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#rockbox log for 2015-06-01

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05:22:33TorCI've been trying to get text viewer bookmarks working on my clip zip (looks like a clip zip specific bug - post in forum) and found that the manual seems to have bad references to the settings/bookmark storage files for text viewer. I have a patch. How should I pass it to a dev?
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05:30:17TorCJdGordon, I'd just asked about passing a patch for a manual correction to a dev. Fixes the file locations for where Text Viewer stores settings/bookmarks.
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05:54:19TorC[Saint]: That's a little more involved than I'm really inclined towards when I don't expect more patches. I downloaded the file and have it as a diff between the local files on my computer. The change is fairly easy if my diff is more work than it's worth.
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05:57:58TorCSpecifically, the change is from $viewers/viewer.dat to $viewers/tv_global.dat and $viewers/viewer_file.dat to $viewers/tv_file.dat at about line 331 in manual_plugins_text_viewer.tex
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12:17:10TorCWell, I put what patch I have for the file locations in a pastebin at . For reference it is correcting the manual to reflect where text viewer actually stores setting/bookmarks.
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12:20:52TorCpamaury: Just before you came on I noted a manual patch I put in a pastebin at
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14:21:32[Saint]hannes3: taking this to the right channel, I assume you mean wrt: Rockbox, with your prior comment.
14:21:57[Saint]You can edit the volume using a series of .cfg files with relative ease.
14:22:53[Saint]You could make a few profiles "quiet", "at work", "loud", ...etc., so on, so forth.
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14:30:09hannes3nah, sorry ;)
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17:53:37saratogawith OpenID 2.0 down for google, is there some way i can login into gerrit still?
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17:56:42[Saint]saratoga: appears to still function fine.
17:57:08[Saint]the url it uses even suggests openid2
17:58:25saratogafor me i get a google page telling me that open id 2.0 is discontinued
17:58:42saratogais it still may for you?
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17:59:05[Saint]Jun 2
17:59:24[Saint]I suspect we need to move quickly.
17:59:40[Saint]But as we need a Torne, *and* a zagor for this...I think we may be fucked.
17:59:55gevaertsSurely we just need Zagor?
18:00:19[Saint]I was under the understanding the Torne was the sole admin of the gerrit instance.
18:00:35[Saint]and zagor provided the residence.
18:00:37gevaertsNot as far as I'm aware
18:00:50[Saint]Aha, well, that makes it /slightly/ better.
18:01:05gevaertsAnyway, I'm fairly sure that if you control the database you can change the admin
18:05:23saratogaso other people can login without getting this page:
18:08:50[Saint] just cursed me, apparently.
18:09:03[Saint]I just tried again and it failed.
18:09:10[Saint]<finger wag>
18:09:20[Saint]Yeah, well...there goes that.
18:09:44 Quit CustosLimen (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:11:20[Saint]Apparently we need Gerrit 2.10.2+ and gerrit-oauth-plugin
18:11:37[Saint]So it shouldn't be a difficult transition at all. We "just" need a Swede.
18:14:47saratogaif anyone is still logged in, would they mind pushing g#1144?
18:14:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #1144 at : AMS: Change DMA transfer size for audio. by Mihail Zenkov
18:14:53saratogai completely forgot about it
18:15:39 Join CustosLimen [0] (~CustosLim@unaffiliated/cust0slim3n)
18:16:11saratogastill really confused why i2c gets messed up on some AMS players with frequency scaling
18:16:22saratogajhmikes says theres no longer a race condition in the driver
18:17:47[Saint]It might be easier to just push it directly and preserve authorship and then nuke the gerrit task when we have access again.
18:17:59[Saint](I don't have direct access, so, yeah - not me)
18:19:41saratogai just assumed i couldn't push at all without openid, but maybe i can directly
18:20:24[Saint]you should be able to just skip gerrit entirely and pretend it doesn't exist.
18:20:30[Saint]just grab the raw patch from the task.
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18:22:16 Nick [Saint] is now known as [Sinner] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
18:22:27 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
18:22:54 Nick [Sinner] is now known as [Saint] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
18:23:19saratogai still want to cherry pick right so that the patch author isn't lost?
18:24:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e7550a4, 255 builds, 28 clients.
18:26:35[Saint]Where the Hell is ML350G4P-saint!
18:26:52 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:26:57[Saint]Bloody thing gets the handshake from the farm, but never gets builds.
18:30:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 349 seconds.
18:30:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e7550a4 result: 0 errors 10 warnings
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18:39:21saratoganot sure whats up with those warnings, but they're not related to my changes
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20:59:22 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:02:54 Join RiD [0] (
21:03:53 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:12:59GNUtoo-irssipamaury: pong
21:29:24 Join Markmaster_ [0] (
21:32:50 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
21:37:56pamauryGNUtoo-irssi: reading the logs I saw that you had a problem with the fuze+ ?
21:43:19 Quit mshathlonxp (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:43:29 Join mshathlonxp [0] (msh@
21:49:01GNUtoo-irssipamaury: yes
21:49:16GNUtoo-irssipamaury: lsusb gave me IDs that look like the bootrom's
21:50:32pamauryok, how did you end up in this situation ?
21:51:15GNUtoo-irssidisassembling the device and putting it in a box
21:51:25GNUtoo-irssiah sorry
21:51:30GNUtoo-irssiI don't know,
21:51:42GNUtoo-irssiThe battery was very discharged
21:51:48GNUtoo-irssiand at some point I had this ID
21:51:55GNUtoo-irssiat some other points I had the default firmware booting
21:52:10GNUtoo-irssiand sometimes even something that might be the rockbox bootloader
21:52:11pamauryok, and the device still doesn't boot ? or is it working now ?
21:52:24GNUtoo-irssilsusb shows nothing
21:52:30GNUtoo-irssiI've it disassembled
21:52:37GNUtoo-irssiI've a DMM near
21:53:27GNUtoo-irssiI've 3 pieces:
21:53:34pamauryouch, nothing on lsusb is very bad, means the bootrom doesn't even run, looks like a hardware problem
21:53:34GNUtoo-irssithe plastic with the touchpad
21:53:40GNUtoo-irssithe bottom plastic
21:53:46GNUtoo-irssiand the board with the touchpad cable
21:53:53 Nick bertrik_ is now known as bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:53:59GNUtoo-irssiis 3.15V enough
21:54:06GNUtoo-irssithat's between black and red
21:54:06pamauryis the battery still plugged ?
21:54:32GNUtoo-irssiThe battery has "3.7v 600mAH" written on it
21:54:44GNUtoo-irssiit's a soldered battery
21:54:44GNUtoo-irssiso yes
21:54:59GNUtoo-irssiThere is also a blue cable
21:55:04GNUtoo-irssiI've no idea what it is
21:55:06pamauryIt'son the bottom range of voltages at which you can boot, but if it's lower bootrom should still work on usb voltagge
21:55:12GNUtoo-irssiah, near the battery there is a cheap
21:55:21pamauryit's probably the temperature probe, never got it to work though
21:55:43GNUtoo-irssiso it's not a gauge nor a charger?
21:55:58pamauryI don't think so but I'm not 100% sure.
21:56:15pamaurywhat happen if you hit volume up while plugging the device ? still nothing on lsusb ?
21:56:56GNUtoo-irssilet me look
21:57:28GNUtoo-irssi"066f:3780 SigmaTel, Inc. STMP3780/i.MX23 SystemOnChip in RecoveryMode" appear after some seconds
21:57:36GNUtoo-irssiso good news
21:57:45pamauryok so it's not dead, good news
21:57:48 Join dan- [0] (~d@
21:57:48 Quit dan- (Changing host)
21:57:48 Join dan- [0] (~d@unaffiliated/danneh-/x-7505085)
21:57:48GNUtoo-irssiDo I need to reflash something?
21:57:57GNUtoo-irssiI've only found forums pages with this ID
21:58:04GNUtoo-irssinothing on the wiki
21:58:15GNUtoo-irssiso I'm a bit hesistant to blindly follow huge forums threads
21:58:23pamaurythe simplest method at this point is to try and recharge the battery by loading a small stub (ie no reflashing)
21:58:41GNUtoo-irssiwe have a free software tool for that?
21:58:48pamauryit's described here:
21:58:58GNUtoo-irssi(the one of the forum?)
21:59:04GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot!
21:59:04pamaurydo you run linux or windows?
21:59:09GNUtoo-irssibtw, since we can talk to the bootrom
22:00:17pamauryok then it's easy: download, download sbloader_32 or sbloader_64 depending on 32/64-bit (or you can build it yourself if you prefer) then run the command, wait for 30 min (the screen will stay black) and try to reboot
22:00:17GNUtoo-irssiand I've everything for development (gcc, etc...)
22:00:42pamauryyou can even rebuild the stub by yourself but that one will require a cross compiler so I advise against it
22:00:54GNUtoo-irssiI want/need to build everything the loader
22:01:00GNUtoo-irssithe stub is less important
22:01:07GNUtoo-irssiwhat arch is it?
22:01:14GNUtoo-irssiI've ARM-none cross compilers
22:01:23GNUtoo-irssiI would guess arm
22:01:29pamaurythe stub is ARM
22:01:34GNUtoo-irssibut it's just a guess
22:01:51GNUtoo-irssiwe could even have a free bootloader then?
22:01:52pamauryto build sbloader, clone our repository and run make in utils/imxtools/sbtools
22:01:58GNUtoo-irssiit seems theorically possible
22:02:11GNUtoo-irssiah I probably have it already then
22:02:30pamauryyeah we could have a free bootloader, currently when you run rockbox, there is a very small piece of non-free code which is run
22:02:38GNUtoo-irssifrom november 2014...
22:02:51GNUtoo-irssiwhat does this piece do?
22:02:51GNUtoo-irssiinit RAM?
22:02:56pamaurybut it makes very little sense to redo it, yeah init ram
22:03:13GNUtoo-irssiah ok...
22:03:43GNUtoo-irssiwell, it might be legal to convert it to free code in the EU
22:03:55GNUtoo-irssibut only me would be interested,
22:04:03pamauryseveral people have asked for a 100% free version in the past and I understand the motivation :) but I don't think it's really worth the trouble for 1kb of code
22:04:17GNUtoo-irssiso either I spend time on it or I guess it won't be done
22:04:25GNUtoo-irssiand I would prefer spending the time on something else
22:04:52GNUtoo-irssiwell, all comes down to the use case of Rockbox
22:05:17GNUtoo-irssiWhile I really love rockbox, I don't use it for anything related to security or privacy
22:05:18 Quit CustosLimen (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:05:48GNUtoo-irssiit only has md5sum (no sha*) and I had a hard time using it, so I currently prefer to spend time to do somthing else, more critical
22:05:57GNUtoo-irssi(using the md5sum app)
22:06:40GNUtoo-irssiOn the other side, it would make a 100% free software music player
22:07:07GNUtoo-irssiSince RAM init seem complicated, even for such SOC, I guess I won't do it
22:07:50pamauryyeah it's quite complicated, and there is power init too. Took me a long time to figure out the details of it, you should probably not spend time on this ;)
22:09:25pamauryanyway, I let you try and build the stuff, if you need any help, ping me
22:11:24GNUtoo-irssiis there some CROSS_COMPILE variable
22:11:35GNUtoo-irssiMakefiles have CC=arm-elf-eabi-gcc
22:11:46GNUtoo-irssiI do have arm-none-eabi-* instead
22:11:56 Quit dan- (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:12:26GNUtoo-irssiah probably in configure
22:12:32pamauryyeah, I think it's in configure
22:12:37pamaurylet me check that
22:13:38pamaurymaybe CROSS_COMPILE I'm not sure
22:15:04 Join CustosLimen [0] (~CustosLim@unaffiliated/cust0slim3n)
22:15:37pamauryhum, I begin to doubt, I know that you can edit the generated makefiles but the configure source code doesn't seem to let you choose the toolchain
22:16:15pamauryotherwise simply edit configure:131 that's ugly but quick
22:17:49GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot
22:18:35GNUtoo-irssi(I asked questions with obvious answers to do it fast, I'm trying to boot it before the battery breaks)
22:19:07GNUtoo-irssihmmm, I still need to find a again
22:20:14GNUtoo-irssiI've a bootloader.bin that has been produced
22:21:58pamauryah yeah sorry, to build the battery recovery stub, you don't even need to build rockbox in fact. You need to build mkimxboot which can be found in rbutil/mkimxboot
22:22:07pamauryyou'll need to fix the compiler prefix too
22:22:12GNUtoo-irssiprefix done
22:22:16GNUtoo-irssiI've bootloader.bin
22:22:25GNUtoo-irssilibusb: error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=16
22:22:46GNUtoo-irssithen it says "Cannot probe transfer size, using default.", then "Transfer size: 1024" and then it says: Status: Passed
22:22:51GNUtoo-irssiI verify it with DMM?
22:23:24GNUtoo-irssi#define EBUSY 16 /* Device or resource busy */
22:23:27GNUtoo-irssithat's -16
22:23:35GNUtoo-irssiah now screen comes up
22:23:47GNUtoo-irssiThanks a lot!!!!
22:23:48pamauryif it says status: pass then it's probably ok with the loading
22:24:03pamauryso let it charge for some time
22:24:06GNUtoo-irssiyes, now screen is up
22:24:09GNUtoo-irssiI'll od that
22:24:20GNUtoo-irssionce it's charged enough can I move it safely
22:24:26GNUtoo-irssiit's on my laptop right now
22:24:33GNUtoo-irssibut I'll go to sleep soon
22:24:39GNUtoo-irssithen the laptop will have to stay off
22:24:44GNUtoo-irssibut my server has USB
22:24:50GNUtoo-irssiand that one is always on (and silent)
22:25:26GNUtoo-irssiwhile I'm at it I could build rockbox myself
22:30:43GNUtoo-irssipamaury: thanks a lot!
22:30:52pamauryno problem :)
22:32:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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