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#rockbox log for 2015-06-15

00:00:18[Saint]That's possible, but not trivial.
00:00:43[Saint]The touch detection is just plain bad, so I'm not sure how gracefully such a thing would work.
00:01:21[Saint]even with the ability to tweak the sensitivity you can only really adjust it from "terrible" to "awful" to "acceptably bad".
00:01:53jtdesigns01oh, where would i start? (meaning what files should i look at)
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00:02:32[Franklin]has anyone thought about upgrading gerrit yet?
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00:03:18[Saint]If thinking about it was sufficient it'd be done already.
00:03:47[Franklin]what's in the way of it getting done?
00:04:43*foolsh bwats a dead horse with [Franklin]
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00:11:49jtdesigns01basically, what i`m asking is where is the fuze+ touchpad driver implemented?
00:12:49[Saint]offhand, dunno. I suspect grepping for HAVE_TOUCHPAD will tell you though.
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00:14:04[Saint]Better watch yourself foolsh - Dr. Dre will slap you on the bum - that's a registered trademark!
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00:36:29foolshjtdesigns01: The touchpad driver is really an array of virtual buttons implemented in /firmware/target/arm/imx233/sansa-fuzeplus/button-fuzeplus.c and defined in /firmware/target/arm/imx233/sansa-fuzeplus/button-target.h
00:38:07[Saint]klunky-ass gesture support would be fairly trivial to add.
00:38:21[Saint]"real" gesture support...dunno, pass.
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00:39:24[Saint]by "klunk-ass" gesture support, I mean just noting if a given segment of the touchpad was touched within a given timeframe of its neighbor(s) that make up any given gesture.
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00:39:44[Saint]....something something, given.
00:41:32foolshYes, the "boolean" nature of the present way it handles a button press is only just good enough for what it's used for currently
00:42:58[Saint]The horrible nest of conditions required to implement the aforementioned "klunky-ass" gesture support gives me a cold sweat thinking about it.
00:43:35[Saint]though it would be far removed from being the only example of ifdef hell in the rb sources, should it happen.
00:44:13foolshyeah some of those I've seen are pretty deep :P
00:44:56*foolsh thought about attaching little rubber pads to make extra buttons and a Dpad, thus extending the number of possible virtual buttons on his fuze+ beyond the 3x3 grid
00:45:55foolshinitial tests seemed to make me believe it would work, but it's polishing a turd
00:46:12[Saint]instead of a 3x3 grid, just split it up into a 6x21 full QWERTYY keyboard. :))
00:46:48[Saint]or AZERTY, hell...even DVORAK, whatever floats your boat. :)
00:46:51foolshThat would be swee!!, all I need is a pencil sharpener to use on my fingers!
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00:47:41foolshoh hell, does this thing do usb host?
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01:58:07autofsckkhello i want to make a playlist but i dont know how, i use linux and tried with rythmbox an audacious with no luck, i know that i have to change the path, but i really preciate if somebody could give me a hint about this, thanks in advance
02:01:34[Saint]assuming the basic structure is the same you shouldn't even have to change the path.
02:01:46[Saint]It should strip from the front of the path until it finds a match.
02:01:51[Saint](by my understanding)
02:04:07autofsckk[Saint]: it seems that it is working now, i tried with clementine another player and is working
02:04:49[Saint]were you trying to export as something other than m3u(8) by any chance?
02:05:11autofsckkand about your explanation, i agree with you but when i did the playlist with other player it did not work
02:05:41autofsckkif i export it as just m3u it just dont appear at the playlists folder
02:06:44autofsckkand i just wanted to say that rockbox reall rocks, its great, thanks a lot for doing it
02:07:28[Saint]You're aware that playlists don't need to be in any locaiton, right?
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02:07:44[Saint]They can be literally anywhere, they need not reside in /Playlists
02:08:05autofsckki understand that
02:08:28[Saint]They only need to be there to make use of the Playlist Catalogue (which is something I'd like to fix but never got around to)
02:08:34autofsckkthe important thing is the path right? considering the root path from the player's hd
02:10:33[Saint]Yes. But as long as the paths are relative it should "Just Work". As in if you created a playlist from files on your PC at /home/user/Music/Artist/Album/Track it should work and strip the path automatically if the files reside at, say, /Music/Artist/Album/Track on the device.
02:12:40autofsckkok i didnt know that
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03:03:53foolshSo I'm looking at ./firmware/target/arm/imx233/sansa-fuzeplus/button-fuzeplus.c and tell me if I'm wrong or not (I'm probably wrong) but if we split "find_button()" function into separate functions for each button aka "find_button_up() find_button_down() etc" Would this be enough to enable multiple button press detection?
03:05:49foolshOr am I thinking about concurrency all wrong?
03:06:25[Saint]From memory I don't think the touchpad can track multipoint.
03:06:34[Saint]But I'm far from positive.
03:07:10foolshdamn, it would average them wouldn't it
03:07:15foolshI would
03:08:20jtdesigns01well it depends. i think we would need to do a lot more than just change the functions in the driver
03:08:59jtdesigns01i think we would need to change the way we loop and deal with presses
03:11:06[Saint]I /believe/ it is a hardware limitation.
03:11:23[Saint]I think it is physically incapable of tracking multiple touch points.
03:11:31jtdesigns01oh. not fun.
03:11:56foolshthere are some comments that suggest otherwise, but how can we know?
03:12:00[Saint]Its not uncommon (well, increasingly so nowadays, but not rare), but, yeah.
03:12:07foolshlook in the function touchpad_init
03:12:09[Saint]It sucks for our uses if I'm remembering correctly.
03:12:14foolshhas multi finger: yes
03:12:46foolshit may or not be correct
03:13:32jtdesigns01well, the question is: is there a way that we could query to check if a *certain point* is pressed; rather than *what* point is pressed
03:13:51jtdesigns01or is there a different way of doing this?
03:14:29[Saint]Now, I'm a little drunk, I'll admit - but I fail to parse that.
03:14:38[Saint]The seem functionally identical statements.
03:16:42jtdesigns01we need to somehow check all the points on the pad and see which ones are pressed. as opposed to running a function that gives us *the* point that is pressed.
03:18:22jtdesigns01or is there a better way?
03:18:58foolshjtdesigns01: pamaury would more intamite with the fuze+ hardware than I am. I assume he's vacationing or traveling or deep in study somewhere underground and top secret (okay the last one was not really) but if you catch him, he would probably know a bit more about multi touch capabilites.
03:22:55jtdesigns01It shouldn't be too hard to try a gesturey kind of thingy though. it should probably be tested in the "System" menu before we try to integrate it as an actual control method though.
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15:36:47bodoburnsIs anyone in here who could tell me if the "repeat A-B"-function is implemeted in the current iPod Classic port?
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15:55:47saratogabodoburns: looks like its disabled in the config file
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17:22:09bodoburnssaratoga: Thank you!
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23:40:34pamauryfoolsh: the fuze+ touchpad cannot do multi finger
23:41:21pamauryit can *detect* how many fingers are pressed: 0, 1 or 2+ (and even this is not very accurate). If you press with two fingers, it's undefined, not even an average
23:42:59pamauryIt has "hardware" support for gestures but these are just terrible, trust me on that (hint: the OF uses the hardware gestures). So it could be possible to implement gestures in software,it would like (for swipe for example) but it's a lot of work
23:43:24pamauryalso it's probably quite context dependent
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