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#rockbox log for 2015-03-31

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10:12:21pamaurywodz: ping
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10:17:27pamaury_I dumped the ROM using the uncached address and indeed it's better
10:18:01pamaury_see your mailbox for the new file
10:19:00pamauryI just had a very quick look, the beginning of the file looks much better
10:20:13wodzok, will look
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10:30:53wodzpamaury: At first glance looks pretty sane
10:31:48wodzit blasts cache very early
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14:39:53wodzpamaury: How much your gerrit task is different from rockbox/utils/jz4740_tools/jz4740_usbtool.c ?
14:41:27pamaurythe jz4740 one is problably much more general, I plan to throw mine away if the jz4740 one works fine
14:41:52wodzpamaury: At first glance the protocol is the same
14:42:21pamaurythe one of jz4740 is a bit weird though because it has opcode not found in the jz4760 doc, so I don't know if it relies on sending a particular stub
14:42:46pamaury(ie it can do NOR/NAND/SDRAM ops)
14:43:35wodzpamaury: I think so (jz_xloader.bin)
14:45:19pamaurydo you know where is this file ?
14:45:47pamauryI guess it needs to be built from another project
14:47:22pamauryyeah but this does SDRAM init only
14:49:03wodzyes thats what I see. BUT it returns from main() so basically jumps back to rom code
14:49:30pamaurythe ingenic repository has a generic stub for SDRAM/DDRAM init also, probably much more useful since fiio x1 uses mddr but we don't have the parameters
14:49:50pamauryhowever I'm curious if the ROM really has the NOR/NAND ops
14:51:02wodzI doubt that
14:51:32wodzanyway we will know once dig deep enough in rom dump
14:51:44wodz8k is not that much :-)
14:52:42wodzpamaury: what parameters? We know what kind of chip is this, no?
14:53:24pamauryalso in theory we don't need hwstub for this one because the ROM can do read/write but that would still be useful. Also we already have a usb driver, I guess the one from jz4740 will work.
14:53:41pamauryWe know it's mDDR but we don't have the datasheet, which means we lacks tons of parameters
14:53:59wodzoh. shit
14:55:32pamaurythus dumping the first four sectors of the NAND would be useful.
14:56:25pamaurymaybe it's possible to use safe settings for mDDR, based on the bus width and likely speed
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14:59:02wodzpamaury: I'll dig into rom first. However I'll be offline during Easter.
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15:29:20Bulentis there somebody to help me out with my rockbox setup
15:31:56BulentI have a classic IPOD 160 gb, 6th gen. and after installing rockbox there is no more connection to my car
15:32:21Bulentany idea to undo this or to fix this
15:33:21amayerBulent: Rockbox currently doesnt support the Apple Accessory Protocol.
15:33:40amayerI just use lineout for my car stereo
15:33:53Bulentso that would work?
15:34:09Bulent(my car has some features for the ipod so I would miss that right?)
15:34:31amayeryeah any features specifically for ipods wont work
15:34:55Bulentany idea amayer, how to undo the installation of emcore and rockbox on a 6g?
15:34:56amayerbesides physical ones (such as a holder) obviously
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15:36:15Bulentbecause the instructions ar not correct for my emcore version
15:36:28Bulentthere is no uninstall in teh settings :)
15:36:43Bulent(I tried that)
15:36:46amayeryou need to read the instruction for the 6G not the Nano 2G
15:36:52BulentI might have scruwed things up
15:36:56amayerIpod classic
15:37:59Bulent(i will try it right away thanks)
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16:03:24BulentHi Amayer
16:04:06BulentHi AmayerI followed the exact steps and now I am a bit further than before
16:04:13Bulent(had to restart)
16:04:48Bulentbut my ipod is not visible on my pc, and iTunes cannot restore anything
16:06:07pamaurywodz (logs): I think the second stage with NAND/NOR ops is the one here:
16:08:03Bulent(the step: and a new USB device called "USB DFU Device" should connect to your PC. is not effective. Any idea how to realize this?
16:13:17amayerBulent: Did you get the device into DFU mode?
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16:16:44BulentHi, well i fllowed the instructions and it should have, but i could see it on my explorer
16:17:35Bulentbut Itunes complained it could not connect to the server. so I downloaded the latest version (not the one from EMCore this time)
16:17:53Bulentlets hope this works
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16:18:41Bulentseems this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
16:19:00Bulentso the old software on the EMCORE drive was not accepted by the apple servers
16:19:58Bulentthanks for the small but crucial advise Amayer
16:20:12Bulentit is restoring now
16:21:22amayerBulent: glad to help
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21:27:04wodzpamaury: As usual 4760 PM doesn't mention some registers :-)
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21:44:13pamaurywodz: yeah, some might 4760B specific also
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21:46:55wodzpamaury: that too
21:47:19wodzpamaury: so far rom is very clean design
21:48:25pamauryout of curiosity, is it possible that the ROM code is based on the source on the ingenic github repo ?
21:48:40wodzwhich one?
21:49:25wodzlet me see
21:50:07pamaurythat the firmware which does NOR/NAND ops but the code looks quite clean and modular
21:50:56pamaurybut maybe too big also, so I'm not sure
21:52:57wodzmaybe loader part is similar (don't know yet) but at least start of the code looks different
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22:00:07wodzpamaury: usb core config part seems to follow above source code
22:08:33chokiwow i really need to download 2048 to my sansa! :D
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22:26:26wodzpamaury: according to my understanding rom supports commands with indexes 0-5
22:26:35wodzjust as in manual
22:27:34wodzI mean according to disasm :-)
22:27:48wodzpamaury: ^
22:28:22pamauryyeah I understood :)
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22:31:23wodzfor VR_GET_CPU_INFO one should get string "JZ4760V1"
22:32:27pamaurythat's what I got
22:33:51wodzcache flush is really implemented
22:37:12wodzflush also sets kseg0 region as cached and valid. Maybe thats how it knows that cache is used as temp memory
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22:52:43wodzpamaury: Anything else particularly interesting for you in disasm I should look for?
22:58:12pamaurywodz: could you have a look at how PROGRAM_START1 is implemented ?
22:59:00pamauryit takes an address but I'm not if it's used or how does it work
23:00:34pamaurybasically if I understand what you are saying, the ROM assumes that you are going to load 8KB in a contiguous fashion so that you fill up the cache ?
23:01:10pamaurybut how does that goes to i-cache and is it really executed at the address where it's loaded ?
23:01:18pamauryI'm just curious :)
23:02:39wodzIt performs some cache operation (Create Dirty Exclusive) on dcache (whatever it means but I guess this is just the way to sync icache with dcache without touching memory)
23:03:05wodzand the performs jump to the address extracted from usb ctrl packet
23:03:48wodzI think this is only going to work for 0x80000000 - 0x80004000 range in this case
23:03:59pamauryyeah that's what I thought
23:05:25wodzSee MIPS Run book doesn't mention such cache operation but linux sources have some fancy define for this.
23:06:07pamauryoh, I was wondering how you knews the name ^^
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23:39:26mudlordhi, just wondering who i see regarding the frequency scaling patch for sansa clip zip
23:39:47mudlordI have been experiencing crashes which havent existed in release 3.13
23:40:27mudlordI've been able to easily reproduce the crashes though
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