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#rockbox log for 2015-06-27

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01:52:22TorCsaratoga: It was the patch correcting the text viewer manual to reflect bookmark/settings storage location.
01:53:18[Saint]Ivoah: when you say that iTunes can't find your iPod, what type of iPod are you referring to?
01:53:23[Saint]A Classic perhaps?
01:54:10[Saint]If so, that would be entirely expected.
01:54:24[Saint]A Rockboxed Classic is for all intents and purposes no longer an iPod.
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02:42:56Ivoah[Saint]: An iPod 4g booted into the stock firmware
02:45:23[Saint]Hmmmm. Interesting.
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02:54:53IvoahI can still access it through Finder just fine
02:55:24[Saint]Does iTunes see it in DIsk Mode
02:55:39Ivoahgood idea, I'll try that
02:58:01Ivoah[Saint]: Still says it can't read it :(
02:59:58[Saint]You said Finder, right, which is an OSX thing if I'm not mistaken? It should be freaking out and telling you that it doesn't support the device in this format at least.
03:00:17[Saint]and in turn offering a restore.
03:01:38Ivoah[Saint]: No, iTunes on OSX supports FAT formatted iPods
03:01:50Ivoahand it is offering to restore it
03:02:08[Saint]So it _does_ see the device...
03:02:44[Saint]If it thinks you need to do a restore it isn;t going to be presenting you sync options.
03:03:24[Saint]Remember not to do a restore unless you have a wall wart for power, otherwise you'll get stuck.
03:03:54[Saint]it won't finish the restore until it touches a wall wart adapter.
03:04:10[Saint]USB from a host alone won't cut it.
03:04:27IvoahRestoring will wipe the ipod though and format it for HFS+
03:04:48IvoahIt should be able to read it, as I can clearly see everything from Finder
03:05:54[Saint]I'm sure it probably could read it.
03:06:09[Saint]But it isn;t going to present any of thos eoptions to you when it thinks you need to restore.
03:06:26IvoahThen why does it want me to restore it?
03:06:33[Saint]As long as it thinks you need to restore it will let you do precisely nothing but that
03:06:57IvoahIt was working before (with rockbox)
03:07:29[Saint]But when it is in Rockbox, it isn't an iPod.
03:07:38[Saint]It's just a dumb generic removable storage volume.
03:08:04IvoahI mean it worked before in the default firmware while I had rockbox installed
03:09:13[Saint]I'm sure it did.
03:09:17[Saint]And now it doesn't.
03:09:26[Saint]And I don't know why, nor can I change that.
03:11:55[Saint]that gives you a way out with any sufficiently *nix-like environment.
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05:48:27ssdclickofdeathI have a Sansa Fuze v2 running Rockbox 3.13. After disconnecting it from my computer, I got this panic screen. Image: Now when I connect it to my computer the player displays "Bootloader USB Mode" on the screen. The lsusb shell command shows that the player is connected, but I don't see any drives to mount on my file manager. The latest stable version of the Rockbox utility doesn't recognize it e
05:53:55[Saint]You absolutely shouldn't be using the release builds of Rockbox at this stage.
05:54:26[Saint]And the Original Firmware is happy to supply you with a USB connection even if you are.
05:54:40[Saint]I highly suggest updating to the development build.
05:54:41ssdclickofdeath@saint are you referring to me?
05:54:44[Saint]I am.
05:55:13ssdclickofdeathHow do I get it to connect so I can update it in the first place?
05:55:20[Saint]see above
05:55:56ssdclickofdeathSo... Hold on the left arrow key while booting?
05:56:24[Saint]I believe so, yes. Our fine manual explains this process.
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05:57:41ssdclickofdeathI booted into the original firmware and it seems to have connected. Think I should do a dosfsck?
05:59:12ssdclickofdeathWell... My MicroSD card shows up in the file manager, but not the main memory. Where should I go from here?
06:01:17[Saint]Ah. Hmmm. That's...odd. I would just format the internal storage with the original firmware myself and then replace the media, as an *fsck run isn't necessarily going to recover things exactly as you'd like it to assuming the filesystem is corrupt.
06:02:37[Saint]Note that I am only aware that such an option exists in the original firmware and not where it is located.
06:06:07[Saint]Unless of course this device happens to be the sole location of the media in question, which would be a Very Bad Idea (TM).
06:06:52ssdclickofdeathWhen I turned on the player without connecting it to the computer, a text box appeared that said "FAT is corrupted. Please connect to PC to restore FAT." (I'm paraphrasing because I didn't have time to transcribe it.)
06:07:39ssdclickofdeathBy the way, all my music was on the player's main drive, but I keep backups on my computer. :)
06:08:22[Saint]Yeah, sweet. In this instance it is almost certainly better to just nuke everything and start fresh.
06:08:40[Saint]Definitely not faster, but it has a vastly higher rate of success.
06:09:07ssdclickofdeathWill I have to mount the drive manually?
06:09:43[Saint]Perhaps there's a misunderstanding here. The original firmware is quite capable of formatting its own internal storage.
06:09:50[Saint]No host required.
06:10:53ssdclickofdeathThe player displays the above message, ("FAT is corrupted. Please connect to PC to restore FAT.") then reboots. I can't do anything with the firmware.
06:12:23[Saint]I suppose you will have to do this manually then.
06:13:15[Saint]That's odd, I have seen the filesystem get into some fairly interesting states before now but I don't ever recall the OF bitching like this and flatly refusing to boot.
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06:18:44ssdclickofdeathI have the player running the OF and can see it in GParted. The program sees a 3.66 GiB "unallocated" partiton. Think I should format it with a MSDOS MBR and a FAT32 partition?
06:20:51[Saint]Seems logical. To be perfectly honest I don't recall ever doing this on these devices outside of the original firmware so I don't know what it may or may not expect outside of FAT32
06:24:18ssdclickofdeathOkay, I'll try it now.
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06:28:32ssdclickofdeathOkay, now the stock firmware is running. It wrote all the folders and files it wants to be there to the newly-formatted disk.
06:30:30[Saint]Huzzah! OK. You can download a development build and extract it to the root of the device now if you wish (RbUtil is overkill for this since that's literally all it is doing anyway).
06:31:55[Saint]Unless of course you also wanted to generate .talk files.
06:32:05[Saint]In which case RbUtil would be useful.
06:32:16ssdclickofdeathI don't need those, at least not now.
06:33:09ssdclickofdeathSweet. Rockbox is running now. I guess I can restore it now. Thanks.
06:34:12[Saint]FWIW - the original firmware doesn't need any of those folders to be there, you can delete them if you wish.
06:34:23[Saint]They'll be recreated if/when you ever reboot the original firmware.
06:34:34ssdclickofdeathThanks. Bye!
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11:02:45lvxzHi. Think I found a bug: you can't jump to previous/next album using press-press and keep if the played file is divided using cuesheets.
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11:04:36lvxzThis is a problem because long songs, for which .cue files are useful, are often the first/last song on the album. :)
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23:19:22jecrhi everyone, thanks for the great rockbox work. I'm coming here for a bit of help.
23:19:58jecrOn clip zip, latest stable or dev build, clock plugin, I don't have the Counter Settings options
23:23:02jecrI'm looking for a countdown timer counter with an audio alarm when time is up
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23:40:03[Saint]TheSeven: you around?
23:40:21[Saint]Ooop, nevermind.
23:40:41[Saint]Sorry, I parsed some backlog incorrectly.
23:41:24[Saint]I read it as you saying that the Rockbox fallback builds in official emCORE relases wouldn't mount, and I was like "...wut?"
23:41:36[Saint]Then I realized you meant emCORE 'proper'.
23:48:11lebelliumin it's written "Choose this option to change your counter settings. Here, you can choose to switch between count up and countdown modes, and specify a start time for countdown mode"
23:48:19lebelliumbut in the current builds I don't see this feature
23:48:48lebelliumdoesn't anybody know if the feature count up still exists?
23:49:08[Saint]I suspect the source does.
23:49:53lebelliumunfortunately I suspect I can't read the source code
23:52:17[Saint]Is it some form of massive coincidence that some other guy game in and asked about that very same thing like ~20 minutes ago?
23:52:20[Saint]Or was that you?
23:53:28[Saint]I mean, we, nor that plugin, are that popular. So the odds of that are extreme.
23:53:48lebelliumthat was a french guy from a forum where I am too
23:55:41lebelliumexactly :)
23:57:08lebellium[Saint]: you already got the same question here,43705.0.html
23:57:49[Saint]I wanna say that that plugin requires an RTC to be present.
23:57:58[Saint]Off the top of my head, I don't think the Zip has one.
23:58:05[Saint]So it is likely a manual error?
23:58:27lebelliumAll Sansa have a RTC
23:58:55[Saint]s/RTC to be present/RTC that can wake the device/

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