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#rockbox log for 2015-04-22

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09:45:48wodzpamaury: ping
09:56:47pamaurywodz: pong but i'll be afk in two minutes
09:57:18wodzpamaury: I need a bit more time to describe my problem. I'll try to catch you later
09:57:23pamaurybut i'll read the log and answer in half an hour
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11:01:43pamaurywodz: here
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11:10:07haasnAfter installing rockbox, my Clip+'s partition contains a bunch of weird files like DID.bin, MTABLE.SYS, a directory named ##PORT## containing a bunch of other files I can't identify, and some others
11:10:18haasnAre those parts of rockbox, or are they left-overs?
11:10:38haasnIn particular, the ##PORT## thing shows up in my file browser, which is at least somewhat annoying
11:10:43gevaertsThey're part of the original firmware
11:10:53gevaertsOnly they do magic to hide them
11:11:31gevaertsI think I vaguely remember that ##PORT## contains stuff you put on the device with MTP
11:11:36haasnAre any/all of them safe to delete? Also, would it be safe to rm -rf the entire drive and then install rockbox “from scratch”, or will that brick my device?
11:12:08gevaertsThey should be safe to delete, yes, but the original firmware will put them back if you boot it
11:12:22haasnFair enough
11:13:26haasnDeleted them all and rockbox still works fine, thanks
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11:58:20wodzpamaury: ping
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12:58:51pamaurywodz: pong
13:00:41wodzpamaury: I hit strange problem on atj. When I add 1 or 2 nops in sd init function it works. Another 1 or 2 nops breaks the thing again. It is not data segment alignment as it has the same starting address in both working and non working binary
13:00:52wodzpamaury: any clue how to track it down?
13:01:32wodzpamaury: putting nops in various places is of little value as it doesn't result in 'uniform' memory shift
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13:15:38pamauryon which target ?
13:16:19pamaurythat looks weird indeed if you are sure it's not a data alignment problem
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14:21:47haasnHmm. My battery lifetime on the Clip+ drains very quickly, even when not playing back any media. It goes down by like 1% per second
14:22:14haasnIs there a way to replace the battery?
14:23:40pamauryhaasn: I guess it can be done with a bit of soldering, assuming you find a compatible battery
14:29:49wodzpamaury: on iriver e150
14:32:14haasnpamaury: Not really comfortable soldering
14:32:28haasnOh, I do have a very large backup battery that I can plug things into via USB
14:32:42haasnI wonder if it would be able to charge the Clip+. It's designed for smartphones and tablets
14:32:58haasnI don't really know anything about USB charging
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15:21:42pamauryhaasn: if it can charge a tablet, it should be able to charge a mp3 player
15:23:37haasnWorth a try then, I'll see what happens
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15:37:32haasnpamaury: Yep, works like a charm. :)
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15:39:13haasnpamaury: I don't think this 16,000 mAh battery will run out any time soon.
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15:41:47haasnDo you think it will drain the large battery any faster if the small one keeps running low?
15:44:34haasnLike maybe something is causing it to use much more power than usual
16:10:14pamauryhaasn: best thing is probably to wait and see
16:10:56pamauryhowever the bad thing is that rockbox usually boost the cpu when "charging" so if you use the external battery all the time, rockbox will likely boost all the time, resulting in bad battery life I guess
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16:34:03haasnpamaury: What does rockbox boost the CPU for? I mean, what does it do that it otherwise wouldn't?
16:34:35pamaurythere several good reasons to do so, mostly because USB requires fast processing
16:35:21pamaurywhat I'm not sure about is whether rockbox boost if USB charger is plugged or if it boost only if a host is detected, I can't remember
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16:36:22pamaury(USB chargers have no host in principle)
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18:34:17ZurgaI'm having some trouble compiling the rockbox source from sansa using the git master branch
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18:35:57pamauryZurga: describe your problem in details, we cannot help your otherwise
18:36:03Zurgaokay cool
18:36:22pamaurydid you follow the procedure described on the wiki ?
18:36:24Zurgathis is the error
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18:36:38Zurgacan i paste readable code here?
18:36:55pamauryif it's more than a few line, use or a similar service
18:37:31Zurga i followed the procedure and used rockbox-dev to compile for arm
18:37:37Zurgaas im using a sansa clip4
18:38:47pamaurythat's weird, make you try "make clean" and "make" again ?
18:38:56pamaury*maybe you can try
18:39:16Zurgatrying now
18:41:04Zurgai'm working on adding time support to the calendar plugin
18:41:35Zurgaand i see it messed something up
18:41:59Zurgathe error is in my code
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18:54:50ZurgaIt was a RAM issue, i wanted to much space
18:54:57Zurgait compiled now
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19:48:45wodzpamaury: comming back to my issue, any clever idea how to track it down?
19:49:56pamauryright now no, maybe something related to the cache ? but I don't really see how this could interfere to be honest. What do you mean by doesn't work ? Wrong data or just transfer doesn't happen ?
19:53:22wodzfor example command 8 returns 0x1aa when working indicating that card is sd_v2 (which it is actually) and in non working state it returns 0. In non working state I get a bunch of crc errors later in init procedure as well.
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19:54:01wodzsd block reports command send successfully in both states
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