in the next days.
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03:20:11prof_wolfffSeven, wodz, saint, every people, do you think it it time to commit the last patches ???
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04:59:40saratogaprof_wolfff: great, wondered if you were still working on things
05:01:24saratogaby the way have you seen g#1148
05:01:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #1148 at : Classic/6G: Fix hold switch detection by Kazuyoshi Horiguchi
05:01:53prof_wolfffsaratoga, i have been offline for the last months but as i sait, i am commited :)
05:04:57prof_wolfffsaratoga, about 1148, holdswitch is a ****, i hope to resolve it using PMU interrupts
05:05:09saratogayeah that patch looked very questionable to me
05:05:22saratogabut i don't understand the hardware either
05:06:49prof_wolfffreally the GPIO read was a walkarround, OF uses PMU interrupts
05:11:37prof_wolfffsaratoga, what about the CEATA problem, it is resolved ATM?
05:11:51saratoganot sure what problem that was
05:15:04prof_wolfffit seems it was a CEATA property, i am wrong?
05:19:10prof_wolfffsaratoga, what do think about commitin last patches, i have been using it last months with no problems. They key is to switch the DMA driver...
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05:20:09saratogaprof_wolfff: can you check with one of the other classic developers?
05:20:13saratogai don't know much about the port
05:20:33saratogabut its marked as unusable at the moment so I don't think its a huge problem to commit major changes
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05:21:15prof_wolfffok, but.. have you tried them?, if so... any problems on them?
05:21:26saratogai don't have a classic
05:21:40prof_wolfffohhhhh, sorry
05:22:04saratogano problem
05:22:33saratogaok back to work...
05:23:18prof_wolfffi have a sansa sport, do yo know i there is anybody trying to port it???
05:27:38saratogayes, there was some talk about it the past few weeks
05:27:54saratogatrying to get the JTAG working, but apparently it didn't respond
05:28:18saratogaat this point no one is even sure if it has enough memory to have a real port, the datasheet implies that it does not (although datasheets often lie)
05:28:57saratogathe player's firmware does seem to have a lot of trouble with longer AAC files though, which is a bad sign, since parsing AAC is very memory intensive
05:30:45saratogaof course we thought the same thing about the original clip, and it turned out that sandisk had ordered a customized version of the chip with additional memory
05:32:32prof_wolfff:( and :), it is a challenge!!!
05:36:13saratogayeah but not a very interesting target in my opinion since its mips and apparently very limited hardware
05:36:33saratogareally only good thing is that its very cheap
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05:38:26prof_wolfffi am not audiophile but it sounds nice for me, no the crystalline ipod sound but a warm sound
05:39:04saratogai think most of these integrated sigma delta systems have pretty good output these days
05:39:14saratogathey're all just using the same designs
05:41:22prof_wolfffyeah!, people says Classics sound is a bit tired but it is discutible, it was easy in the old phono ages :)
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09:02:48[Saint]prof_wolfff: yeah - there is something wrong with CEATA in git HEAD, apparently.
09:03:18[Saint]I don't have any functional CEATA ipod6g left laying around to play with it though, perhaps you do.
09:03:57[Saint]I have two non-functional ones, and not quite enough bits to make a single functional one from either. ;)
09:04:54[Saint]From memory, I believe the filesystem rewrite busted it up.
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09:13:49wodzI don't have classic either. From the top of my head currently there are a few known problems with 6g (at least for some users): 1) CEATA 2) hold detection 3) usb. Other than this there at two major TODOs: 1) bootloader 2) dualboot
09:14:49wodzNext is IAP support
09:15:55wodzpamaury: ping
09:16:02[Saint]Apparently there is an actual (semi-(?)) functional bootloader with dualboot that [7] and $some_guy made
09:16:19[Saint]but I haven't seen one scratch of the development of it.
09:16:22wodz[Saint]: sure, but nothing official
09:16:25pamaurywodz: pong
09:16:30[Saint]I've only heard [7] refer to it.
09:16:44[Saint]not emCORE, I mean.
09:17:27wodzpamaury: I saw you pushed new version of soc_desc to gerrit. How far are we from pushing 'commit' button?
09:18:25pamaurywodz: for me the qeditor is finished, I added the bits needed to edit variants, I suggest you try and see if that works for you. I also modified a little bit register/field editor layout.
09:19:08pamauryI began headergen_v2, it's not finished but in good shape, it's still on my computer only at the moment
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09:23:40wodzpamaury: ok, I'll try qeditor soon
09:24:02wodzsaratoga: why MIPS is not interesting?
09:25:24pamaurywodz: by the way, I saw that the Fiio X1 went out, maybe that's the interesting player to port rockbox too: not too expensive, MIPS and modern components
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09:52:25wodzpamaury: the price is reasonable indeed
09:57:07wodzpamaury: Are you sure it is MIPS? binwalk finds only ARM opcodes
09:59:34pamaurywodz: some photos of the internal shows ingenic jz4760b which is supposed to have dual XBurst
09:59:54pamaurymaybe the photos were not X1 in fact...
10:00:04pamauryI'll have a closer look
10:00:08wodzyes, jz4760 is MIPSish
10:03:31[Saint]the X1 has a silly little LED to play with too! :)
10:03:38[Saint]Its blue, IIRC.
10:04:07wodzIHFSsplit doesn'
10:04:16wodzt crunch updrade file for x1
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10:32:14wodzthere is quite a lot documentation for 4760/4760b
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10:55:55pamaurywodz: a little on google suggest fiio released or leaked a "packtools" that can pack/unpack the firmware, someone on rockbox disassembled it and posted something on the forums but didn't much information except something about a checksum. I wonder where this tool can be found
10:57:09pamauryalso found this:
11:02:08pamauryhaha found it, it can unpack x1 update
11:11:50wodzpamaury: can you share unpacked version?
11:12:41pamaurywodz: just the firmware or the entire archive ? I'll try and reverse engineer the packer/unpacker completely to see what is different from ihfssplit
11:13:14wodzfirmware, images fonts etc. are not interesting for me
11:13:38wodzbah. Yes only firmware is interesting for me
11:14:37pamaurywodz: see your email
11:15:47pamauryI didn't look at it yet
11:15:48wodzgot it
11:18:42wodzlooks like scrambled
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11:21:19pamaurythat's unfortunate
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17:29:06pamaurywodz (logs): regarding x1 firmware, I think it's scrambled with a simple xor against a known key, I'm running some analysis to check that
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18:02:43pamauryHaha, I think I successfully descrambled the firmware :)
18:04:18saratogawodz: i don't want to have to redo 5 years of arm assembly
18:04:24saratogafor codecs
18:05:43pamaurysaratoga: why would you need to do that ?
18:06:09saratogaright now we're not great on mips
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21:39:38pamaurywodz (logs): see g#1165
21:39:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #1165 at : Add jz4760 tool by Amaury Pouly
21:44:37*pamaury is proud to have discovered the scrambling procedure just by guessing, without any tool to reverse engineer :)
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22:40:18pamaurywow, the fiio X1 has some chip which does SLC NAND + DRAM, I didn't know such things existed
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22:56:20wodzpamaury: you are genius!!!!
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23:05:19chokithank you rockbox for giving me the best mp3 player on earth! cant live without my sansa clip+ with rockbox anymore
23:07:27 Part LinusN
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