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#rockbox log for 2015-04-03

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01:16:41mudlordsaratoga: see pm
01:18:15saratogathanks got it
01:20:14saratogait does crash my clip+
01:20:19saratogavery interesting
01:20:46mudlordat least it proves im not mad
01:20:53mudlordit works in fb2k just fine
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01:24:21saratogaon my clip+ it plays fine in 3.13, but crashes with the current build
01:24:32saratogai'll look into where the address it points to is in the crash message
01:24:39mudlordsame, on my zip, it does that too
01:25:03mudlordworks fine up to michael's filesystem update, but crashes on latest git
01:25:11mudlordworked fine on 3.13
01:26:10saratogai wonder if it runs out of memory parsing the mp4 file or something weird like that
01:27:06mudlordi just find it odd that after michael's updates, it b0rks up
01:27:20mudlordmaybe michael missed something?
01:28:41mudlordatm, i am using the revision right before michael's filesystem rewrite
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01:28:48mudlordand thats perfectly stable it seems
01:30:08mudlordi got some other m4a files that crash rockbox too
01:30:14mudlordif you want
01:30:46mudlordits strange, some m4as crash it, others are fine
01:32:41saratogamy build from december works fine
01:32:53saratogaare you sure its the filesystem that breaks it?
01:33:25mudlorddecember? which revision number?
01:33:34mudlordand not sure
01:33:37saratogasource from the 29th
01:33:49mudlordill try that build
01:33:58mudlordwell, that revision i mean
01:34:09saratogaits a local build
01:34:49saratogai built it from my local tree
01:35:31mudlordim building my builds fresh from git, with your virtualbox instance
01:35:58saratogatoday's build (b130b50) works as well
01:37:12mudlordim running b130b50 and the files crash
01:37:20saratogapastebin your config file
01:38:11saratogaalso give me the address from the screen when it crashes
01:39:07mudlordwhere is the configuration file located?
01:39:22saratoga.rockbox folder
01:39:37mudlordwhich file
01:40:26mudlordthere is the pastebin
01:40:32saratogaconfig something
01:42:30mudlordwhich button to save the config file?
01:42:59saratogaopen it in a text editor and then copy the contents into pastebin
01:43:11saratogaalso, post the address when your player crashes
01:43:23mudlordi found the "save *.cfg file link, and it gives me a filename, not sure what to do from there
01:43:49mudlorddone it
01:43:51saratogaplug the player into your computer, browse to the .rockbox folder, and then copy and paste the contents into pastebin
01:43:53mudlordwill give a address
01:46:18mudlordalso, with the "undefined instruction" message when loading the file, the message is cut, so cannot see the address where it crashes
01:46:34saratogathose settings work fine for me
01:47:31saratogaoh on the zip
01:47:33saratogalet try that
01:49:57saratogamy frequency scaling test build works fine
01:50:25saratogai'll compile the exact build you have and see
01:50:32mudlordill try the december 29 revision
01:50:46saratogathat was on the clip+
01:55:52saratogaand you don't get an address printed?
01:56:03mudlordthe address is cut off
01:56:28saratogai thought it wraps to the next line?
01:56:46mudlordit does not wrap
01:57:03saratogait should
01:57:11saratogaand people have reported addresses before for the zip
01:57:21saratogaalthough i'm not sure how to check
01:58:35mudlordhere we go
01:59:10mudlordi tried the december 28 build and i get
02:00:25mudlord"data abort at 30 FSR 0x8 (domain 0, fault address 0x7E915C pc: 30007a7c sp:3 bt end
02:00:40saratogacan you paste the .map file for that build too?
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02:02:47mudlordthe revision number was da5a36d
02:06:37mudlordif it means anything, running a lexar 64gb microsd card
02:11:20saratogaPC address is in buffering.o, before the first function
02:17:26mudlordso, in bootloader?
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02:42:49mudlordoh, not in bootloader
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03:11:14mudlordits weird, im not sure whats so special about that m4a file and some others, since other m4a files work fine
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04:26:23JorphoSalutations! I have a seemingly-bricked Clip+ that shows up as a ~30 MB unformatted drive when I connect it to Windows. I've been looking through the wiki and such and it's not entirely clear to me if this is recoverable at all. I already tried the holding-down-the-power-button thing, and connecting it while holding down the center button. How should I proceed?
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04:29:33[Franklin]saratoga: G#1170
04:29:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #1170 at : : Cleanup by Franklin Wei
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