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#rockbox log for 2015-04-26

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00:16:37adnapDoes any version of Rockbox read in the rest of a file while it's playing if its size has changed since it started playing?
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01:06:51pamauryadnap: I doubt it, but on the other hand I don't really see a situation where this would arrive
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02:38:14adnapWell, parmaury quit, but this arises when playing a file that's still downloading on Android.
02:40:06[Franklin]adnap: I don't think rockbox reads in the whole file when you begin playing
02:40:30[Franklin]it buffers a bit ahead of what's playing
02:40:55[Franklin]so I would think that it's OK to do
02:42:57adnapMy Rockbox will not play an entire file if I start playing it before it finishes downloading.
02:43:16[Franklin]ok then I must be mistaken
02:44:37adnapRockbox could check when the current buffer has almost finished playing if the file size changed and read in more.
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06:33:38Bray90820So eventho I turned off fade in my music still fades in if it's paused for 3 seconds
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09:02:10Bray90820Anyone around
09:04:39Bray90820I am having a problem I can't turn off fade in when I unpause my music
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11:23:26pamauryBray9082_: I think that's an option
11:24:50pamauryalthough I think it's the same option for fade in and fade out
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16:49:49JabbiIs the android port in work?
16:50:46Jabbiprobaly is evrebody afk
16:50:48gevaertsNobody is actively working on it
16:50:53Jabbiah ok
16:51:07pamaurywell it "work" but it's not developed and not exactly up to the challenge I think
16:51:22Jabbithat kind of work:D
16:52:12gevaertsI believe there are serious issues with newer android versions
16:53:09Jabbimy Brother has android 5 and it don't work
16:53:16Jabbisorry my english is bad
16:53:28pamauryI guess that's because of the new java runtime ?
16:53:39Jabbii don't know
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16:55:02JabbiWhy you are in this IRC? Is here developing?
16:56:14pamauryyeah we are developers but no one is really active anymore, I'm extremely busy at the moment and my interests are not in the android port anyway
16:56:41[Franklin]this project is far from dead, if that's what you're asking
16:56:53[Franklin]but development has been in decline
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16:58:05Jabbiyes i asked in some kind for it. We had an old Sansa where Rockboy is installed(sorry for offtopic)
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17:18:00JabbiDo you work on a build right now?
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17:26:09pamaurycurrently the only people working on new ports are wodz and me I think, but we are very busy. A few other people are working on plugins and other things, I must say I haven't followed the latest development in the past month or so
17:27:11[Franklin]maybe if I find some time and get my hands on a cheap chinese DAP I'll do something with it
17:30:17pamaurythere aren't many new devices of interest also, though the Fiio X1 port will be nice I think
17:39:39JabbiIs the Rockbox code clean?
17:39:45Jabbimeaning good code?
17:40:03[Franklin]that's a matter of opinion :P
17:40:18Jabbi:) with comments and good variables names
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17:40:24[Franklin]it's what some people might call "old-skool"
17:40:48[Franklin]it's supposed to compile with no warnings
17:45:17[Franklin]bah forget it
17:49:26pamaurythe code quality depends a lot on which subsystem you are looking at imo
17:49:59[Franklin]some of the plugins are real nasty ;)
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20:33:19Bray9082_pamaury: are you around
20:33:49Bray9082_So you said fade in music was the same option as fade out?
20:37:07pamaurywell I read the manual to be honest ^^
20:37:50pamauryit seems to say that the setting "Fade on pause" controls both fade in and fade out
20:38:36pamauryso the problem is that you want fade in but no fade out ?
20:41:23Bray9082_pamaury: the problem is my music doesn't fade out but it still fades in
20:41:39pamaurydid you enable this setting ?
20:42:28pamauryah sorry misread
20:42:57pamauryyou mean on stop/pause right ? (and not between tracks)
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20:46:46Bray9082_Only when I un pause my music
20:46:51Bray9082_When I pause it it doesn't fade
20:48:05pamauryhum, could you try to save your settings to a file and then reset them to the default value and see if there is still a problem
20:49:02Bray9082_How would I do that
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20:59:48pamauryit's all explained in the manual:
20:59:48pamaurygo to "Manage settings", "Save to .cfg"
20:59:53pamauryand then reset settings
21:06:43Bray9082_pamaury: Still happens
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21:13:17Bray9082_pamaury: idk if this means anything but It only fades in if the music is paused for over 3 seconds
21:28:20pamauryok, I would need to try to reproduce this, what is you player ? does it happen with all files ?
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22:32:41Bray9082_pamaury: It happens with all files and I am using a DX90
22:32:47Bray9082_iBasso DX90
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23:10:51saratogaibasso is one of the only software volume targets, its possible that option doesn't work without hardware volume control
23:14:01Bray9082_saratoga: what do you mean by software volume
23:15:08 Quit Smarticles101 (Quit: Um, bai!)
23:25:01[Franklin]Bray9082_: I think it's when the volume control is implemented in hardware
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23:29:42saratogaon most devices fade is implemented by actually chaing the device's volume, but the ibasso doesn't have a volume control circuit IIRC
23:30:06saratogaits possible theres some bug there since almost no one has devices like that
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