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#rockbox log for 2015-05-08

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00:58:55CtcpIgnored 25 channel CTCP requests in 2 days and 5 hours at the last flood
00:58:55*[Saint] is currently torturing himself working on a "Material Design" touchscreen theme
00:59:12[Saint]RIpping off Google's design language.
01:00:01[Saint]stark, clean, bold accent colours, etc.
01:02:13[Saint]I'm also using it as an opportunity to pick up on some work I did sometime last year or so on making set of themes that could "self heal" small-to-mid-sized discrepencies in the device's screen resolution.
01:02:38ParkerR[Saint]: :D
01:03:28[Saint]By using percentiles and negative viewport offsets wherever possible, and going out of my way to not use a backdrop image, it is possible for a theme to be largely resolution-agnostic.
01:03:35[Saint]Though there are limits to this.
01:04:33[Saint]Another thing I feel I need to get finished is my complete re-write of cabbiev2.
01:05:14[Saint](using modern theme syntax)
01:11:10ParkerR[Saint]: have you been involved with the Android port at all?
01:11:16ParkerRCode wise
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01:12:02ParkerRAhh ok
01:12:17[Saint]I have a few local changes I should puch to gerrit, though.
01:13:14[Saint]I have a half-baked re-write to include setting up the development environment for Android with
01:13:45[Saint]though it can only deal with proper linux hosts at the moment.
01:14:22[Saint]ideally it should support Mac and CygWin too.
01:14:38ParkerR[Saint]: Nice. I ran into an issue with the 1920x01080x86 build and uploaded the logs. Wasnt sure who delt with that.
01:14:51[Saint]What is the issue?
01:15:02ParkerROne sec cleaning up the IRC copy pasta
01:15:26ParkerRDo the Android builds work for 5.x+? Crashes instantly on a Nexus Player on 5.1.1"
01:15:59[Saint]It will not work with any ART runtime implementation.
01:16:05ParkerROh not in 5.x at all?
01:16:14ParkerRThanks, heh
01:16:29[Saint]Was that the issue in question?
01:16:32ParkerRMan I was so excited for Rockbox on my TV :P
01:16:43[Saint]Aha. Yeah.
01:17:02[Saint]I haven't had much time, nor motivation, to look into it very deeply.
01:17:33[Saint]I can get it so that it doesn't fall over immediately, and instead crashes and burns a few seconds after boot, but that's about it.
01:17:52[Saint]I'm having a really tough time getting any useful debugging info out of the crashes.
01:18:25[Saint]I am provided with virtually zero information on the crashes.
01:18:36[Saint]Which makes things rather difficult.
01:18:49[Saint]also - time, but, primarily, motivation.
01:19:19[Saint]It is very hard to put any serious time or effort into the Android port knowing the the direction it is taking is all wrong and largely pointless.
01:19:35ParkerRI pulled the tombstone log (the second link)
01:19:46*[Saint] nods
01:19:55ParkerRAlso best name for a crash log
01:21:38[Saint]I don't have the necessary skill, motivation, or determination to take the Android port into the direction that actually makes any sense.
01:22:22[Saint]But if someone were to do so, I would be more than happy to do what I am actually good at and wrap a UI around the playback engine librar{ies|y}.
01:22:47[Saint]AppCompat is fricken' great.
01:23:02ParkerRWhat is it?
01:23:10[Saint]I could wrap a Material Design UI around any API from 1.6 to 5.1.1
01:23:44[Saint]it's a backwards compatibility library for providing material design UI elements on APIs that predate them.
01:24:32[Saint]it can't provide an identical experience for the very old Android versions, but it can mimmic it very well.
01:24:32ParkerR[Saint]: Is that how they have the new Playstore even on frigeen 2.3?
01:24:38ParkerR*stares at his Kindle Fire*
01:24:43*[Saint] nods
01:24:46[Saint]it is, yes.
01:24:58ParkerRBlows my mind they are able to do that
01:26:35[Saint]I'm not really particularly familiar with interfacing with the Android NDK in an Android application.
01:27:07ParkerRNDK? Wasnt that just the old Google TV/Nexus Q?
01:27:24[Saint]And, in general, I am and always have been much more suited to and at home with the forward facing elements of Android applications.
01:27:45[Saint]And, no.
01:27:48[Saint]It's this:
01:28:18[Saint]It's what allows us to get away with having the majority on it in C
01:28:45[Saint]ANd re-use a lot from the existing arm Rockbox ports
01:29:00ParkerRHavent seen many applications use it :P Its a DalvitART Java world out there
01:29:27[Saint]Right. Vert few mainstream applications use it.
01:29:37[Saint]I can't offhand think of any.
01:30:15ParkerRThe only time I heard it come up majorly was the original Google TV
01:30:30ParkerRMaybe more native C applications?
01:30:35ParkerRWere on it
01:31:18[Saint]I dunno. Google TV is the red headed redneck stepchild of the Android family.
01:32:24ParkerRAnd AndroidTV is that hot blond at the bar. Hot sexy and ready to be used!
01:32:59ParkerRIve been loving AndoridTV
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08:27:43r0b-is there a way to keep my Lcip + from using USB when I connect it to USB?
08:27:54r0b-like I want to plug it into my PC just for power but no transfers
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10:10:27gevaertsr0b-: hold a button while pluggint in
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18:39:02SuperBrainAKoh cool porting RB to palms are we?
18:39:23SuperBrainAKi have an old windows palm :)
18:40:33SuperBrainAKHP tornada pocket pc
18:44:23foolshSuperBrainAK: that port is sort of in a coma for now, unless some else jumps in and helps out
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18:57:53SuperBrainAKhrm has anyone used the tornada as a universal remote? it looks like it has IRda
19:07:20foolshThe irda on these old devices where severely under powered, and only really intended to be used right up next to a receiver, yes it would work but you'd have to be close enough to reach up and manually press buttons on the tv anyways :P
19:12:24SuperBrainAKah oh well
19:12:42foolshthey harken back to the day when one carried a com port "laplink" cable around to transfer files from machine to machine, the irda was a way to sync and transfer files "wirelessly"
19:15:12*foolsh pulls out a tornada from his box of "treasures"
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20:20:09SuperBrainAKlol yea that way you didnt have to store it to a floppy and transfer it to the other machine
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22:05:32robertdunde Hi, I found the service manual for the walkman NWZ-A864. I dont know it is useful to post it in the forum or where shall I share it?
22:05:40 Join [Saint] [0] (77e02126@rockbox/staff/saint)
22:10:30ParkerRrobertdunde: Forums might be good. If it isnt available online it could help somebody
22:11:18robertdundeThanks. I will post it in the forum
22:14:09ParkerRrobertdunde: Reminds me of when I scanned in the Atari Portfolio manual and sent it to a guy that had some links
22:14:46ParkerRIts like 60MB
22:15:02ParkerRI didn't skimp on quality lol
22:15:26robertdundethis file is not so big lol
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