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#rockbox log for 2015-07-03

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02:02:20JorphoAnyone here?
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02:07:10IvoahJorpho: what do you need?
02:07:57JorphoOh! Hello. I posted,50831.0.html on the boards a while ago which has not been drawing any responses and I thought I might make another query here.
02:09:16JorphoIt seems to me that unbricking is still a largely unexplored field. For instance, what might happen if I try bridging the blue pins in ?
02:10:09IvoahJorpho: I don't have a clip+, so I can't help much :(
02:11:14JorphoI was thinking I could also try manually probing the device with libusb (specifically pyUSB), but it doesn't look like there's anything I can do with that if the device won't connect at the OS level.
02:12:07JorphoI haven't tried desoldering the battery and I really don't want to, since I have no idea if I could get it re-connected safely again. But that shouldn't matter if the battery is discharged, right?
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02:22:07JorphoWell, I guess I'll just have to find out.
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03:06:04ArkeliteSo I have an odd question
03:06:17IvoahI have an odd answer
03:06:38ArkeliteHave any of you ran into a particular error that disrupted native windows usb dirvers?
03:06:51Arkelitemy lib isn't working for some reason on my rockbox.
03:06:57Arkeliteno clue why
03:07:41ArkeliteI need to get this pink color off my screen
03:07:47[Saint]Rockbox just presents itself as a generic USB mass storage device.
03:07:53[Saint]There's no fancy magic going on here.
03:07:59Arkelitethat is what I thought
03:08:08Arkeliteperhaps it's a bad cable then
03:08:23ArkeliteIpod cables are.... complex.
03:08:47Arkelitenever understood the point of 7 pins for data and power.
03:09:16Arkeliteis it seven?
03:09:20Arkeliteblah i forget
03:09:26[Saint]The pinout of the ridax 30-pin connectors they use is well known if you want to investigate this.
03:09:28Arkeliteit was more than 4
03:09:51Arkelitewell yes but they only use like 7 channels, correct?
03:10:16Arkelitei notice copper pins and sockets on select slots.
03:10:29Arkelitewell they are gold on mine.
03:10:59ArkeliteThank you for the help though saint.
03:14:26[Saint]There's only like...4 or so, for power, I mean.
03:14:40[Saint]3.3V, 5V, 12V (Firewire) and ground.
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03:14:48[Saint]...from memory.
03:15:00[Saint]Data is similar.
03:15:13[Saint](whereby firewire has its own data pins)
03:15:53[Saint]The rest is various things like dock connection, accessory detection, serial, audio and video out, etc.
03:16:44ArkeliteThat does clear things up a bit
03:17:40Arkelitethis is going to sound dumb... but I haven't updated my firmware in like... 4-5 years?
03:17:56Arkelitesssss. Did they ever get the terminal to work?
03:18:29Arkeliteon the Gen 3 Classics
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03:19:41Arkelitethere was a terminal on the bootloader
03:20:23Arkeliteyep it was a bad cable
03:20:38jtdesigns01a terminal on a DAP!!!??????
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03:21:48[Saint]Arkelite: which device are you talking about specifically? There's no such thing as a Gen 3 Classic.
03:21:50Arkeliteyeah not sure
03:21:59[Saint]I suspect you mean the iPod Classic 6G?
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03:22:12Arkelitethe 2007 model classic remake
03:22:24Arkeliteuhh 160 gb
03:22:39[Saint]None of the iPods where installation is officially supported have any such features in the bootloader. That is a clear "Will Not Do" for Rockbox.
03:22:59Arkeliteyeah there is a minty terminal
03:23:03[Saint]Bootloaders boot, possibly offering USB mount for repair. Nothing more.
03:23:05Arkeliteor atleast the logo
03:23:07Arkelitenot sure
03:23:13Arkeliteit crashes the device
03:23:19Arkelitethat's about it.
03:23:21[Saint]I suspect you are talking about emCORE and the freemyipod project.
03:23:41[Saint]No such thing has ever existed in Rockbox proper.
03:24:20Arkeliteso emCORE. what was it?
03:24:23[Saint]It isn't a clear distinction but from an official standpoint installation on the iPod Classic 6G is unsupported.
03:24:25Arkeliteit's been a long time
03:24:38[Saint]We offer a binary, but no officially sanctioned method of booting it.
03:24:53Arkelitewell I put it on mine some how >>
03:25:06Arkeliteif mine is indeed the 6G
03:25:26[Saint]emCORE/iLoader and the freemyipod project, while having a developer overlap, is entirely seperate to the Rockbox project and not supported.
03:25:52Arkelitewell I understand that.
03:26:22[Saint]I suspect you are talking about rhe emCORE console - which is entirely functional and has been for years.
03:26:47[Saint]Though this isn't something an end user should be playing with.
03:27:05[Saint]emCORE/iLOader isn;t really designed for end users at all to be honest.
03:27:21[Saint]It's a very powerful lowlevel dubugging tool that also happens to function as a bootloader.
03:27:35ArkeliteI am digging into that now and seeing that.
03:27:50Arkelitecrazy shit I managed to pull off when I was 16
03:28:08ArkeliteNot to say it looks all that hard
03:28:24ArkeliteI'm just surprised I never fucked it up lol
03:29:06Arkeliteoh sorry
03:29:13ArkeliteLanguage :x
03:29:48ArkeliteSo it is just a kernel debugger essentially?
03:30:36Arkeliteand through it you can run the Rockbox kernel.
03:30:49ArkeliteNifty. but I see your point.
03:32:59ArkeliteSaint. When I actually get around to kernels, sockets, and uninterpreted languages I'll let you know. Busy working on my Pharm Chem degree. So it probably won't happen for a while.
03:33:20ArkeliteThink you'll still linger here in a few years?
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03:34:25[Saint]I don't see why not. As long as the project is alive, I'll be a part of the furniture.
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03:36:15ArkeliteGeekShadow. Your bouncer broke.
03:39:47[Saint]Nah. That's just a ping timeout coupled with using a hostmask without SASL.
03:40:52[Saint]It isn't really on topic but were s/he to use SASL we wouldn;t see the weird little join-quit-join dance as his hostmask is applied.
03:41:46[Saint]I try to nudge people into using SASL, because I'm honestly not sure that people actually realize that if they use auto-join on a given network without it that their hostmask is essentially irrelevant if they are using it to conceal their IP.
03:43:02Arkelitepersonally I've always preferred XMPP to IRC
03:43:06Arkelitebut ehhhh
03:44:42[Saint]She's dead, Jim.
03:48:15ArkeliteSaint you do get PM with your client, aye?
03:48:29[Saint]I do.
03:48:30Arkeliteif not I just blabbed to no one.
03:52:54Arkelitewait quassel is the one on ubuntu by default...
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10:06:49wodzpamaury: Hey! Have you got time to dump clip sport rom?
10:07:13pamaurywodz: I'll bring it with me at work today and try to do that at noon
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11:46:54pamaurywodz: I'll be back around 12:30 or 12:45 and i'll try to dump the rom
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13:04:19pamaurywodz: here ?
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13:09:45pamaury_ok, so I should write a program to dump the ROM following your forum post right ?
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13:12:08wodzpamaury_: Yes. You can hack the program written by the guy. After uploading ADFUS.BIN issue 0xcd 0x93 addr len packet and grab the reply
13:12:39pamaury_where is the program ? where can I find ADFUS.BIN ?
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13:20:06pamaury_hum, believe it or not but my system compiler seems broken, some missing header file !!
13:20:30pamaury_ah I see, it doesn't -m32
13:28:46pamaury_wodz: I can't find ADFUS.BIN, it's not in sport firmware and not in Sweet Pea toy firmware
13:29:51wodzpamaury_: I believe it is in Sweet Pea firmware but there are two versions 1) for regular update 2) for recovery with PC program. You need the second
13:30:09pamaury_hum, where can I find it ?
13:30:48pamaury_ok I found it I think
13:33:18wodzpamaury_: I should be able to extract the binary form pcap dump posted on forum. Ping me if you have a problem
13:33:42pamaury_I'm trying to extract the recovery firmware, give me a minute
13:35:05pamaury_got it, I hope it's the right version
13:36:54pamaury_I don't remember how to reach the recovery mode
13:40:46wodzpamaury_: 'ADFU mode, which I got into by holding the volume-up button while powering on.'
13:41:05wodzpamaury_: According to the forum post
13:41:29pamaury_ah thanks, I was looking for it, okay I've got "FW upgrading on the screen"
13:42:10pamaury_I miss the python usb package
13:47:13pamaury_hum, the dfu script says it cannot find my device
13:52:18pamaury_wodz: I'm not sure how this python script works
13:52:48pamaury_I have my device in recovery mode (vid:pid 0x10d6:0x10d6) but the script expects something else for adfu
13:54:49wodzpamaury_: There is custom scsi command which switch device from regular mass storage mode into adfu. Maybe this script does exactly this. I'll check
13:55:21pamaury_I'm hacking something based on run_code
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13:56:04wodzit expects command option run_code to enter this path
13:57:35pamaury_so, now what command should I send to the ROM to dump it ?
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13:59:34pamaury_something like adfu_write_to_ram but replacing 0x13 by 0x93 ?
13:59:53wodzyes, and changing usb transfer dir of course
14:00:09pamaury_ok, let's see
14:00:19 Join aevin [0] (eivindsy@unaffiliated/aevin)
14:01:53pamaury_I'm slightly confused: the code seems to put length before address but your forum post suggests the opposite ?
14:03:05wodzlet me see
14:05:06pamaury_hum, my code seems to crash the device
14:05:20wodzpamaury_: It might be wrong in forum post. The post is based on disasm and this particular part does lots of (unnecesary) swaps between stack and registers and is hard to follow.
14:05:51wodzhow much did you ask?
14:06:24pamaury_wodz: pamaury/b59f4abaf5e6bbbdcb5e">
14:06:38pamaury_256 bytes
14:06:53pamaury_it returns only zeroes but then the screen becomes black and the device crashes
14:07:36pamaury_hum maybe I should not send the prepare_execute
14:07:40wodzyou miss dev.write(EP_TO_DEVICE, adfu_prepare_exec(0xbfc18000))
14:07:53wodzhmm, no you don't
14:08:49wodzTry to read something from 0xbfc18000 instead. We will know if reading is working at all
14:09:55pamaury_what does prepare_execute do ?
14:10:42wodzrun the code at specified address
14:11:33wodzso you transfer control to uploaded ADFUS.BIN
14:15:33pamaury_ok I think I have something working, at least I can read the code at 0xbfc18000 of ADFUS
14:18:15pamaury_it doesn't seem happy returning huge chunks though, I need to do a loop, no idea how to do that in python ^^
14:19:35wodzfor i in range(x,y): I guess
14:22:29pamaury_ok, ADFU dump confirmed working, now let's dump the rom
14:23:04pamaury_hum, only zeroes
14:23:57pamaury_code: pamaury/b59f4abaf5e6bbbdcb5e">
14:26:07pamaurywodz: I need to go back to work, I have my computer next to me if you have ideas about other addresses or code modifications
14:27:29wodzbfc20000 might be also interesting BUT I don't know if this is ram/rom or something else
14:28:03wodzand only zeros from bfc00000 is extra weird
14:28:16pamaury_I dumped 32kb
14:28:44pamaury_ah, there is something at bfc20000
14:30:58wodzit wants me to sign in and I don't have dropbox account
14:31:44pamaury_hum weird
14:32:14pamaury_anyone with the link is supposed to be able to open it
14:32:34pamaury_simply ignore the login window
14:34:27 Join lvxz [0] (
14:35:30pamaury_wodz: did you manage to get it or should I email it to you ?
14:35:47wodzI got it. I simply closed login window :-)
14:36:13pamauryok, tell me if you are happy with or if you want another dump
14:37:34wodzpamaury: At first glance starting from bfc22000 there is valid MIPS16 code
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15:56:20wodzpamaury_: How much did you dump from 0xbfc00000? In theory it is possible to have 0x180 bytes of 0's at the beginning (althouhg that would be very weird)
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16:56:48pamaury_wodz: 32kB
16:57:43pamaury_I can try again later, see if I made a mistake
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23:31:14thirty6Hey guys, anyone got much experience with the simulator at all?
23:32:52thirty6I'm trying a couple of themes - iClassic and iVideo, and both seem to behave...oddly (not displaying the theme on now playing, nor rendering as the screenshot would imply)
23:37:29lebelliumwhat does it display on the now playing screen? Did you download the font pack?
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