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#rockbox log for 2015-04-24

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01:05:27mudlordsaratoga: found something interesting, it doesnt crash when loaded from internal memory, only crashes on microsd
01:08:15saratogamudlord: for me it depends on whats in the folder with it i think
01:08:27saratogaif its in a folder by itself, it works, if its in a folder with an mp3, it fails
01:08:35mudlordill try those files you posted on the internal memory
01:08:38saratogawell its a crash in buffering, so it probably depends on the order files are read into memory
01:08:48mudlordsounds like a big bug
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01:10:23mudlordcrashes on internal memory too
01:16:25mudlordah, so buffering.c according to dreamlayers is indeed stuffed
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03:26:33foolshsaratoga: ah see I should try that file with other files in the folder with it, I had it alone in its own folder
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03:52:32mudlordi guess that particular buffering function is also called *during* playback?
03:52:41mudlordand not just on playback start?
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16:36:57chen_pamaury,Cannot probe transfer size, please specify it on the command line.
16:37:06pamaurychen_: did you run the tool as root ?
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16:37:31pamauryok, try to add -x 64 to the command line
16:38:14chen_Transfer size: 64
16:38:14chen_transfer error at init step
16:38:14chen_Error: cannot get status report
16:38:56pamauryok, I think the kernel doesn't have a quirk for this device, you'll need the trick described on the wiki
16:39:31pamauryI hope it still applies, run:
16:39:32pamauryrmmod usbhid
16:39:32pamaurymodprobe usbhid quirks=0x066f:0x3700:0x0004
16:40:16pamauryand then unplug and replug your device to retry
16:40:32chen_OK,I will try
16:42:52chen_still the same error
16:43:27chen_maybe hardware problem of the device
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16:43:54pamaurycould you remind me the output of lsusb ?
16:45:20pamauryI seem to the recall the ZEN uses a non-standard usb id
16:45:39chen_Bus 002 Device 009: ID 041e:415a Creative Technology, Ltd
16:46:20pamauryrmmod usbhid
16:46:20pamaurymodprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
16:46:31pamauryah okay my bad, you should run: ^
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16:47:57chen_Error: cannot get status report
16:49:16pamaurythat's normal
16:49:30pamaury(I mean that's expected given the file I gave you)
16:49:44pamaurynow you should wait for 10/15min, then reset your device
16:51:58chen_ok,thanks very much
16:52:14pamauryI hope it will work
16:55:34saratogaCan someone try this on another color target and see if it crashes?,50793.msg234679.html#msg234679
16:55:50saratogaZip crashes reproducibly, Clip+ does not
16:57:34pamaurysaratoga: sure, wait a min
17:00:08pamaurydamned, apparently my fuze+ got a shock and half of the screen is dead :'(
17:01:59pamauryit crashes instantly on the m4a file
17:02:35pamauryI guess i'll have to buy a new one
17:05:07pamaurysaratoga: ^
17:12:43chen_still not work
17:16:12pamaurychen_: do you have access to dropbox ?
17:19:39pamauryok, wait a minute
17:21:33pamaurychen_: download tihis file:
17:21:42pamauryand then it instead of the firmware you downloaded
17:22:01pamaurythis is Creative bootloader, I think it should work if you upload it this way
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17:49:56chen_software recovery mode,but no key works
17:54:48chen_now key works,i will try to update the firmware
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18:10:11chen_shit,white screen
18:15:45pamaurychen_: you mean in rockbox ?
18:17:05chen_no,software recovery,i select format,then white screen
18:18:48pamauryI guess you are good to retry
18:20:00chen_no, i cannot run into hardware recovery mode
18:22:58 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
18:24:07pamaurychen_: if you reset the device, it should boot into software recovery mode
18:24:29chen_i tried,hardware recovery mode again
18:24:32pamaury(you may have to hold the play/pause key)
18:25:05pamauryoh, hum that's weird, maybe the battery is still low ?
18:25:28pamaurywait, if you plug the device, what happen ? It's unclear from what you say
18:25:35chen_i will do it again.i do not understand the option -x 64
18:27:23pamaurymaybe you can remove it, it changes the size of the packets sent to the device to 64-bytes, usually it is discovered automatically but in case it isn't you have to specify it manually
18:28:11chen_if i plug the device, it is in hardware recovery mode.i can only see it by lsusb
18:28:38chen_or in windows it shows in the device management as a hid device
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18:31:27chen_i repeat the steps, now it is in soft recovery mode
18:33:46 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:36:55pamaurychen_: you should probably let it charge, if it goes straight to hardware recovery mode, it either means battery is very low/dead, or that the bootloader was erased why is very unlikely
18:38:14chen_ok,thanks very much.i will let it charge this is 0:38 now in my area
18:39:33 Quit chen_ (Quit: 离开)
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21:19:08Bray90820So I am having a an error on my DX90 I turned off fade in music but if I leave the music paused for ovr 3 seconds then it still fades in on resume
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22:45:52alexbobpdoes anyone use an IDE for rockbox? has anyone used intellij idea?
22:47:26 Join [Franklin] [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:49:09 Join ender` [0] (
22:50:48alexbobpI want to take a stab at doing something useful... can someone point me at where in the code I'd go to mess with msb msd?
22:50:52alexbobper usb msd
22:51:22[Franklin]Mass Storage?
22:51:55alexbobpI might as well spill the beans... heard of drivedroid for android?
22:51:59alexbobpI want something like that for rockbox
22:52:23gevaertsalexbobp: firmware/usbstack
22:52:24alexbobpI think it would be super cool :D
22:52:30alexbobpgevaerts: thanks!
22:52:46gevaertsNow do I care enough to go look for what drivedroid is? :)
22:52:48alexbobpwill I have to write device-specific code to pull this off?
22:53:00alexbobpgevaerts: it lets your phone emulate flash drives with a provided .img or .iso file
22:53:05alexbobpread-only or read-write
22:53:18gevaertsAh, right. No, no device-specific code needed
22:53:22alexbobpfantastic for if you repair computers a lot because it's all your bootable flash drives in one
22:53:37[Franklin]alexbobp: that would be awesome!
22:53:49alexbobpI'm glad you agree because I'm likely to need help
22:54:00[Franklin]plus, it shouldn't tax the device too much, it's just relaying data, right?
22:54:02alexbobpall the hacking I've done on rockbox to date was changing some of the keymappings for usb hid mode
22:54:16alexbobp[Franklin]: right. if it can do usb msd with its own storage, it shouldn't be much trouble to do this
22:54:33[Franklin]all the useful stuff I've done is a bunch of useless games :P
22:54:36alexbobpit means it has to go through an extra layer of interpreting vfat but hopefully that's not too bad
22:55:08[Franklin]anyway, I had a great idea for a new useless game :)
22:55:11gevaertsalexbobp: might be helpful
22:55:34alexbobpright now I'm not even sure of what the ideal ui for this would be. something in plugins/applications?
22:55:50[Franklin]alexbobp: probably
22:55:54alexbobpbut normally stuff in plugins doesn't alter OS behavior
22:56:01alexbobpat least I came up with a name for the feature :P
22:56:28alexbobpgevaerts: sounds like you were already on the same track :)
22:56:41[Franklin]alexbobp: you essentially have full control over the device from a plugin, why not make it a plugin?
22:56:56gevaertsalexbobp: yes, but I don't care enough to spend a lot of time on it :)
22:57:13gevaertsHow much of a UI do you need?
22:57:33alexbobpgevaerts: enough to select a file, and choose ro or rw
22:57:42alexbobpand of course to turn it back off
22:57:49gevaertsWhat I did in that patch is just add an item to the file context menu. That's a bit *too* simple, but I'm not sure you need that much more
22:58:03alexbobpoh, the regular file browser context menu is good too
22:58:08alexbobpactually that gives me a new idea for the ui...
22:58:15alexbobpyou'd just select files from the regular filebrowser to enable it
22:58:27alexbobpand then to disable it, you'd go to the storage settings and change it from "drivebox" back to "msc"
22:58:47alexbobpno need for the plugins menu
22:58:55[Franklin]alexbobp: wait 'til [Saint] hears that name :)
22:59:08gevaertsTechnically you can export more than one image at the same time, but I'm not sure if that's useful in practicew
22:59:10alexbobpis that supposed to be hopeful or ominous? :P
22:59:23alexbobpI hope gevaerts doesn't mind me making up a name for a feature he came up with first :P
22:59:48alexbobpgevaerts: if it's super easy to implement then sure but no, it's not useful, since the primary purpose here is bootable drives
22:59:53gevaertsFor CDs, I'm not sure if you need to be able to switch images without disconnecting (i.e. pretend the user just loaded a different disc)
22:59:56Bray90820So eventho I turned off fade in my music still fades in if it is paused for 3 seconds
23:00:01alexbobpthough another use case is to let a friend pass you files without exposing your whole filesystem
23:00:14gevaertsalexbobp: it's fairly trivial from a code point of view, but probably tricky UI-wise
23:00:48alexbobpI don't think there is any need to switch images without disconnecting
23:01:07alexbobpnor to emulate multiple drives
23:01:37gevaertsThere's no need for it to get going, anyway
23:02:12gevaertsIf you're installing software from a set of CDs, I'm not sure how well the typical installer handles the entire drive going away on every disc swap
23:02:41gevaertsThe most technical work you'll have is extending usb_storage.c to handle MMC stuff
23:03:07alexbobpI don't think it would be a problem. the entire drive going away.
23:03:23alexbobpunless you get unlucky and it changes drive letters.
23:03:40alexbobpalso, actually emulating a cd drive might be more work
23:04:23gevaertsWell yes :)
23:04:42[Franklin]not impossible, though ;)
23:05:12[Franklin]all you have to do is rip the firmware off a USB CD drive and write a virtual machine to run it
23:05:14gevaertsalexbobp: if you *really* want a challenge, emulate an audio CD with a regular playlist of mp3 or flac files as the source :)
23:05:52gevaerts[Franklin]: why would you do that?
23:06:06[Franklin]to emulate a CD drive
23:06:13alexbobpgevaerts: I can't even begin to fathom why anyone would ever want that
23:06:32gevaerts[Franklin]: Why wouldn't you just implement a dozen or so SCSI commands instead?
23:06:35alexbobp[Franklin]: wtf, that's not how you'd do it :P
23:06:37alexbobpyeah what he said
23:06:48alexbobpyou're both just trying to make this harder for me!
23:07:01[Franklin]anyway, I'll get to implementing my awesome game idea!
23:07:05gevaertsCDROM isn't *hard*. It's just a bit of work
23:07:16alexbobpa bit of work I don't care about :P
23:07:46alexbobpI mean I guess there is the occasional ancient bios that will only boot from usb cd drives and not flash drives
23:08:02gevaertsalexbobp: for the record, while I managed to start a debian install from that patch, it somehow got stuck halfway :)
23:08:04[Franklin]i.e. mine :)
23:08:12alexbobpgevaerts: D:
23:08:25alexbobpgevaerts: what device?
23:08:40gevaertsI *think* that was my ipod video
23:08:54gevaertsMy suspicion at the time was some sort of conflict with the spindown code
23:09:01gevaertsBut I don't know, really
23:09:06alexbobpoh hey so rockbox has spindown code?
23:09:19alexbobpany chance of rockbox getting confused when I replace the hard drive with a CF card?
23:09:23gevaertsWell yes. You can't keep disks spinning all the time :)
23:09:27alexbobpI've had bad luck with rockbox msd on ipods
23:09:36gevaertsNo. Not because of that, anyway
23:09:40alexbobpah ok
23:09:54alexbobpI will be using a sansa fuze (which is the best mp3 player ever made)
23:10:08[Franklin]I really must get myself one of those
23:10:20alexbobpyes you do must
23:10:32alexbobplong live actual wheels
23:10:40alexbobpwhen will sandisk learn that nobody wants a fuze+ :(
23:11:20foolshyeah, they suck
23:12:01 Quit Cinos (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:12:27alexbobp"What works now is mounting an image within rockbox on a non-hotswap
23:12:27alexbobptarget. The image is also exported over USB currently, but this is
23:12:27alexbobpdangerous since the main disk (which has the image) is also exported.
23:12:27DBUGEnqueued KICK alexbobp
23:12:27alexbobpAlso, this really only works by accident because unmounting a filesystem
23:12:29alexbobpdoesn't forcibly close file handles."
23:12:34alexbobpgevaerts this paragraph is terrifying
23:12:48 Join MMlosh [0] (~MMlosh@2001:470:6f:23:24f:63ff:fe01:4900)
23:13:08alexbobpI'm starting to worry that I'm in over my head...
23:14:14alexbobpgevaerts: when you say loopback mount, do you mean that rockbox can read the files inside the disk image?
23:15:15 Join Cinos [0] (
23:16:52gevaertsalexbobp: yes
23:17:13gevaertsI'm not at all sure that's the right approach if you just want it for USB :)
23:17:45gevaertsYou might want to consider cloning usb_storage.c instead and using direct file access
23:17:57gevaertsProbably cleaner in the long run
23:19:25gevaertsIIRC I did the loopback images first and then added in USB. Don't ask why I wanted loopback images :)
23:19:34CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 day and 5 hours at the last flood
23:19:34*gevaerts can't remember...
23:20:18alexbobpI actually can think of a use case
23:20:21alexbobpbut it should be separate
23:20:32alexbobpmounting over usb while also mounted in rockbox is insane :P
23:21:34alexbobpgevaerts: another use case, which isn't a huge deal to me but would be nice, is to have a feature to create a blank 2GB (or whatever) image, usb mount that, and after dismounting, extract it to a directory
23:21:39alexbobpas a way to get files off of untrusted machines
23:21:57gevaertsAh, you probably do want to do that with loopback
23:22:10alexbobpand the reverse would be nice... packing a directory into a disk image and mounting it read-only
23:22:35gevaertsAnd you claim MMC is too much work?
23:22:53alexbobpshould I just give up now >_>
23:22:56 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:23:02[Franklin]don't give up!
23:23:08gevaertsWell no, but that last one sounds a bit involved
23:23:21alexbobpcall it a stretch goal
23:23:31alexbobpwhat I want most is booting spinrite and parted magic off my fuze :P
23:23:56 Join shamus [0] (
23:25:29gevaertsWhat I'd recommend (certainly to start with) is a setting to pick USB modes, a setting to store the file you want, and duplicate usb_storage.c and replace the storage_read() and storage_write() stuff by regular file IO
23:25:54gevaertsShouldn't be *that* much work
23:26:40gevaertsIgnore the loopback stuff. That's just going to lead to headaches :)
23:27:57alexbobpis the loopback stuff even in the trunk?
23:28:11[Franklin] no
23:28:15gevaertsI don't think it is
23:28:25alexbobpah ok
23:28:43alexbobpnot my problem then
23:29:02alexbobpmaybe if I'm lucky, a usb mounting feature will motivate others to come implement loopback stuff
23:30:08alexbobpoh yeah so noone answered my other question... anyone here use IDEs?
23:31:50gevaertsOnly people who do can be sure :)
23:33:02gevaertsBy the way, if you use regular file access (as opposed to storage_*()), there's no reason not to allow other use of the device
23:33:40gevaertsThat means the file browser is still there, and you can fairly easily let the user pick another image, which would then result in an eject/insert cycle on the other side
23:34:03gevaertsSo that's then trivial too :)
23:37:33alexbobpso it's really ok to just duplicate the entire .c file? what if people change it later?
23:38:14gevaertsI guess it would be better to refactor the lot so you can reuse code, but I suspect that's going to be tricky
23:39:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:39:47gevaertsIf you can think of a clean way to do that, by all means go for it!
23:40:51alexbobpwell it would be completely insane to enable emulated drives along with real drives... except I guess in devices with multiple drives, or if the real drive is mounted read-only...
23:41:00 Join Markmaster_ [0] (~Markmaste@
23:41:30 Quit Markmaster (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:41:31 Nick Markmaster_ is now known as Markmaster (~Markmaste@
23:49:39 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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