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#rockbox log for 2015-05-02

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02:13:09NicoHoodhi. anyone here?
02:14:18NicoHoodive seen that the software can do usb HID. and it can black the screen in the presentation mode as described here:
02:14:32NicoHooddoes anyone know further details about that?
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02:31:12NicoHoodinteresting. it just pressed . or , to black/white the screen in power point
02:31:18NicoHoodnever heard of that feature though
02:31:32NicoHoodquestion answered
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02:37:55hjklhi all
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02:52:46hjklis there any mail list which i can subscribe to make sure i noticed the latest updades?
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11:10:51lorenzohello everyone :)
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11:17:55lorenzo92do you know if it is now possible to build the ARM toolchain under newer debians?
11:18:32lorenzo92i'm actually referring to the ypr0 and alike one
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11:44:19JdGordonno reason it shouldnt work
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11:47:14lorenzo92JdGordon: I forgot a detail: I had problems long ago :) but indeed it's worth trying
11:51:51pamauryI think last time I tried to build the yp-r0 toolchain I had problems
11:53:00lorenzo92pamaury: hmm indeed, i need to check
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18:27:45[Franklin]is there some way to disable the key repeat delay?
18:29:17pamaury[Franklin]: I don't think so
18:29:28pamaurynot without tweaking the keympa I mean
18:30:30Electricguypamaury, any response from the guy who wrote the ihifi 960 port? :)
18:30:39pamaurynot yet
18:31:14[Franklin]that'll make my new game pretty much unplayable :(
18:31:21[Franklin]on rockbox at least ;)
18:31:58xdhmoorecan you detect keydown & keyup? in browser js games they work around key delay by doing that, i think
18:32:05pamauryah for games that a different story
18:32:28pamauryI think with the proper function you can detect if this key is a repeat or not
18:32:33pamaurywait a minute
18:32:41xdhmoorewith a runnint timer, every X milliseconds if you don't have a keyup, it's another key press
18:32:49xdhmoore*running timer
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18:34:21pamaury[Franklin]: see the greyscale plugin for example
18:35:11pamaurywhen you call rb->button_get() (but it's also true for some (but maybe not) other key functions), you get a button | BUTTON_REPEAT
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18:35:15pamauryso you can ignore them
18:35:37[Franklin]I want to use PLA to avoid having to make keymaps
18:35:41xdhmooreIs there a way to programatically create a "queue" playlist file? I want to be able to automatically add podcast episodes to a queue when I download them from gpodder. Maybe by writing a script that generates a playlist file...
18:35:45[Franklin]is it possible?
18:36:58pamauryxdhmoore: I don't know, I mean I'm not sure if the necessary functions are exported to the plugins, one would have to check
18:36:58pamaury[Franklin]: let me see
18:38:39xdhmoore[pamaury] oh, i was wondering if the m3u8 format including the notion of queueing that i could generate on my pc or if that is stored elsewhere?
18:39:30pamauryxdhmoore: you can use the m3u(8) format and in rockbox you can long press on the file to select between replacing or queuing iirc
18:40:32pamaury[Franklin]: PLA has repeat actions so I guess it's possible to use it and distinguish between repeat and non-repeat
18:41:10[Franklin]but there's a delay between the first button press and the repeats
18:41:36pamauryand ?
18:41:42[Franklin]can I disable the delay?
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18:43:40pamauryno, but I'm not sure what you want to achieve. If you want a custom delay then you should not rely on repeat, rather implement your own repeat logic and track up/down events for keys no ?
18:44:13[Franklin]I suppose that's true
18:44:16[Franklin]ok then
18:44:22pamauryhowever I admit there might be an issue because PLA doesn't notify on release....
18:44:26pamaury(I think)
18:44:53[Franklin]it does for one button
18:45:22pamauryhum, well I suppose noone would object adding REL actions for other keys
18:45:41[Franklin]maybe there's a reason they were left out?
18:46:03pamauryMaybe but I doubt it, my guess is that PLA was driven by need ^^
18:46:20pamaury(I mean I've written quite a few keymaps and release has no special case)
18:46:54pamauryhum wait
18:47:04pamauryyou might be partially right
18:47:30pamauryfor some actions REL doesn't always make sense. For example PLA_CANCEL may be implemented as key + release
18:47:53[Franklin]but what about directional keys?
18:48:23xdhmoorepamaury: I'm not sure that's the case. at least I can't get it to work. the only queueing option I've seen is the option when adding a single file to a playlist, to add as a queue entry. I'd like to save a playlist to my device from my computer containing a bunch of queue entries.
18:49:05pamaurylooking at the code, directional keys could have a release action
18:49:26[Franklin]I've got to leave for now, afk
18:50:51pamauryxdhmoore: maybe you are right, I never ever use playlists so I don't know
18:51:22xdhmooreah, okay
18:52:18pamauryI know there is a "Warn When Erasing Dynamic Playlist." setting but I don't think it will change anyway for this specific issue
18:52:23pamauryI'm looking at the manual...
18:52:39xdhmooreyeah me too
18:53:14xdhmooreoh, i found it "Also, queued tracks are not saved to the playlist file"
18:53:55xdhmooreso, i probably would have to write a plugin if I wanted to generate a queued playlist
18:54:27pamauryI'm no sure what you want to achieve: you want to load a playlist and add all its tracks to the current dynamic playlist right ?
18:55:03xdhmooreBasically, I'm trying to setup a workflow for downloading and listening to various podcast episodes 1 time
18:55:30xdhmoorei was thinking I could do it by each time I download new episodes, adding them as queue entries to a m3u playlist
18:55:42xdhmoorevia a powershell script on my pc
18:56:52xdhmoorei guess i could still do that, they just wouldn't be queue entries
18:57:34xdhmoorei'd have to delete them manually, which would be fine
18:59:03pamauryok I see, I don't think that's possible without a plugin, and even then I'm not sure plugins have sufficient support for playlist to do that, doing it manually is probably the best option
18:59:40xdhmooreokay, thanks
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19:31:19foolsh[Franklin]: I did release for pla back when we were wrking on xworld but didn't need it, I could bring g#1026 back from the dead
19:31:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1026 at : Add button release to PLA directions for some supported targets by Benjamin Brown
19:33:59foolshcrap google pulled the plug on openid, well there goes that, have to re-register for gerrit :-\
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20:58:09pamauryfoolsh: what are you using as your openid provider now ?
20:58:18pamauryI was using google and now I have to find something else
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21:02:04foolshpamaury: not using one right now, going to iron it out later, kinda busy atm
21:02:31gevaertsIdeally we should update gerrit I think.
21:02:41foolshthere is that
21:03:27gevaertsAs far as I can see gerrit 2.10.2 can also use oauth, which enables github as a provider and re-enables google as well (or at least g+, not sure about non-g+)
21:04:20gevaertsWe might still have to re-register of course, which still is a bit annoying
21:04:48gevaertsIf anyone catches Zagor online, please raise the issue :)
21:04:52pamauryindeed, update gerrit seems like a good indeed
21:05:10pamaurymaybe send him an email ? He doesn't hang here so often
21:06:30gevaertsNot in here, but he tends to be in #r-c during working days
21:07:23gevaertsBut sure, you can send an email to make things go quicker I guess :)
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21:10:39saratogaanyone have a fuze v2 to test something on?
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23:33:54[Franklin]foolsh: the googs :(
23:34:04[Franklin]now I can't use gerrit, either :(
23:35:02[Franklin]I suppose you could pull the changes and re-push as a different change
23:37:02 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:46:25foolsh[Franklin]: Yeah :P
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