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#rockbox log for 2015-04-12

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01:36:39[Saint]"the only thing I am thinking about is, that if i received new player with later version already, and to install Rockbox i downgrade stock f/w, there will not be hardware incompatibility issues? May I have a bit different hardware inside if production line is never"
01:37:12[Saint]It is incredibly unlikely that these devices are even still being manufactured.
01:37:18[Saint]Let along new HW variants.
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01:38:16[Saint]And, no, a new FW version won't affect the existing setup at all - especially where Rockbox is concerned.
01:38:45[Saint]Rockbox and the OF are entirely separate.
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02:20:49alexbobpso I just destroyed my ipod nano D:
02:21:08alexbobpsome ipod mini I bought on ebay came with a charger.... that turned out to be putting out 9.4 volts
02:21:16alexbobpand the nano was less resillient I guess
02:24:48alexbobpit is pretty funny that there are ipod chargers being sold at such high voltages, but it sucks :(
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02:26:44[7]nano2g withstands up to 24V on the USB pins, and can even charge from that when applied to the firewire pins
02:27:02[7](or was it only the classic that could charge from that? hm...)
02:28:04alexbobpoh huh
02:28:14[Saint]alexbobp: it almost certainly isn't an official charger, it should be communicating power requirements between the device and the charger via electrical resistence.
02:28:22alexbobpI'm now trying to graft a regular usb cable onto the cord from this charger
02:28:41alexbobpand I can't get these things to charge off 5v
02:28:50alexbobpso maybe you're right about different pins
02:28:59[Saint]The official chargers don't just dumbly pipe whatever juice they can into whatever connects to it.
02:29:07[Saint]Smells like you got yourself a fake hun.
02:29:23[Saint]Which is hilariously likely.
02:29:53alexbobpoh I'm sure. there was literally no brand name on the wall wart
02:30:59[Saint]So, not an iPod charger, then. ;)
02:31:21[Saint]Just "a charger that happens to have a USB port on it"
02:31:29alexbobpno, an ipod port
02:31:38alexbobpit's the wall wart with cable sort of thing
02:32:16[Saint]And the cable isn't able to be disconnected? That should be key, AFAIK Apple makes nothing like this.
02:32:40alexbobpI knew it was third party, I just didn't know it would fry the thing :P
02:32:53alexbobpit was sent to me with a used ipod
02:33:11alexbobpso the previous owner bought it at some point
02:33:45[Saint]It really shouldn't have fried it, but, because of its nature there's no guaranteeing that the pinout is even remotely correct.
02:33:56[Saint]Probably best to just heave it in the trash.
02:35:42alexbobp[Saint]: yeah, I already clipped the cable in half, and was trying to graft the connector onto a regular usb cable
02:35:51alexbobpbut I think you're right about the pinout since I can't get it to do anything useful
02:36:23alexbobpwhat are the chances the fried nano is something I can fix?
02:36:35alexbobpI guess at least I'll open it and look for scorch marks
02:40:32alexbobp[Saint]: but all-in-all life is good because I have the classiest ipod mini.
02:40:59alexbobpthe bottom plastic cap is duct-taped on so it stays, and on the back there's a plastic clip attached with permanent mounting tape, and 32GB scrawled over the capacity in permanent marker
02:41:23[Saint]I've got my mini open at present, been waiting on a new battery that's been "shipping: 2 days pending" for over a week. :-/
02:42:52alexbobpdang D:
02:43:11alexbobpthis is the battery I use:
02:43:23alexbobpordered it twice (one was an upgraded ipod mini I gifted to a friend)
02:43:45alexbobpgood results, and of course good shipping since it's handled by amazon
02:44:27alexbobpand my ever-growing collection of tiny screwdrivers is nice too
02:44:28[Saint]I would really question the validity of that 1.3A
02:44:33[Saint]like, reaaaaly.
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02:45:07alexbobpmaybe, but lower capacity batteries weren't any cheaper anyways
02:45:30alexbobpI can't vouch for 1.3A but I can vouch for good enough and cheap
02:46:39[Saint]I used to have a place here that imported cells for all sorts of shit, mainly cordless phones, and they could make large capacity high density cells but I lost them after the earthquakes here.
02:46:59alexbobpdang :(
02:47:08alexbobpthat sounds awesome...
02:47:35[Saint]yeah, it's really hard to find places that can make up custom cells to suit an application these days.
02:47:40[Saint]for cheap anyway.
02:49:33[7]the battery specs do seem reasonable though, for size, weight and price
02:49:44[7]1300mAh in that size is fairly common
02:50:07[7]chinese junk might only reach those under somewhat ideal conditions, so likely effectively more like 1000, but it isn't all the way off at least
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23:47:24wyatt8740another bug report, probably related to the 'fix' for the hold switch on the ipod classic.
23:47:55wyatt8740when scrolling with the scroll wheel, the hold switch code (darkening the display, etc) activates seemingly randomly
23:49:29[Saint]y'know you can't lodge bugs against things that aren't actually in the source, yeah?
23:49:45wyatt8740well this is.
23:50:14[Saint]No, no it isn't.
23:50:30wyatt8740because the screen light turns off momentarily, and then comes back on. but when playing the GB emulator, touching the scroll wheel sometimes triggers the rockboy menu, and that's how I know its the hold switch
23:50:47wyatt8740and versions from ~2012 never did it.
23:51:04[Saint]well, that's nice - but the fix you're talking about is not a part of our source tree.
23:51:09 Quit Markmaster (Quit: Markmaster)
23:51:11[Saint]so I tyhink you'll have to try again on that one.
23:51:40[Saint]check the commit list yourself if you don;t believe me.
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23:52:03[Saint]it only exists on our gerrit instance, and it hasn't been commited, because it is rather questionable.
23:52:16wyatt8740well i will look for it.
23:52:23wyatt8740anyway, that's the commit, i guess
23:52:37wyatt8740it does fix the hold switch itself not working, but also makes this happen
23:53:01[Saint]please don;t lodge bugs against code that isn't a part of our source tree.
23:53:03 Join byteframe [0] (~byteframe@unaffiliated/byteframe)
23:53:13[Saint]even in a world where bugs were lodged on IRC.
23:54:15wyatt8740sorry :\
23:55:37wyatt8740anyway, yeah. since the binaries from mid-2012 seem to be long gone, I'll be hacking around in the source code again.
23:55:38wyatt8740I guess
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23:57:07[Saint] seems to be what you're talking about.
23:57:21[Saint]but, that hasn't been committed.
23:58:05wyatt8740yeah, thats the one
23:58:10wyatt8740looking at it now
23:58:22[Saint]If that /were/ applied to the binary you are running, you'd probably want to uncomment line 443
23:58:23wyatt8740I built my own with this patched in, and that's what happened

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