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#rockbox log for 2015-04-20

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01:40:19[Franklin]anyone here have any experience with the lua port?
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02:58:12Bray90820How often is rockbox updated
02:58:22[Franklin]whenever someone makes a commit
02:58:36[Franklin]most recently this morning
02:59:07Bray90820So there is no scheduled release?
03:00:13[Franklin]the development builds might even be more stable than the release ones :)
03:00:22[Franklin]somewhat ironically...
03:01:01[Franklin]perhaps I should start pestering the devs to do a release soon
03:02:19[Saint]There's no might - they plainly are.
03:02:30[Saint]Bray90820: If you're using a release build - don't.
03:02:51[Franklin]really, why hasn't there been a release in 2+ years?
03:03:00[Saint]No need to, really.
03:03:11Bray90820[Saint]: Saint I'm using developer builds on my DX90
03:03:30[Saint]Bray90820: well, that's a given, you have to. ;)
03:04:01[Saint]I'm not sure the DX90 will *ever* see a "stable" build.
03:04:38[Franklin]just do a 4.0 release and get it over with ;)
03:04:46[Saint]The hosted targets are all a bit weird and RbUtil can't play nice with them.
03:05:01[Saint][Franklin]: serious question - what do you believe this would solve?
03:05:29[Saint]What confusion?
03:05:38[Franklin]plus, the current release is 3.13... rather unlucky :P
03:05:44[Saint]The occasional guy that comes in ever ~6 months and asks about releases?
03:05:54[Saint]The one who harps on about releases is you, not users. :p
03:06:22[Saint]In my opinion, a release won't solve anything.
03:06:59[Saint]If you have a device that had a stable release, and you haven't updated - you're likely not going to, even if there were a release.
03:07:08[Saint]And if you have updated, you don't care if there is a release.
03:07:41[Franklin]well, why were releases done in the past?
03:07:41[Saint]Thus, it's largely pointless, except for placating a few people who think it's "safer".
03:08:26[Saint]There were many points in history where git head was nowhere near as stable as it is now.
03:08:38[Saint]At that time, it arguably served a real purpose.
03:09:13scorcheas development has slowed, the need to do releases has faded
03:09:23[Saint]These days people aren't really messing around with any of the core elements anymore and there hasn't been any truly radical changes for an eternity.
03:10:09[Saint]And in the time since the last release, those who actually cared, have long since moved on to dev builds - and thus, could no longer give any fucks about a release.
03:10:17Bray90820[Saint]: it's a lot more stable then mango
03:10:43[Saint]Bray90820: yeah - in our terminology, stable doesn't really have anything to do with stability.
03:10:58[Saint]It just means "things probably work, and our installer supports it"
03:11:15[Saint]the latter is something the DX will likely never have.
03:11:19Bray90820[Saint]: "#geek"
03:12:16[Saint]It's non-obvious, I admit, and I'll posit that those who came up with the naming scheme probably weren't native English speakers.
03:12:58[Saint]But, to sum it up: Stable doesn't mean it is stable, unstable doesn't mean it isn't, and unusable doesn't mean it can't be used.
03:14:10[Saint]stable just means things will probably work like we think they should and the installer supports the target, unstable means at least one of those isn't true, and unusable means that probably both of them aren't true.
03:14:56[Saint]Our main page spells it out pretty clearly.
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03:45:39Bray90820So the folder for the DX90 appears to be empty
03:47:55Bray90820The ZIP only had .rockbox in it
03:54:29[Saint]What were you expecting?
03:54:38[Saint]That is entirely expected.
03:57:41Bray90820[Saint]: why?
03:57:51Bray90820I was expecting an app folder
03:58:06[Saint]Bray90820: why?
03:58:19[Saint](see how that works? :))
04:04:05[Saint]I believe that information is deprecated.
04:04:31[Saint]edit dates seem to agree with me.
04:05:38[Saint]but honestly, I'm not entirely sure.
04:05:56[Saint]It's an obscure target with practically zero traction and ongoing developer interest.
04:06:51Bray90820[Saint]: how would I install the latest verson
04:07:41[Saint]I have no idea. I suspect no one but the maintainer (who's been AWOL for a while here) knows this.
04:08:12[Saint]I have a DX90 somewhere, but from memory, I don't think I even opened the shipping parcel.
04:20:56Bray90820[Saint]: So normally would I just copy the .rockbox folder over or what
04:25:46Bray90820[Saint]: yes I got it
04:28:11[Saint]Well, do tell, on the offchance the one other person in the world that uses a DX90 shows up.
04:35:02[Saint]Bray90820: ?
04:35:30Bray90820[Saint]: I was wondering what the normal way to install a build was but I figured it out
04:36:55[Saint]I'm aware - see above.
04:38:45[Saint]Just to spell it out plainly: "Wow, that's awesome...and the proper procedure was to do...<?>"
04:39:11[Saint]If I know this, then on the offchance someone else ever asks this, I can relay the information.
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04:39:35[Saint]As opposed to saying "Well, there was the one guy that figured it out but he never told anyone"
04:40:05Bray90820Well what I did was copied the .rockbox folder to my SD card
04:42:26[Saint]Ah, OK, so this is with a view to an update, and not an initial installation? Just so I'm clear, all the original installation setps apply, except for substituting the supplied archive in the headfi thread with the one we build?
04:43:05Bray90820I think It is initial installation
04:43:49[Saint]That doesn't sound right, we definitely need more than the supplied archive.
04:44:48[Saint]else the custom Mango loader wouldn;t be present and it wouldn't be possible.
04:44:57Bray90820For the DX90 you need to download the modded firmware from this site and install it
04:45:26Bray90820The modified DX90 firmware then copy the .rockbox folder over and your good
04:46:33Bray90820I can clearly say it is not an update that I installed
04:46:59[Saint]OK, seems the only 'major' change with this was structuring the rockbox archive to better fit the directory structure of our hosted targets.
04:47:36[Saint]Bray90820: huh? So you didn't have Rockbox installed prior?
04:47:45Bray90820Well I did but I uninstalled it
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16:14:15black_mediatorhi. so I'm trying to get Rockbox running on a 7th generation iPod classic. Which isn't supposed to be even supported, but some people have reported success.
16:15:46black_mediatorat any rate, I can get 80% of the process completed. bootstrapping, emcore menu comes up, etc. but I can't install a copy of Rockbox itself. Shows up on the menu, but then tells me that it hasn't found rockbox.ipod, and goes to the fallback image, which is nonfunctional. I've gone through Rockbox installer, yes, as well as tried a few older .ubi images
16:18:58black_mediatorif this is unworkable, I'd like to uninstall the emcore bootloader and let the apple firmware do its thing. I work at a very noisy office.
16:21:04black_mediatornevermind, I just found out how to do the latter. But I'd still like to try to get rockbox on for a few more days before giving up.
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18:10:50[7]black_mediator: how is the fallback image nonfunctional?
18:11:04[7]i.e. what exactly fails to work / what happens instead?
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22:04:47Bray90820Is there a way to clear the database
22:21:35pamauryBray90820: you can delete the files storing the database I think
22:22:01pamaurymaybe there is a menu for this, I don't remember
22:22:49pamauryin database menu, I think you can select "Initialize now" to reset it
22:23:12Bray90820Alright i'll try that
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22:27:17Bray90820pamaury: Thanks initialize worked thanks
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22:45:27Bray90820How would I extract a cfg on a mac
22:45:33Bray90820A theme file
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