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#rockbox log for 2015-06-10

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10:28:11peturah... I knew that name rang a bell
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10:35:25peterburkAnybody here used logf successfully?
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11:02:57pamaurypeterburk: yes
11:03:16pamauryyou need to #define LOGF_ENABLE before #include "logf.h"
11:18:12peterburkpamaury: If I choose "Logf to serial port enabled" during the configure stage, does that stop logf from writing to files?
11:19:25pamauryI don't remember, that's quite possible
11:19:53pamaurylet me check the source code
11:21:03peterburkThanks! I'm just getting to know the source now. Back in the day I was an iPodLinux forum moderator, and I've used Rockbox since IPL kind of died. But never got into tweaking it until now; I moved onto iOS.
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11:22:30pamauryok, as far as I understand it, logf() will always log to a buffer (which you can save to file manually) and will *also* log to serial if you enable this feature. There is also the more modern logfdisk() function to log to a file directly
11:22:46peterburkMy goal is to use Rockbox's USB HID mode to turn my iPod into a USB keyboard. Then I'll hook up an iPhone over serial, and send characters to the iPod, which will copy them to USB.
11:22:55pamaury(which should be used using ERRORF, WARNF and NOTEF)
11:23:19peterburkRight, I noticed that I need to dump the log file to disk using the menu item in the "keep out" section.
11:24:06pamauryI'm not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. We already have an HID mode, how is that different ?
11:25:05gevaertspeterburk: are you disabling MSC?
11:25:10pamauryI mean you could write a plugin which shows a keyboard to the user and send characters over HID using usb_hid_send
11:25:32peterburkYes, a scroll-through keyboard is halfway towards my idea.
11:26:49peterburkEventually I hope to go from iPhone to serial to iPod to USB. I can build a serial crossover cable, and write a simple app to send the character codes over serial from my iPhone.
11:27:06pamaury(note that we have an API to display a keyboard but maybe it does not completely fullfill your needs)
11:27:33pamaurywait, you want to send characters from the iPhone to the iPod, or the other way around ?
11:27:38peterburkThat still sounds really obscure. I'll rephrase it.
11:28:13peterburkMy Raspberry Pi needs a USB keyboard. I travel. Keyboards are big.
11:29:38peterburkThe Arduino Pro Micro has a 32U4 chip, which can also act as USB HID. I already made an app for my Mac to listen to keystrokes, and send them over USB-serial. The Arduino then copies USB-serial back to USB HID. So I can use my laptop as a USB keyboard.
11:31:44peterburkThat's not pocket-sized though. My iPod and iPhone are already in my pocket. I was super excited when I discovered that Rockbox supports USB HID, because I can use my iPod as the serial-USB keyboard bridge isntead of an Arduino.
11:32:47peterburkI will be sending characters to the iPod over serial (from an iPhone, Mac, anything else). The iPod should then copy them to the USB HID output.
11:32:53pamauryok I see, I think the first step toward this would be to use the iPod as the keyboard by writing a plugin which displays a keyboard and send strokes using USB HID.
11:33:07peterburkYes, that's the first step.
11:33:29pamauryBecause at the moment, rockbox supports USB-serial only in the send direction (ie iPod to something), implementing receive (something to iPod) means adding code
11:33:43pamauryI need to go, I'll be back later, gevaerts can help to I guess
11:33:55peterburkOh, the serial remote doesn't work yet?
11:34:22pamauryit works but only one direction (send) is usable from plugins
11:34:50peterburkAha, that explains why some of my previous experiments weren't working then. Thanks for telling me about that!
11:35:03peterburkI'll hang around for gevaerts over the next few days, and hopefully figure this out eventually :)
11:35:04pamauryit's not super complicated to implement the receive part though
11:36:00peterburkI agree, but my latest build just failed. text_viewer.c:(.text+0x24): undefined reference to '_logf'
11:37:34peterburkAnyway, talk to you later! I should also go; it's about time for dinner.
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20:25:50natanelhoI want to ask a question. it may look stupid, but please dont hate. what new things are added in the new versions of rockbox?
20:26:12natanelhois there a place to see releese notes for dev builds?
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20:28:31amayeron the homepage there is a changelog is handy if you want to see the commit log and pending changes
20:33:52natanelhoi have plagins named "test_fps","test_gpu" etc. they arent working(maybe from an old update). what they do and how to use them now?
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