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#rockbox log for 2015-04-08

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09:14:12ChristWGood morning.
09:15:04ChristWI was looking into Boomshine (I mentioned a patch earlier), and was wondering if it was possible to add circular balls and eplosions. Turns out that that works quite well, at least, on an iPod classic (that’s what i have).
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09:18:44alexbobpI can't think of any part of rockbox less worthy of your effort than boomshine :P
09:19:11ChristWSo, I have the following patch for Boomshine. How do I get that accepted into the distro?
09:19:19ChristWHey, for a first timer...
09:19:24ChristWGimme a break :-)
09:19:25alexbobpsorry, that was mean
09:19:32alexbobpgood place for practice runs :D
09:19:43alexbobpI have no idea about submitting patches
09:20:00alexbobpalso I'm not one to talk since I haven't contributed anything useful
09:20:16alexbobpI bought a dev a sansa view once but nothing came of that
09:20:36ChristWWell, at first I had a _lot_ of crashes playing back my music, but since I cleaned up the directory structure it’s a lot better...
09:20:57ChristWSo, then I went into hacking the game ;-)
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09:22:49alexbobpfair nuff!
09:23:02wodzChristW: Patches should be supplied through gerrit (
09:23:04alexbobpI just never got boomshine :P
09:24:46wodzChristW: When you upload your patch you should start nagging us on IRC to review and merge :-)
09:25:27wodzChristW: Plugins are very low on priority list so the last part might be the hard one
09:25:48ChristWwodz: Ok, will see how to get my patch in there. Thanks!
09:26:35ChristWI probably need to generate SSH keys before that, right?
09:27:30wodzChristW: why you s/nrExpandedBalls/nrExpendedBalls/g ?
09:28:09ChristWWell, beacuse I thought the objective was to get rid of them, and the ‘expend’ is to ‘kill’.
09:28:15ChristWI _thought_ it was a typo..
09:28:21ChristWBut perhaps it wasn’t…
09:29:34wodzI'd split the two if you still feel like renaming, I mean separate patch for functionality and on top of this patch to rename things
09:30:26ChristWOk. Once I get the SSH keys working, I can commit to my local GIT tree in two steps (git ad -p) and push the changes afterwards, right?
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09:31:48wodzYou are interested in point 'Uploading a change for review and testing'
09:31:56wodzI mean after all the starting things
09:32:43wodzInstallation of commit hook is crucial to integrate with gerrit
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09:49:03ChristWwodz: Ok, patches pushed to Gerrit. Nag, nag, nag…
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09:51:37wodzerr, Is it only me or we miss boomshine in manula?
09:52:05ChristWThe second and third patch I don’t care about much, those are just ‘exercises’, but the first is quite crucial to make game play more interesting at all.
09:52:14ChristWAnd about manula: Not a clue...
09:52:39wodzyeah, manual
09:52:54wodzI was curious what boomshine game actually is :P
09:52:59ChristWHaven’t seen any :-)
09:53:37wodzChristW: what about the comment at the beginning of Ball:draw() ?
09:53:57ChristWwodz: Yeah, I can remove the comments. Just a sec…
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09:54:12alexbobpoh you're gonna make boomshine actually interesting?
09:54:24alexbobpI take back everything I said, please do that if possible
09:54:51wodzmissing random seed looks like serious flaw indeed
09:55:34ChristWComment is cone now.
09:55:50ChristWalexbobp: ‘Interesting’, ‘interesting’… at least one bug less...
09:56:06ChristWI hope it is fast enough on all supported platforms!
09:56:20wodzChristW: What platform did you test?
09:56:47ChristWIn the current implementation, there is 1 fillrect call per ball. Now there are 3*sqrt(size/2) ...
09:56:51ChristWiPoc classic.
09:57:32ChristW(I know about RockBox and iPod classic, but ‘it works for me’…)
09:58:56ChristWThe number of pixels drawn is down, however, by 4/pi
09:59:52ChristWBut, I increaed the explosion size up to 4/3 to get the same explosion surface. So the number of pixels drawn is now about the same as in the original version, but now it’s a circle and not a box.
10:01:05wodzlooking at www what this game actually is how draw speed can be the problem?
10:01:21wodzyou hit and then wait what happens
10:03:16wodzI commited random seed patch. Where is this lazy bot to announce this?
10:03:50wodzChristW: You should add yourself to CREDITS if you are not there yet.
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10:08:23ChristWwodz: Well, the screen updates may jitter when the drawing routne takes to much time.
10:08:31ChristWNo bot so far :-(
10:08:42ChristWI’ll add myself, and see if I can whip up documentation for it.
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10:10:28wodzI think lcd_drawpixel() might be better.
10:11:43wodzbut I don't pay much attention to the way you draw the circle
10:12:07ChristWTehn you need _lots_ of drawPixels…
10:12:32ChristWI used to calculate the coordintes of the circle.
10:13:09ChristWOh, I just realised that I _do_ draw overlapping rectangles, after all!
10:13:15*ChristW grumbles
10:13:45wodzthat was my feeling
10:13:52ChristWNeed to revisit that to make it faster. Making overlapping pixels is bad for timing...
10:14:16ChristWIt’s better than my first routine, but it still needs optimizing.
10:21:08pixelmaI remember thinking boomshine was slooow on the targets I have back when I tried once (must be *years* ago). But then it's in lua IIRC
10:21:22ChristWYes, it is in Lua.
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14:33:14ChristWwodz: After returning from some place where I could think in rest, and having brought some drawing paper with me, I re-did the drawing routine so that it doesn’t draw overlapping pixels (much).
14:33:57 Join greatwolf [0] (greatwolf@gateway/shell/panicbnc/x-kgojwkmkyrzufmtw)
14:34:27ChristWThis would probably work better if I’d do the drawing in c (asm?) in RockBox itsellf, and not from Lua.
14:34:44ChristWI’ll check that later…
14:36:40wodzChristW: Thats granted BUT that means to add circle drawing primitive to rockbox and export this to plugins. This is much more intrusive change then plugin only.
14:38:58*gevaerts thinks a circle drawing primitive wouldn't be a bad idea
14:39:38gevaertsProbably in pluginlib though, not necessarily in the core
14:39:52gevaertsDoes lua use pluginlib at all?
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14:42:33wodzgevaerts: I doubt that
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15:19:04ChristWgevaerts: You’re right, I could add a circle drawing primitive. Why not in the core? I guess it would be best to place it in the same spot as the ‘draw filled rectangle'.
15:19:40gevaertsAdding it to the core means it's always in RAM
15:20:05ChristWAnd RAM is precious…
15:20:32ChristWHow much is in RAM currently?
15:22:29gevaertsThe Clip currently has arounf 430K binsize apparently
15:22:40gevaertsKeep in mind that that thing has around 2MB of RAM total
15:25:59ChristWI know, RAM is precious. I used to work with 16kB when I started…
15:26:08ChristW(bask in 1982…)
15:26:13ChristW(at 12 yeas old)
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15:31:42gevaertsLuxury! :)
15:31:55*gevaerts had a zx81 back in the eighties
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15:42:03ChristWAh, a ZX81. I never had one of those...
15:42:21ChristWI started out on an Exidy Sorcerer. My uncle had a C=64.
15:45:36ChristWWhere (and what…) is ‘pluginlib'?
15:46:16 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:46:17ChristWI can find the core stuff in drivers/lcd* , so I could add it there. A circle drawing routine is not much code, but all code weighs in
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19:16:15[Franklin]ChristW: could you flatten your changes to boomshine into one commit please?
19:16:36ChristWAll of them?
19:16:56ChristWAnd, how do I do that?
19:17:09[Franklin]try git rebase -i
19:18:23[Franklin]also, I think the author intended to say "expanded"
19:18:44[Franklin]BTW, thanks for your contribution :)
19:18:51ChristWNo problem...
19:19:18ChristWOk, I rebased, now what? I can’t push, since “no new changes"
19:19:35ChristWI could change ‘expended’ back to ‘expanded’, that would make it a change :-)
19:19:40[Franklin]you have to squash all the commits
19:19:48[Franklin](by rebasing them)
19:20:22[Franklin]so in the rebase editor, change the first word to "squash"
19:20:31ChristWSorry, not a clue, haven’t used that part of git yet… Ah, only the first!
19:20:39ChristWI changed all of them.
19:20:46ChristWAnyway, I’ll do the ‘expanded’ first...
19:21:13 Quit bluebrother (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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19:21:19[Franklin]I think the wiki has some info on this
19:23:04[Franklin]speaking of which, could Brensenham's algorithm be faster for drawing circles?
19:23:53[Franklin]I'll add it to xlcd
19:24:49ChristWAFAIK this is almost the same as Bresenham, but I might have misread the Wikipedia article.
19:25:25[Franklin]It would be much faster to have it in native code than in lua
19:25:47 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:26:00[Franklin]I'm working on it right now ;)
19:26:06ChristWI wondered if I would add it to the various lcd- drivers, but was unsure if it would filter down to Lua.
19:26:09 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:26:28[Franklin]just copy+pasting some code from some other projects of mine ;)
19:27:40ChristWOk, all squasehed and pushed to Gerrit. Now what? Retract the other ones?
19:28:03[Franklin]yes, since your new one supersedes them
19:29:02[Franklin]also, the commit message is a bit messy, try rebasing again and rewording your commit (change "pick" to "r")
19:29:57ChristWUgh, will have to do that tomorrow, no time at the moment :-(
19:30:25[Franklin]take it easy, there's no hurry ;)
19:30:43 Quit ChristW (Quit: ChristW)
19:30:46[Franklin]plus, maybe tomorrow I'll have circle primitives in rockbox core ;)
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19:43:31[Franklin]yay, got circle drawing working :)
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20:17:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #1179 at : Add circle drawing/filling to xlcd by Franklin Wei
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21:54:36ploco[Saint]: I'm using Genymotion debug the Android 5.0 crash.
21:55:25plococould see sbs after disable int _battery_level(void)
21:55:53plocoget into wps after disable void notification_init(void)
21:56:06plocoeven Album art loads...then FC
21:56:28plocoadb give no useful info but StackoverflowError
21:57:01plocowonder how far you went
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23:04:46[Franklin]gevaerts: can you take a look at G#1179 ?
23:04:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #1179 at : Add circle drawing/filling to xlcd by Franklin Wei
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