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#rockbox log for 2015-04-19

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00:39:48xdhmooreIs there a way to control rockbox externally? I was just looking at a car audio kit that basically fakes out your iphone as an extra cd changer, letting you use your car's controls. My sansa fuze+'s controls are pretty awkward, and i was wondering doing something like this was currently or theoretically possible.
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00:40:34xdhmoore"i was wondering IF doing something like this was currently or theoretically possible"
00:50:39foolshtheoretically anything is possible, I do not believe that rockbox has anything like that built in, you can do "on target" gdb debugging through usb though, but to translate that into car controls is a bit of a stretch. I am how ever not the one to have the finial word on the subject though
00:51:43[Franklin]anything is possible
00:51:51xdhmoorei guess i was just wondering if MTP or MCS or whatever they're called or something similar allowed controlling rockbox playback
00:52:19foolshI have no idea, but wait around and someone else may have one :)
00:52:20xdhmooreor maybe I'm totally confused about what those do
00:52:41[Franklin]AFAIK, rockbox has some portion of IAP implemented
00:54:14[Franklin]I think that's only for device-to-base, not vice-versa
00:54:15[Franklin]that's the closest thing there is, I think
00:54:15xdhmooreah, yes, that's exactly what I'm wondering
00:54:41xdhmooreis there a status page on support for that anywhere?
00:58:25xdhmooreAh, found this
01:05:37foolshxdhmoore: That patch is ancient :D good luck!
01:05:58xdhmooreyeah, i don't know enough hardwar-y stuff to even try
01:06:10xdhmoorethanks for your help though. at least I know where it stands
01:06:53xdhmoorei'd be trying to get it working on a fuze+ so, idk how helpful thread/patch would be
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03:00:06[Franklin]is there a search feature for the IRC logs?
03:24:47[Franklin]offload it to the googs, eh?
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12:27:13[Saint]I gots 99 warning, but Rockbox ain't one.
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12:37:20*kugel should have setup his banana pi build client before pushing
12:37:41[Saint]You bought one of those terrible things?
12:38:17[Saint]Of all the SBCs out there, that's an interesting choice.
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12:39:15[Saint]also - hi.
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16:44:44ZambeziCowon C2 will never be supported right? D2, A2, iAudio I5/G2/U2/U3 is.
16:47:58gevaertsD2 works
16:48:24gevaertsNone of those others
16:48:50gevaertsIf you want support for a specific player, you either have to convince someone to work on it or do it yourself...
16:49:41gevaertsNote that support for the D2 is incomplete
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17:18:47Zambezigevaerts: Note to myself. Check supported units before next buy. It's okay but want to be able to lock the screen better.
17:19:57[Saint]If only our sources were freely available and interested parties could take said source and adapt it to suit their requirements and new devices.
17:20:04[Saint]Oh well, pity. :p
17:23:52ZambeziRockbox made my old iPod amazing. Old Sansa Fuze got fauly 3.5 mm jack, got a Sansa Clip and yes. Got a fauly jack. For some reason I belive my fault could be mine. Boxing without it.
17:25:51ZambeziTime to part from channel. Checked the channels I'm connected to. So exit is planned. Nothing to do with the non support. ;-) Next will.
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17:38:37[Franklin]wodz (logs): nice catch of the divide-by-zero
17:39:31[Franklin]new patch set pushed, should work now
17:46:11kugel[Franklin]: that was me :)
17:46:53[Franklin]time to refresh my memory...
17:47:37[Franklin]The Ma* in your name got me confused :S
17:48:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d8ee5fc, 255 builds, 25 clients.
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17:55:17kugelweird. didnt it use to use the email of the one who pushed the button?
17:55:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 437 seconds.
17:55:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d8ee5fc result: 4 errors 0 warnings
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17:57:09[Franklin]huh??? Makefile:17: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?). Stop.
17:58:21kugelapparently the buildserver deosnt handle my ARM client
17:58:26kugelgevaerts: any idea?
17:59:05[Franklin]now to wait for the complaints to come streaming in...
17:59:53gevaertsThat's an interesting one...
18:00:15gevaertsWhat happens if you try that exact commandline by hand?
18:02:51kugelthat configure check should work. my compiler has "#define __ARM_ARCH_7A__ 1
18:03:24kugelthe grep/sed that autodetects the arch and version gets it wrong
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18:04:59kugelah, there are multiple matches to __ARM_ARCH
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18:14:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2e58102, 255 builds, 25 clients.
18:21:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 413 seconds.
18:21:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2e58102 result: All green
18:24:31[Saint]Where the fuck is saint-server?
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