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#rockbox log for 2015-04-01

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00:06:54saratoga_mudlord: you can post in the thread for that patch
00:07:35mudlordoh okay
00:08:30saratoga_but we haven't committed it yet since its not 100% figured out
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00:08:42mudlordah, in that case ill stick to stables :)
00:08:55mudlordwell, stick to rockbox 3.13
00:09:08saratoga_what does that have to do with anything?
00:09:39mudlordwell, I dont have any crashes with 3.13, and it crashes on latest git
00:09:54saratoga_oh i thought you were talking about cpu scaling
00:09:57saratoga_frequency scaling
00:11:05mudlordyeah, i reverted to a older build without frequency scaling and there seems to be no crashes
00:11:22saratoga_well the git build doesn't have frequency scaling
00:11:28saratoga_so i'm a little confused about what you mean
00:11:29mudlordhmmm, weird
00:11:34mudlordi thought it did
00:11:48saratoga_you'd have to compile your own build with the patch
00:12:14mudlordthen it is indeed weird why my player crashes on latest git but not 3.13
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05:23:50chokiHow do I install 2048 on my sansa clip+?
05:24:10chokiI cant find a downloadable .rock file for. :(
05:24:41[Saint]that's because there isn't one.
05:25:49chokidamn, i dont want to compile myself :(
05:26:17[Saint]why would you have to
05:26:29chokiSo where do I get this file then?
05:26:29[Saint]update your rockbox install, if your target supports the plugin, it'll be there - if not, it won't be.
05:27:00chokiI installed rockbox just a month ago. 2048 for rockbox was made a year ago. So idk why it isnt on my sansa already.
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05:27:59saratogaold build?
05:28:16chokiidk xD
05:28:47[Saint]did you install the release, or the developer build?
05:28:59chokii guess the stable release
05:29:49[Saint]then the time you installed it is irrelevant.
05:30:01[Saint]month ago, year ago, two years ago.
05:30:19[Saint]3.13, the stable release, is ancient.
05:31:10chokii was scared so i thought i better go with stable
05:32:06[Saint]at this point the "stable" release has more bugs than the development snapshots do.
05:32:53[Saint]stable/unstable/unusable don't mean what their dictionary definitions of the term implies.
05:36:40[Saint]You most definitely should be using the development builds, but that probably won't get you 2048 on the clip+
05:37:05[Saint]just offhand, from memory, the monochrome targets aren't supported.
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05:41:26[Saint]source appears to agree.
06:20:55chokistupid, no one wants to compile stuff
06:21:18[Saint]wait, what?
06:21:27[Saint]What makes you think you have to?
06:21:52chokiu said there is no version for monochrome devices like my sansa
06:22:05chokisansa == monochrome display
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06:23:12[Saint]well, yeah, but it's not like there's just code there sitting waiting to be compiled that will "Just Work", so I'm not sure what you're saying exactly.
06:23:39choki[Saint]: what do i need to do to get 2048 on my sansa then?
06:24:05[Saint]have it not have a monochrome display.
06:24:36chokibut the plugin page says, sansa clip plus is supported
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06:26:19[Saint]that's weird, I just looked at the source a few minutes ago and from what I could see it was disabled for all monochrome devices.
06:27:27[Saint]there was a note about it technically "working", but being completely unplayable. 'cos monochrome.
06:27:54[Saint]unless I misread. which is possible. but I don't believe I did.
06:28:09chokii better keep playing 2048 on emacs then xD
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09:03:44wodzpamaury: (log) in nand boot code path there is function which looks like rotating xor scramble/descramble
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09:08:47wodzpamaury: false alarm, this is BCH related
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09:57:33wodzpamaury: nand part of rom looks like compiled from the sources you found but with very aggressive optimization (maybe with LTO even as there is massive tail chain and such)
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10:14:51wodzpamaury: do we know anything about the nand part in fiio? buswidth, page size, etc?
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10:33:11wodzpamaury: The closest datasheet I could find for nand+lpddr combo
10:33:29wodzpamaury: The chip in x1 seems to have faster lpddr part
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23:00:33[Franklin][Saint]: I believe 2048 works on monochrome now
23:00:41[Franklin](and has for a while :P)
23:01:03[Franklin]choki: ^
23:01:08[Saint]If so, then why is it specifically disabled and commented out in the source?
23:01:44[Franklin]I have two draw() functions, one for grayscale and one for DEPTH > 1
23:01:53[Saint]well, not commented out, sorry - I swear I looved yesterday and there's a check for the monochrome case for including the plugin.
23:02:05[Saint]ahhh - hmmm.
23:02:15[Franklin]the source /does/ need some cleanup
23:02:23[Saint]then I guess the comment threw me off.
23:02:35[Saint]its something like "while it could work it is nonfunctional"
23:02:56[Saint]silly me, believing comments. :p
23:03:02[Franklin]it's been a while
23:03:10[Franklin]I'll fix up the code now
23:06:41[Franklin]and perhaps add true mono + greylib support this time as opposed to text-only
23:06:57[Franklin](for monochrome devices)
23:07:06 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 37.0/20150326190726])
23:07:43gevaertsTry to keep it playable without greylib
23:07:51gevaertsgreylib on clips is not that great :)
23:08:19[Franklin]now that I look at the 2048 code it looks /ugly/!
23:10:44[Saint]its not /hideous/.
23:11:33[Saint]Its not a shining beacon of all that is good and right in the world, but, it's not terrible either.
23:12:22[Franklin]anything that looks wrong with it?
23:15:38 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:15:48[Saint]nah - not from my view. just that one comment threw me off, but that's partly due to me pretty much finding what I thought confirmed my initial theory and then failing to actually verify it. ;)
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23:16:16mikegiHi, is someone here able to add me to the ?
23:17:28[Saint]yep - username. FirstnameLastname real name format.
23:18:29[Saint](it can be infuriatingly slow)
23:19:21mikegi(without the "Main." should be ok... )
23:19:27[Saint]And, welcome.
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23:20:29CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:20:29*[Saint] wonders if a gevaerts or a scorche is around
23:20:36scorche|1hsort of
23:20:42 Nick scorche|1h is now known as scorche|sh (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
23:20:55[Saint]WHat is it that's making editing the wikiusergroup so goddamn slow?
23:21:07[Saint]And, for that matter, why is there a seemingly abandoned list there?
23:21:11scorche|shno clue - that is still hosted by the swedes
23:21:26[Saint](there's access list, and member list)
23:21:28scorche|shseemingly abandoned?
23:21:35mikegiThanks... yea it is slow...
23:21:40[Saint]which I /thought/ were the same, but, the lists differ greatly.
23:22:31 Quit gbl08ma (Remote host closed the connection)
23:22:54[Saint]the "add members" button only seems to append to the "members" list. But, not the "member list".
23:23:00[Saint]man that's confusing as hell.
23:23:15mikegi(The list is used to allow edit access)... as soon as I made my account, I notices that there are some template/skin problems..
23:24:55[Franklin]what should I call "non-monochrome devices"?
23:24:55[Saint]oh, yeah, I know - but in theory it should be a single list as I understand it not two almost identical but not lists.
23:25:32 Join gbl08ma [0] (
23:26:15[Saint][Franklin]: I think you could get away with just "colour" (better believe there's a u in it <fist shake>!), since it should be clear that charcell isn't supported.
23:27:10[Franklin]there are non-COLOR devices with bitmap displays
23:27:38[Saint]ah fuck it, yeah, derp - there are too.
23:27:46[Saint]I own a bunch of 'em. whoops.
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23:28:37[Saint]How about "non-monochrome devices"?
23:28:38mikegiI have some experience with TWiki... this FOSwiki one seems to be a bit out if date (the wiki software itself). Anyway, TWiki and Foswiki are pretty flexible but they do need a dedicated maintainer.
23:29:14[Saint]The wiki really needs to be completely rebuilt.
23:29:22[Saint]but, time/effort, etc.
23:29:34[Saint]that and the fact that it is essentially in a black hole.
23:30:15 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:30:17[Saint]hosted by those who have largely, and actually, disassociated themselves from the project.
23:30:18mikegiI have migrated TWiki a few times.... it isn't...
23:30:31 Join shamus [0] (
23:30:40scorche|shwow - that page has gotten really slow
23:30:46[Saint]hasn't it.
23:30:51[Franklin]so have all the pages ;)
23:31:06[Saint]I don't think the sort order helps the usergroup page.
23:31:13*[Saint] takes off his speculation hat.
23:31:24mikegi... I suspect search doesn't work because its been a quick fix to a vulnerability...
23:31:29scorche|shnaw - other pages are just fine (to me at least)
23:31:35mikegi(just to disable it)
23:32:14[Saint]search works.
23:32:25[Saint]It never used to, until I reverted something - but, it works.
23:32:32[Saint]it was broken for like 7 years though.
23:32:44[Franklin]the whole wiki is slow
23:32:59[Saint]its not too bad, it has its moments though, it is erratic.
23:33:07[Franklin]2.5 seconds for the front page
23:33:10scorche|shit seems pretty quick
23:33:11[Saint]there's no method or reason to it.
23:33:24[Saint]some pages will load fast, and then others that did prior won't, etc.
23:33:32[Saint]its a game of luck.
23:33:43[Franklin]the plugin index takes 20 seconds :P
23:33:43[Saint]but the usergroup edit page, that's just hilariously slow.
23:33:49[Saint]like, 30s+ to render.
23:34:25[Franklin]anyone heard of mediawiki?
23:34:38[Saint]heard of, yes.
23:34:44[Saint]not much else, though.
23:34:55scorche|shwe dont want to move to mediawiki...
23:35:13[Franklin]why not? the current wiki is terrible
23:35:23mikegi"*Note: 2014-01-06: The "Search text" buttons fail. They return no matches regardless.*"
23:35:48[Saint]mikegi: hmmm, yeah, it just got that too - whereas it worked prior twice in a row.
23:35:52[Saint]seems like another game of luck.
23:35:56[Saint]woo! :)
23:36:01[Saint]this whole infrastructure thing is a bit of a cock.
23:36:29mikegiAny wiki needs maintenance. Migrating the documents would be even more...
23:36:35scorche|shi feel like i should just take over the rest of the site as well, but i dont really even have time to spend on the forums...
23:36:45scorche|shwould be *way* more work
23:36:59[Saint]it is in the physical keeping of those who have since moved on, and I'm not entirely convinced that the best person to manage it actually should take on the burden.
23:37:18[Saint]as it means taking it on solely unless he's willing to be mindful and trust others in his personal server.
23:37:27[Franklin]who would that be? O.o
23:37:38[Saint]my main man scorche|sh
23:37:43mikegiAnyway.... certain pages cause a bit more load on the server....
23:38:09scorche|shmaybe i should talk to zagor...i dont know though
23:38:18scorche|shi dont want to commit to something thatI dont knwo that I can
23:38:20scorche|shand i dont mind
23:38:38scorche|shi swear that I have given gevaerts access to some accounts on that server
23:38:45scorche|shi just dont think he has database access
23:39:15[Saint]yeah - I think I've mentioned it a few times though that I'm not entirely happy about the fact that you pretty much silently take up this burden upon yourself solely.
23:39:30[Saint]ANd I definitely would be if you absorbed the rest of the infrastructure as well.
23:39:32scorche|shmeh - it is what it is
23:39:39[Saint]gerrit, wiki, etc.
23:40:00[Franklin]who runs the forums?
23:40:02[Saint]I think we'd definitely need to sit you down and force some dollars into your pockets then.
23:40:12[Saint]my main man scorche|sh
23:40:37scorche|shthe main thing is that i really need to re-do my server - many things have gotten out of date and at this point, it'd be better to just start up a new server and migrate things over
23:41:09[Franklin]scorche|sh: I just did the same... with a rpi
23:41:28[Saint] /slightly/ different scale. ;)
23:41:36scorche|shi wouldnt want to move it all to my existing one - luckily this is easily solved as they are just VPSs - but it involves booting up another and running two for a while while we migrate
23:42:04scorche|shand to minimise cost, i'd want to dedicate a whole weekend to do the migration
23:42:19scorche|sh...and i dont see a whole free weekend coming up soon
23:42:36scorche|shi mean, its all prorated, so...
23:42:50scorche|shi dunno - i'd have to think about it and try to schedule something
23:43:31mikegiAny idea what kind of hardware the server runs on now?
23:43:35scorche|shit would be nice to have everything on a single server that I know is backed up, etc
23:43:46scorche|shthe www server? - i dont know
23:43:51[Saint]I really wish I lived in the US so I could just show up at your door and be all like Fry "Shut up and take my money!".
23:44:11[Saint]poke bills in through your letter box hole.
23:44:23scorche|shmaybe i'll see about sending an email to zagor..
23:45:00[Saint]One assumes Haxx is running something reasonably spectacular.
23:45:08[Saint]*hardware wise
23:45:12scorche|shyeah - i'm sure it is plenty beefy enough
23:45:19the-kyleWould a zero-cost temporary server help in any way? I have the ability to donate something as needed if so.
23:45:26scorche|shnot really
23:45:40scorche|shthe cost isnt so much the issue - the time is
23:45:49[Saint]I think there's a few of us that all have capable hardware and bandwidth. that's not really the issue.
23:45:55[Saint]but, thanks nonetheless.
23:46:07scorche|shi have very beefy ESX boxes at home
23:46:09the-kyleNo problem. Just thought I'd offer in case it could help.
23:46:18scorche|shi am not going to host it off of my home connection though
23:46:58scorche|shmy personal server is out in Linode and has *plenty* of resources
23:47:00[Saint]Yeah, *I* have a really nice storage/media/hosting/virt server, but I have no doubt that scorche|sh's makes mine look like childs play - and mine was only just rebuilt.
23:48:04[Saint]My server is already fairly well taxed though, which was something I didn't really see coming to be honest.
23:48:45[Saint]I thought I had CPU to spare. But it turns out one never does I guess.
23:49:30mikegi is pretty cheap for a basic server... I guess the problem with this kind of project is who is responsible for paying the bills.
23:49:33[Franklin]I've got an 800MHz rpi here if anyone wants some spare cycles ;)
23:50:49the-kyleI have considerable credit on DigitalOcean as a matter of fact.
23:56:18[Franklin]does FAT support file permissions?
23:57:08 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

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