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#rockbox log for 2015-04-11

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00:13:49foolsh[Franklin]: did I see you utter the words "wii" and "rockbox" the other day? :)
00:14:43[Franklin]there's an SDL port for it
00:15:26foolshthat would be the easy way to do it :D
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02:02:54plocondk-stack can transfer those non-sense in adb log to locations where in crashed in jni/c code
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02:27:43[Franklin]gevaerts: can pluginlib stuff be exported to lua?
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09:43:26fotistohow do I have rockbox play an audiobook from where it left off?
09:46:07alexbobpfotisto: and play other stuff in between?
09:48:02alexbobpsave bookmarks
09:48:09fotistohow do I do that?
09:48:18fotistohow can I do it automatically?
09:48:22alexbobpin the bookmarking menu you can turn on bookmark on stop
09:48:50alexbobpand set "load last bookmark" to yes or ask
09:49:24fotistocan you have multiple bookmarks with different audiobooks?
09:49:57fotistoI think I will go back to using rockbox then
09:50:07fotistocause my default firmware allows this
09:50:18alexbobpah, what device?
09:50:36fotistosansa clip plus by sandisk
09:51:06alexbobpah ok. I am a big fan of sandisk layers
09:51:16alexbobpgot the fuze
09:51:21fotistoyea I really like them
09:51:52fotistoI just want it for music and also on a strict budget so I got the sansa clip plus
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09:52:14fotistodon't need video or to see music album art
09:52:23alexbobpI've had one in the past. liked it a lot
09:52:31fotistowith the fuze can you read ebooks?
09:52:43alexbobpI am bad about sqashing daps >_>
09:52:56alexbobpand never done that, sounds annoying
09:54:27alexbobpI'd rather read on my pebble watch
09:54:41fotistowhat is pebble watch?
09:55:02alexbobpa cool bluetooth watch that shows notifications from my phon
09:55:06alexbobpkinda offtopicm
09:55:17alexbobpwanna talk in #rockbox-community?
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12:06:59napcaehey guys, is this still in development? specifically ipod classic?
12:07:21napcaeport is classified as "unusable" on the website
12:25:00pamaurywe have very few developers left
12:25:34napcaewell how hard is to begin? I don't have any experience with hardware dev but I could try
12:25:43pamauryI think there is a series of patches for the ipod classic on our tracker but I don't know the situation of the ipod in details
12:26:30napcaethat's very unfortunate..I was really enjoying rockbox on my ipod nano 1gen
12:27:12pamaurywithout any prior knowledge this is quite hard, you need to know a lot about embedded system development, and the ipod are among the worst paltforms because they are not or poorly documented. What you could do, I guess, it to test those patches and provide some feedback
12:27:35napcaesounds reasonable
12:27:50napcaedivide and conquer right
12:27:55napcaethanks for the quick answers
12:28:11pamaury g#379 is the patch series head
12:28:17fs-bluebotGerrit review #379 at : iPod Classic: experimental CPU freq/volt scaling by Cástor Muñoz
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14:06:17K1773Rnapcae: rockbox works fine on iPodClassic, but you have to install things manually:
14:12:53napcaeI saw that thanks K1773R
14:13:09napcaeI'm on mac though
14:13:17napcaeso no emocore install
14:24:17K1773Rnapcae: just create a VM and forward the USB device
14:33:22napcaeare you using rb on an ipodclassic?
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18:18:52EduardoooGood day all :)
18:22:53EduardoooI have got a Sensa Clip+ with Rockbox V3.13, but when I connected it to a Windows machine (tried 2 different PC's) it doesnt mount. In the past it did. Any tips on how to make it mountable again?
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18:55:42PolarusHi, anyone knows how to build mkamsboot using cygwin? Everything configured, done
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19:00:48Polarus'make' in 'rockbox/rbutil/mkamsboot' simply does not work. Thank you in advance for help.
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19:49:02napcaedefine "does not work"
19:54:05Polarus$ make
19:54:05PolarusCompiler creates cygwin binaries
19:54:05PolarusCC dualboot.c
19:54:06DBUGEnqueued KICK Polarus
19:54:06Polarus../libtools.make:123: recipe for target '/cygdrive/d/rockbox/rockbox/rbutil/mkamsboot/buildcygwin/dualboot.o' failed
19:54:07Polarusmake: *** [/cygdrive/d/rockbox/rockbox/rbutil/mkamsboot/buildcygwin/dualboot.o] Error 1
19:54:17Polarususing latest version from git repo
19:58:39Polarussorry error pasting... text of these errors are here:
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20:29:43gevaerts[Franklin]: there shouldn't be any problem with the lua plugin linking to any pluginlib stuff you like
20:30:53[Franklin]how is stuff exported from C to lua?
20:31:40gevaertsI have no idea :)
20:31:57[Franklin]looks like something in rocklib.c
20:34:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:34:23*[Franklin] stays away and waits for someone else to do it
20:34:50gevaerts[Franklin]: by the way, any progress on the sgt puzzles port? :)
20:35:17[Franklin]ah... maybe I /could/ work on it
20:35:30[Franklin]just not now though, I'm working on another project ATM
20:54:18bluebrother^Polarus: use make V=1 to make the output more verbose
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21:06:56Polarusbluebrother: file updated according to your instructions
21:07:58Polarusbluebrother^: file updated according to your instructions
21:14:17bluebrother^you're using a cygwin shell, right?
21:14:52bluebrother^the Makefile tries to use Windows cmd style commands, but that obviously won't work from a cygwin shell
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21:15:46Polarusso what can I do to build it successfully? I have no problem with configuring and making the bootloader
21:16:15bluebrother^the problem is that it uses libtools.make, which also supports calling from cmd.
21:16:23bluebrother^(for MinGW)
21:16:47bluebrother^but that doesn't work from cygwin, since it detects the OS to be Windows_NT, and then uses cmd style
21:17:05bluebrother^you can try using either MinGW for building it, or try calling it from a cmd shell
21:17:14bluebrother^though I never tried the latter
21:18:11bluebrother^or you could try overwriting rm and mkdir
21:18:44bluebrother^probably easiest could be make OS=Cygwin V=1
21:19:40bluebrother^to avoid libtools.make from detecting the host to be Windows
21:20:35Polarusthank you, now unrecognized option '-no-cygwin'
21:24:12bluebrother^ok, your cygwin compiler is too new :)
21:24:36bluebrother^-mno-cygwin has been removed from gcc ...
21:24:54bluebrother^edit libtools.make and remove the line that adds it
21:25:01bluebrother^or use MinGW.
21:26:38Polarusline removed, now cmpiled. Time to check if it works, thank you :)
21:26:51bluebrother^you're welcome
21:27:15bluebrother^though using cygwin is something I consider deprecated these times. Don't think any developer uses it actively anymore.
21:27:41Polarusso you recommend to use mingw instead?
21:28:08bluebrother^for compiling Rockbox I recommend using a virtual machine. And for the tools ... if you want them on Windows use MinGW.
21:28:29bluebrother^since most of them are used in Rockbox Utility, and that is built using MinGW on Windows.
21:28:47bluebrother^so unless something got broken MinGW should work for them.
21:29:41Polarusgreat. Unfortunately rockbox utility especially latest version seams to be inaccessible for screen readers that's why I need latest tools
21:30:00bluebrother^on Windows? It should work with screen readers.
21:30:26bluebrother^though I haven't checked in a while. Basically I haven't done much stuff on Rockbox Utility in a year or so
21:30:28Polarusdon't know why but last version (development) doesn't work
21:30:53bluebrother^development as in you compiled it yourself?
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22:29:22Polarusnope, this unstable one from may 2014
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23:31:52Polarusa little suggestion to developers: why not to update binaries of e.g. mkamsboot utility? I have bought Clip+ which already has unsupported 01.02.17 firmware installed. New util from sources works well, now tested and everything is ok
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23:38:56[Saint]If one is using Rockbox, the firmware version of the OF is largely irrelevant.
23:39:38alexbobpwell it's not on sandisk devices due to the way rockbox's bootloader piggybacks on stock firmware updates
23:39:55[Saint] is.
23:40:12[Saint]As long as you use a supported firmware, which is linked, it's irrelevant.
23:40:12alexbobpmaybe I'm misremembering then, sorry
23:41:38Polarusso original firmware has nothing in connection with Rockbox? e.g. only bootloader is required to use Rockbox? (I mean drivers etc.)
23:42:15[Saint]What I mean is there's no pressing need to be using the latest original firmware (ie. the one that may be on your device) if you are going to be replacing it completely and installing Rockbox anyway.
23:42:31[Saint]And, no, the original firmware has absolutely no bearing on Rockbox.
23:43:06Polarusgood to know, thanks
23:43:26[Saint]the bootloader patcher only allows patching of FW that it knows exists, that's all.
23:44:27lebelliumI guess 01.02.18 is supported
23:44:59Polarusyes, it's supported if you download and compile yourself the latest version.
23:47:11lebelliumor just use the latest Rockbox Utility version
23:48:48Polarusthe only thing I am thinking about is, that if i received new player with later version already, and to install Rockbox i downgrade stock f/w, there will not be hardware incompatibility issues? May I have a bit different hardware inside if production line is never
23:49:18Polarusnot all versions of Rockbox Utility are accessible

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