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#rockbox log for 2015-05-21

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00:45:26ishikahonhi bagder could you kindly sign me up for the rockbox-user maililing list, too?
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05:00:06ishikahonbagder: hi there!
05:00:10ishikahondid you get my PM, bagder ?
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10:30:22kugelwhat happened to -dev ml mails? they show "Rockbox Development" as sender now?
10:31:13gevaertsSome of them
10:31:36gevaertsIIUC it does that for senders with ML-harmful DMARC settings
10:33:42gevaertsWithout that, mails from those senders would be bounced by a lot of recipients, with interesting results
10:35:40kugeleven for two long time rockbox contributors which showed up correctly in earlier mails?
10:35:44preglowanyone have any idea how much work needs to be done to fix the android port for the new runtime?
10:36:08kugelpreglow: there was some patch, iirc it was committed?
10:36:19preglowgotta check that out then
10:36:59preglowgoddamn android has no good music players
10:37:02preglowwhat does
10:37:33kugelman, our gerrit search sucks. the upstream manual suggests it should be much better
10:40:21preglowjust tried a new build, doesn't work, it seems
10:41:18kugelnot commited it seems
10:43:02preglowtime to fire up an android devenv, then
10:43:08preglowi cannot goddamn live with the other music players
10:43:09preglowno way
10:43:28kugelcontribute to rockbox then :-)
10:43:45preglowi would love to work on the android port
10:43:50preglowbut time...
10:44:36preglowalso, i want to pimp the eq with some new ideas
10:44:50preglowfloating point code should be ok now, right? :> :> :>
10:45:10kugeli dont think so :)
10:45:54preglowtruth be told, the eq needs ui work more than anything else
10:45:57preglowit's pretty bad on android
10:46:20kugelI think there are text editors with decent UIs for editing config.cfg!
10:47:33preglowhaha, a good idea
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11:11:06preglowwow, android sdk hasn't gotten any smaller, huh
11:12:39bagderI changed the DMARC settings for the rockbox list yday so some senders will show up "funny"
11:12:48bagderbecause DMARC is a pain and should be killed with fire
11:14:21preglowoh god, another such scheme
11:15:37bagderso some sites (like yahoo) have strict DMARC "policies" so senders from such domains will _require_ receivers to verify DMARC records, and with a mailing list we pass on other people's email the DMARC info is incorrect and thus the mails MUST be rejected
11:15:59bagdercause bounce bonanza
11:16:03bagdercausing even
11:16:31bagdermailman now "munges" such From: addresses to avoid getting the mails bounced
11:19:25preglowi grew resigned with smtp in general after dkim and spf
11:20:27preglowspf has similar problems, i think
11:22:19preglowsome goddamn idiots sending with an idiotic spf policy which makes forwarding impossible
11:22:34preglowgood solution to the problem, guys!
11:23:35preglowah, dmarc _is_ spf and dkim
11:23:47preglowthat sounds like a very annoying bundle of trouble
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11:57:47[Saint]preglow: if you're looking at it it is worth noting that the above gerrit task only barely made it work on 4.4.* ART and not at all on 5.*
11:58:12[Saint](the latter probably being the more interesting pursuit)
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12:21:08preglowhow much can it have changed?
12:22:08preglowor is it just us doing wrong shit and art broke the old behaviour?
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12:24:30gevaertsProbably hard to say without knowing the actual problem, but my money is on the new runtime just being a bit more strict
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13:03:13preglowi know nothing more about android than the architecture, so this'll probably be fun
13:03:16preglowand futile
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13:30:21preglownaw, this stuff doesn't really seem made for the new abis
13:33:00preglowcomplete with ICEs and everything
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15:01:59preglownewer compilers ICE on generating .map files...
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