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#rockbox log for 2015-06-08

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12:57:52wodzpamaury: Have you seen that lua5.3 finally defined bitwise operators?
12:58:05pamaurywodz: no, actually I didn't know lua5.3 was out :-p
12:58:11pamaurythat's great news
12:59:13wodzby default it uses 64bit representation for ints but this should not harm in case of hwstub scripts
12:59:46pamaurydoes it use the same operators as in C ?
13:00:30pamaurythat's nice, we will have to update the scripts
13:02:04wodzpamaury: looks like operators are compatible with C, although the manual I am reading apparently has bug and states ~ both as xor and not :P
13:02:35pamaurysame here...
13:05:40pamauryI'm trying to find the bug tracker to report this typo but I can't find it
13:06:39wodz~ is xor :/
13:07:24pamauryso that's not a typo ? binary ~ is xor and unary is not ?
13:08:26wodza~b is a XOR b; ~b is NOT b
13:08:37wodzpretty awkward
13:08:53pamauryyeah, like different from virtually all languages !
13:10:32wodzstill better than hilarious bit32.xor and bit32.not
13:11:18wodzah, and the added integer division too
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13:18:13pamaurywodz: yeah the bit32 thing was annoying
13:18:26pamauryexcept maybe for bit32.replace which is useful
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13:24:24wodzpamaury: Are going to give X1 a try?
13:25:14pamauryyes, just so much work :( I thought I would have some free time before the defense but that's not obvious and I have a few deadlines, and my laptop loss doesn't make things any better :(
13:32:23pamauryif you have more free time maybe I can send you the X1 ?
13:34:43wodzpamaury: good joke
13:35:41wodzpamaury: BTW. I am still thinking how to resolve gpio mux issue on atj.
13:36:58wodzOF also uses cooperative multitasking so there must be 'easy' way to do it
13:44:06pamaurycan you recall me the issue ? you need to mux between lcd and sd ?
13:45:53wodzand nand but this is not used now
13:46:12wodzpamaury: ^
13:48:04pamauryassuming both happen in a thread and can block (I think that's a relatively safe assumption), you could use a mutex. The only thing is that you should ensure fair schedule otherwise sd could prevent lcd refresh very often
13:48:20pamaury(assuming you can detect the end of transfers on both lcd and sd controllers too)
13:49:01JdGordon_was the bug where having rockbox in usb mode connected to the PC would stop the PC booting ever fixed?
13:49:06JdGordon_gevaerts: ^
13:49:24pamauryJdGordon_: isn't that a bios bug ?
13:49:29gevaertsJdGordon_: was it ever properly diagnosed?
13:49:46pamaurywodz: ^
13:49:47gevaertsI know there have been some reports about such things, but I don't remember anything very clear
13:50:48JdGordon_got pretty frustrated trying to boot my pc today.. stupid fuze was plugged in, asking because i'm running a pretty old build
13:50:55wodzpamaury: I can detect end of transfers, no problem. But this implies that during sd transfer there is no way to output something to screen. Thats very troublesome during debugging. This will break panicf() as well if this happens in sd code
13:51:37wodzpamaury: I am also not entirely sure lcd updates can't happen from irq
13:53:50pamauryappart from this I don't see an easy way, if you don't use a mutex, you'll have to use clever tricks to know if it's safe or not to change the mux
13:54:05pamaurythat means either busy wait or postponing the operation
13:55:40pamauryfor example, imagine there is an LCD transfer on the way, another thread panic, triggers lcd update, then it will have to wait
13:56:08wodzLets assume I can leave without printing to the screen from sd functions. What about panicf(). With mutex it would need explicit mutex release and acquire for lcd transfer to happen
13:56:38pamauryyeah with the mutex you can't make the panicf case work easily
13:56:44pamauryI agree that's a problem
13:57:18pamaurycan you detect the end of a transfer without an IRQ (ie just reading some registers) ?
14:01:54wodzIIRC yes
14:02:48wodzthat would defeat the benefits of DMA transfers (which are not used now)
14:05:49pamauryI need to think about it. If the DMA controller is very smart I guess you can do something but if it's not, I think the problem is not trivial, especially if you still want the whole thing to work with in IRQ or when IRQ are disabled
14:08:02pamauryalso it's quite annoying, I lost a fair deal of datasheets with my computer, and I forgot to save those, now I need to find them again...
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14:17:35wodzpamaury: which one, maybe I have some in my archive?
14:18:11pamaurythat's the thing, I don't know. I'll have to check that out tonight
14:18:28pamauryI'll send you a mail if I miss some you might have
14:31:51wodzpamaury: DMA controller is rather basic. It doesn't any smart features like geather-scatter or such. The only peculiarity is that some peripherials are dualported and hence dma transfers may be configured to not take system bus bandwidth
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16:48:25bigfudge2015I'm running a study using relaxation and hypnosis recordings with patients after major surgery. We'd like to use Rockbox and a Sandisk clip player to record if and when patients played each of the tracks on a player we give them pre-loaded. I know Rockbox has a play count in the db, but wonder how hard this would be to extend such that we create 'many rows per track' and could capture exactly when each track was played over a
16:49:02bigfudge2015It may be possb
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16:51:15gevaertsbigfudge2015: have a look at
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19:18:48bluebrother^hmm. Last Rockbox release is now over 2 years old ...
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19:35:23JordiGHHow difficult or impossible would it be to get Rockbox to run on something that I can buy off Adafruit?
19:37:20gevaertsraspberry pi with the sdl application build on it?
19:37:27JordiGHFor example.
19:37:34JordiGHThey have several things for sale.
19:37:53JordiGHSince Sansa has almost completly discontinued their Clip series, maybe I can build my own?
19:38:49JordiGHMaybe I can build my own waterproof rockbox-based player that I can use when I'm swimming laps.
19:39:07JordiGHHell, if one of you want to build me one, I'd be willing to pay. :-)
19:43:37gevaertsI'd say anything that runs linux, has a more or less decent CPU, has audio, and has a few gpios so you can have buttons should be fairly easy to get working
19:43:59JordiGHWhat does Linux have to do with it?
19:44:04JordiGHI didn't know Rockbox used Linux.
19:44:48gevaertsIt can run on top of linux. Saves you from having to write drivers
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19:45:29JordiGHAh, I see.
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23:37:08lalalalahello anyone home?
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