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#rockbox log for 2015-06-25

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02:41:23[Saint]JanC: I sincerely doubt that any of these devices were made with performant hardware deliberately.
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02:41:44[Saint]It was probably always a case of parts availability and sourcing.
02:42:47[Saint]There was never any need to make DAPs with several hundred MHz CPUs, and ~64MB RAM, I have a feeling that if they could have not done so at the time, they would have.
02:43:26[Saint]Their target market is listening to media that can be decoded in realtime with ~12MHz
02:43:56*[Saint] is referring to Average Joe Gym Bunny
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02:46:27[Saint]With the newer SanDIsk devices, I would almost put money on it being an effective way of dumping forgotten old silicon onto the market because someone had a huge pile of mediocre SoCs they needed to get rid of.
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19:59:11ReiharDo you think I have any hope of using a 128GB micro-SD Card while using the database with the clip zip?
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20:03:34saratogaReihar: assuming the card works, yes
20:04:34Reiharsaratoga: Any advice?
20:05:09saratogaabout what?
20:05:57ReiharI don't really know, I found a thread where people were mentinoning block size
20:07:35saratogai don't even know what thats in reference to
20:12:24saratogayou mean the fat32 cluster size? I don't think it really matters unless you're trying to squeeze some tiny bit of performance out of your SD card
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20:14:31TheSeven128GB is right at the limit that doesn't constrain you about cluster sizes yet
20:15:04TheSevenhowever, for 512 byte clusters, the FATs alone would waste 2GB of space, and those small cluster sizes are pretty much pointless for this application
20:16:21TheSeveneven if you go to 32KB cluster size, while that will waste a few MB on small control files and directories, the average overhead on a 5MB music file will just be 0.3%
20:16:37TheSevenso effectively 200-500MB wasted
20:16:56TheSevenand much less card accesses for some operations
20:17:18TheSevenit also improves the USB mount time on windows quite a bit, as windows reads the whole FAT during that
20:17:54TheSeven(which would then be just 32MB instead of 2GB)
20:18:24TheSevensomething in between might be an even better tradeoff space-wise, but it really isn't all that important
20:19:38TheSevenfor e.g. 8KB the FATs would be ~125MB and wasted space would be about 0.08%, which would be about 100MB
20:20:49TheSevenso, if you care more about access performance (and USB mount time) than about a ~100MB of space wasted, go for 32KB cluster size
20:33:16[Saint]The conversation seems to suggest that this matters a hell of a lot more than it actually does.
20:33:28[Saint]Or perhaps I'm just reading it wrong.
20:33:41[Saint]You'll almost assuredly see no real world difference from this.
20:34:24[Saint]A couple of seconds, maybe, per mount, and fractionally smaller transfer times.
20:34:59[Saint]For actual device usage day-to-day, this will effectively make zero difference.
20:35:55*[Saint] takes off the pessimist hat
20:39:00foolshWell, one could make the mistake of setting the clusters to such a size that mount times, transfer speeds, and disk space are outlandishly degraded, but thats why we have people around like you two to make the rest of us feel better about not caring that much to figure it all out ourselves :P
20:39:34[Saint]Ha. :)
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20:55:32ReiharTheSeven: Thanks for the advice.
20:58:11ReiharMy filesystem is not letting me anyway.
21:01:07*[Saint] snaps up a couple of cheap 200GB uSD cards from Amazon
21:01:21[Saint]$239 USD, not too shabby.
21:06:54foolshHa, I told my kid that "Beats" were over hyped crap
21:08:23[Saint]That article is largely hyperbole if you ask me.
21:08:43[Saint]It does not an inferior product make. The proces is absurdly common.
21:09:06[Saint]Beats /are/ shit, but, that's not the reason.
21:09:57[Saint]I've lost count of the amount of brand name USB hubs that I have removed lead fishing sinkers and hot glue from.
21:10:13[Saint]Because more massive apparently == "better".
21:10:45foolshmore is less apparently
21:13:41foolsha pair of old quadraphonic over the ear head phones from way back in the day, $5 at a yard sale, sound better than any thing else I've ever tried, maybe I got lucky with that purchase :-\
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21:17:20ReiharAvanced filesysteming is probably to hardcore for me, for now.
21:17:40[Saint]foolsh: if you ever have the cash to spare you'll never look back from full custom IEMs.
21:17:54[Saint]and UE is a really great company.
21:18:35[Saint]my several minor adjustments have only cost me shipping one-way so far and are expected to for the product lifetime.
21:20:28*foolsh looks up what IEM means
21:20:34[Saint]in ear monitor
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