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#rockbox log for 2015-04-16

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01:22:58[Franklin]hmm... robots is a fun game using only directional keys + teleport key...
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01:47:03JorphoGreetings! I'm interested in trying the SansaAMSUnbrick procedure, but the wiki strongly suggests talking here before proceeding. Is anyone home..?
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01:47:31*[Franklin] checking in
01:48:03JorphoOh! Hello. I was here about two weeks ago and no one seemed to be around.
01:48:22[Franklin]it usually takes a while for an answer
01:48:41JorphoThen I appreciated your response, assuming now is a good time.
01:49:09[Franklin]I don't know much about the AMSUnbrick procedure
01:49:56JorphoDarn. :-/ Is there any particular time of day that you would suggest stopping by?
01:50:20[Franklin]go ahead and ask, and hope someone that knows something about this reads the logs
01:52:01[Franklin]i.e., what's the problem?
01:52:10JorphoOh, yes, typing.
01:52:12JorphoSo, the Clip+ shows up as a ~30 MB unformatted drive when I connect it to Windows. The last sign of life I saw from it, it was stuck on the "goodbye" screen for an unusually long time. I already tried the holding-down-the-power-button thing, and connecting it while holding down the center button. I also tried using dd to copy the official formware to the 30 MB drive in the hopes of doing something, but nothing happened.
01:53:31[Franklin]I'm sure pamaury or another of the resident geniuses knows about this :)
01:54:30JorphoI suppose I should just keep this window open in the meantime..?
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01:55:12[Franklin]or check the logs
01:57:17JorphoAlas, seems no one noticed my last post from , but I guess that
01:57:21Jorpho's just the way it goes.
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01:58:14[Franklin]p.s., you can try the forums too
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01:58:57JorphoPerhaps that is a better idea. The wiki pages just seem to put much more emphasis on this channel.
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02:41:52[Saint]Jorpho: the main idea is that you come and talk to us so that we can make sure you've got nothing to lose and aren't jumping the gun on a "bricked" player.
02:42:08[Saint]You've got nothing to lose, that device isn't coming back by itself, I assure you.
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02:44:33[Saint]Also note that you'll need a real *nix host to do this on because Windows dd is a royal pain in the ass and makes this unnecessarily complicated.
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02:52:29JorphoOh, hey, thanks for replying.
02:52:48JorphoI booted Knoppix off a USB drive and was using dd there.
02:54:42JorphoOne particular question: is it necessary to disconnect the battery? There's no such step described at , but it's in .
02:55:12JorphoIt seems to me that if you can leave the battery connected, then there's no need for any soldering provided you can contact the pads correctly.
02:55:17[Saint]It's only necessary so that you can guarantee the device is powered down.
02:55:29[Saint]If you can do so otherwise, and know it isn;t hung, then, great.
02:56:01JorphoWould you know how long it takes for the battery to die on its own?
02:58:01[Saint]If it were fully charged and the device is hanging (powered and unresponsive), ~4 days.
02:59:33JorphoIs that all..? I don't suppose you know what the voltage level is expected to drop to? (I've already got the case popped open, but last time I checked I was still getting ~3.75 V.)
03:00:26[Saint]Not offhand, no, sorry.
03:03:06JorphoOh well. Guess I'll just see what happens then. Is it true that the ~30 MB drive is just the device's internal RAM?
03:03:45[Saint]It's a small section of the NAND storage.
03:04:47JorphoAnd I guess there's nothing that can be done with it recovery-wise? There seem to be lots of reports of bricked players coming up as ~30 MB drives, but it's not clear what that means.
03:06:02[Saint]I have no doubt that there is some form of USB recovery that these devices are capable of presenting, but...documentation. After reading the wiki page, you know about as much about why this works as we do.
03:07:13JorphoI see. It is good to know that I'm not missing something somewhere, at least.
03:08:20[Saint]There's also another weird state these can get themselves into where they'll present a 4MB volume.
03:08:36[Saint]I don't think anyone has managed to recover from this state before.
03:09:14JorphoEven by contacting the recovery pins?
03:11:18JorphoHave people managed to recover from this 30 MB state, then?
03:11:26[Saint]Oh, certainly.
03:11:36[Saint]Not reliably, but, certainly, yes.
03:11:59JorphoGood to know. I hope I didn't ruin my chances with what I already did using dd.
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05:13:13fotistono no disrespect!
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11:03:43fishbulbhello. does anyone know about rockbox for a nokia n9?
11:07:18fishbulbthere's virtually nothing on the rockbox site that works
11:07:24fishbulband it said to come to this channel
11:07:39fishbulbon the hellish offchance that someone actually knows how to rockbox this thing :/
11:07:47fishbulbit's a linux/harmattan phone
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11:15:00pamauryfishbulb: I don't know what is the state of rockbox on the n9
11:15:14[Saint]I don't think we've ever had official maemo/meego/whatever support - have we?
11:15:17pamaurydo we have a port for this ?
11:15:27[Saint]I don't think so.
11:15:34pamaurymaybe an unofficiel maemo port, no even sure
11:15:48[Saint]though I know there has been a maemo port at some stage, I don't think it's "us".
11:15:58pamauryah yeah
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11:16:53pamaurynot sure it's still being developed
11:17:05[Saint]yeah - no idea.
11:17:25fishbulbthe n9 is harmattan/meego
11:17:26[Saint]I'm absolutely surprised anyone still cares about maemo/meego to be honest.
11:17:27fishbulbnot maemo
11:17:31fishbulbthe n900 is maemo
11:17:36fishbulbI do! :)
11:17:45fishbulbmy n900 is still in full use, maemo
11:17:54[Saint]you poor soul.
11:18:22fishbulbqwerty keyboard and tons of other things, it works great, I have 3
11:18:27fishbulbfm transmitter
11:18:31fishbulball kinds of mayhem
11:18:42fishbulbpacket injection and monitor mode
11:18:44pamauryI'm not very familar with all this but for sure we do *not* have a harmattan/meego port, we do have a maemo one but it's not in the build system and I have no idea what is the state of this
11:18:57[Saint]and it doubles as a bludgeoning weapon.
11:19:01fishbulbso the n9 is kind of junked
11:19:17fishbulbn900 is still good, still works, repos are still up, still not retiring it
11:19:25pamauryif you are no afraid of compiling, you could attempt a maemo build
11:19:31fishbulbI could put it in a sock and hit someone upside the head yeah.
11:19:36[Saint]historically rockbox ports are made by those who want them the most.
11:19:37fishbulbmaemo doesn't run on the n9
11:19:40[Saint]this seems like you, now.
11:19:56fishbulbI already have two iriver h340 units
11:20:12pamauryI'm unsure about the toolchain used by this port though
11:20:24fishbulbI'm very happy with these, 27 hour batteries, mic/line in/line out/radio
11:20:26 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
11:20:39fishbulbthe rockbox port for the h340 is brilliant
11:21:00fishbulbI should say thanks while I'm here, and this n9 can be used to skim across water maybe?
11:21:22[Saint]interactive doorstop.
11:21:34pamauryah the maemo wiki page describes how to build it
11:22:26[Saint]FWIW - I don't think Rockbox makes much/any sense on hosted platforms.
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11:23:03[Saint]The host almost always has native solutions that are usually much better for everything we could provide.
11:23:35[Saint]Apart from geek cred, we can't bring much to the table except for a klunky UI.
11:23:44wodzIt happens that host provided audio apps tend to be quite limited
11:23:56pamaurywell depends, some hosted platform are just a way to avoid a native port because kernel is locked (like yp-r0/...) in which case it makes a lot of sense. But for maemo/android yeah I agree the benefit is no obvious
11:25:25pamaurythe problem is that no native app has the capability of rockbox, but rockbox on hosted is crap because of the UI...
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11:26:27pamauryif only someone would pursue the rockbox-as-lib approach and build a native UI for android for example, that could be great but it's a lot of work
11:26:43wodzpamaury: What is your plan for X1? Reuse as much as possible from ingenic sources or write clean implementation from scratch?
11:27:15[Saint]I'll gladly handle the UI, if Mr. Someone tackles Rockbox As A Library
11:27:34[Saint]Well, for Android, at least. Other forgotten platforms are on their own.
11:29:41pamaurywodz: I'm undecided. On the one hand, we have a lot of code for the ingenic in rockbox + headers for jz4760 which can be reused, on the other hand I'm not super happy with the code I saw ^^ I think a detailled analysis of the code is needed, so see what is the best approach
11:30:06pamauryalso the onda port is very old, I'm afraid it will have a number of oddities or assumptions
11:31:53wodzpamaury: I pretty much don't like ingenic sources. 1) There are lots of assumptions 2) function naming convention is weird 3) licensing is not clear
11:33:03pamauryyeah agree on all points
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21:45:48 Join Tipographica [0] (ba694845@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:46:09TipographicaI need help with charging my Sansa Fuze +
21:46:22TipographicaI have tried everything I can but it won't turn on
21:46:33TipographicaThe battery is probably completely drained
21:46:50Tipographicawhat should I do?
21:47:27foolshUse a wall charger that is not usb based
21:47:50foolshit's what I have found works
21:47:51Tipographicahowlong should it take to now if it works?
21:47:59foolshit boots instantly
21:48:14Tipographicabut what do you mean it's not usb based?
21:48:26TipographicaI need to use a usb cable to connect it to the wall
21:48:45foolshhmm hard to say exactly, I have one that has no usb, just a plug
21:49:04foolshbut it might work anyways
21:49:13Tipographicalet's see
21:50:04Tipographicashould I press the key volume down or something while plugging?
21:50:50 Join lebellium [0] (
21:51:40foolshno it should just start up
21:52:16Tipographicait doesnt
21:53:11foolshhmm, see thats the thing, I only found one that will start a dead fuze+, the other one I have wont do it and they all have a usb plug
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21:56:49wodzTipographica: try to catch pamaury on IRC. There is some corner case where charging from deep discharged state need special firmware
21:58:00 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:59:45Tipographicayeah, I think I spoke to him one month ago
22:00:02Tipographicaor maybe two
22:09:36 Join nialv7 [0] (
22:13:49pamauryTipographica: here
22:15:15pamauryso your fuze+ is deeply discharged and won't turn on ?
22:29:48 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
22:30:30Tipographicabut I think the problem comes from before
22:30:42pamauryTipographica: this page describes the recovery procedure
22:30:44Tipographicabecause the Sansa turned off suddenly while listening to music
22:30:46pamaurywhat do you mean ?
22:30:48Tipographicaand it was charged
22:33:00 Join ChristW [0] (~ChristW@
22:34:54pamaurymaybe it crashed and the battery continued draining. Can you reach the recovery mode ?
22:35:12pamauryto do so, plug the device while holding volume up
22:35:29 Join K1773R [0] (~K1773R@unaffiliated/k1773r)
22:35:54TipographicaI already did
22:35:58Tipographicashows nothing
22:37:45pamaurybad sign...
22:37:57Tipographicaouch :/
22:38:02Tipographicais there anything I can do?
22:38:39pamaurycould you try the following: plug your device, hold volume up and while holding volume up, press the power button. You should maintain this config for up to 20sec and then release the power button. The volume up button must be pressed the entire time
22:39:09Tipographicapress power or hold?
22:39:16Tipographicaoh, nvm
22:39:49pamaurypress volume up and power, after 20sec release power but keep volume up, then released volume up after a few seconds, with USB plugged in the whole time
22:41:54 Quit ChristW (Quit: ChristW)
22:42:24pamauryFor me that looks like a hardware problem, the device should always be able to reach recovery mode even when it's completely discharged
22:42:32Tipographicai see
22:42:38Tipographicado I have any other options?
22:43:34pamauryif you have the tools, I guess you could try to power the device externally by tearing it down and using some power supply, see if that does something
22:43:41pamauryotherwise send it back to sansa :-/
22:43:49Tipographicacan't send it back :/
22:46:40pamaurywell I don't know, I'm sorry
22:48:02Tipographicaokay, thanks!
22:48:14foolshTipographica: Or like me, try random phone chargers that have the same type plug, until one works
22:49:03pamauryfoolsh: could you reach recovery mode when that happened to you ?
22:49:46foolshIt's been awhile since I had it happen, I can try it out and see for you if you'd like
22:51:33foolsh60% charged, I'll let it die, try it out and let you know
22:53:12pamauryIn a few occasions I let my fuze+ discharged completely and I could always reach the recovery mode
22:53:40pamauryof course it's still possible that they screwed the pcb device and if the battery is below 1V, even usb recovery mode doesn't work
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