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#rockbox log for 2015-05-30

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14:29:24ObilanI tried to get rid of rockbox with the utility, clicked on full removal but was unable to reinstall the original firmware afterwards on my sansa clip+, afterwards it complained about file not found and I should plugin USB. The sandisk utility couldn't find the device anymore and so I reinstalled rockbox with its utility. How do I get the original firmware back?
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14:32:47gevaertsYou reinstall the original firmware
14:33:27gevaertsYou do that by booting the OF, then copying the (unmodified! Not the one rockbox utility produced when you first installed) firmware file to the device, then rebooting into the OF again
14:33:55ObilanAhh that makes sense, I will try that.
14:36:02ObilanThat worked thank you. AM I assuming correctly that there are no traces of rockbox left now?
14:36:27gevaertsDefine "traces"
14:36:53ObilanFiles of it
14:36:56gevaertsThe .rockbox directory might still be there if you didn't remove it
14:37:23gevaertsYou can always reformat from the OF if you want to be sure you have everything
14:37:32gevaertsBut then of course your audio will also be gone :)
14:39:23ObilanI have none yet, just got it today but noticed just after flashing that the display is crooked
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16:15:11jaythewhovianAnyone here?
16:16:11jaythewhovianI have a ipod classic. I accidentaly wiped the hard drive, so emcore comes up but rockbox cant boot. The computer wont detect it.
16:17:24TheSevenjaythewhovian: tools => reformat data partition, boot rockbox, connect to PC, extract to it, shut down
16:18:06jaythewhovianHold on a second.
16:18:44jaythewhovianWhere is the tools menu?
16:18:56jaythewhovianOh nvm
16:19:56jaythewhovianNow it wont turn on.
16:20:29TheSevenafter doing what exactly?
16:22:10jaythewhovianWait, it booted.\
16:22:21jaythewhovianBit the computer wont detect it.
16:22:32jaythewhovianIt thinks my SSD is an ipod.
16:23:04TheSevener, what exactly thinks that?
16:23:10jaythewhovianMy SSD is in the E;/ Drive.
16:23:43jaythewhovianThe installer.
16:23:52TheSevenrockbox utility?
16:24:49TheSevenhm, some tools could be fooled by certain files being present on a drive
16:24:57TheSevenbut I think the rockbox utility should be fairly robust
16:25:33jaythewhovianI dunno. Heres a screen shot. just a sec
16:26:57jaythewhovianIt has the type right, somehow.
16:27:38TheSevenand you're absolutely sure that E:\ isn't in fact the ipod?
16:27:44TheSevenit stays there if you unplug the ipod?
16:30:20jaythewhovianJust a sec, heres a link to a video.
16:30:53jaythewhovianAny ideas?
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16:32:49TheSevenand the ipod doesn't show up at all?
16:32:57TheSeven(while it's running rockbox)
16:33:02TheSevencheck windows disk management then
16:33:33jaythewhovianWhere is that?
16:38:00jaythewhovian Hello?
16:39:41jaythewhovianFound it, nothing shows up.
16:42:22jaythewhovianPls respond
16:44:32jaythewhovianwhere did you go? :(
16:45:53TheSevenno trace of the ipod in disk management at all if rockbox is running on it?
16:46:21TheSevenany device connected/disconnected sounds while starting rockbox or plugging/unplugging the ipod
16:47:34jaythewhovianNo trace in the disk thing, leyt me check for sounds.
16:48:12jaythewhovianNo sound. The screen says no partition found, if that helps.
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16:56:49jaythewhovianlook, oif you dont respond, I'm going to have to leave.
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16:59:54jaythewhovianHey preglow.
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19:23:31ThaneVimHello, is this chat still alive?
19:29:16ThaneVimAre we.... awake?
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19:49:16ObilanJust ask.
19:58:11ThaneVimoh hey, we are alive. Well I was curious about whether this project was staying alive
19:58:56ThaneVimI think the last update I downloaded for be e280 was back in 2013
19:59:03ThaneVimfor my*
19:59:55[Franklin]it's alive
19:59:59[Franklin]but slowly dying
20:00:20[Franklin]DAP's just aren't so popular anymore
20:00:31ThaneVimAny plans/ideas to get the rockbox software on Android?
20:00:44[Franklin]it already runso n android
20:01:01ThaneVimOH. I must have missed that.
20:01:15[Franklin]though IIUC it's not very well supported
20:01:41[Franklin]I think it only runs on certain versions of android
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