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#rockbox log for 2015-07-06

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01:22:42onexusedI'm trying to run the latest version of rockbox on an ipod 3g with an SD card (in an SD-CF converter, in a CF-ipod IDE converter). Quite often, I get a boot loop with the Apple logo, then the folder bang icon. I can fix this by reinstalling the rockbox boot loader, but it comes back in a few boots.
01:22:52onexusedWhat can I do about this?
01:25:21[Saint]I believe you will find that reinstalling the bootloader is non-essential and forcing one or more reboots should fix the issue.
01:27:24[Saint]This happens sporadically on the iPod 3G/4G Colour/Photo
01:31:55[Saint] least in my experience.
01:32:49[Saint]On my 4G Colour/Photo devices, I have found that the zif cable is prone to movement and has a lot of play and that in most cases a good firm tap on the ass reseats the cable and allows it to boot.
01:35:03onexusedSo to force the reboots I'd hold the reboot key combo during the Apple logo?
01:36:09onexusedThanks. I'll try that. It's not a zif cable on this one, but I should check whether it has come unseated anyway.
01:36:53[Saint]yes, sorry, I mispoke in saying cable.
01:38:01[Saint]For what it is worth, I am not suggesting that the behaviour you describe is incorrect - just stating that a repeatable failure mode that nukes the bootloader reliably is rather unlikely.
01:38:22[Saint]Not impossible, but unlikely. And this does gel with my experience of these devices.
01:38:52[Saint]I have several of the iPods of this era and the 3G and 4G/Colour/Photo devices occasionally all behave similarly.
01:39:51[Saint]It'll fail to boot, displaying any one of either the disk with an exclamation mark icon, the "sad iPod" face, or the battery with an exclamation icon.
01:39:57onexusedOkay: I tried forcing a couple reboots, which didn't help. 2, let it boot and got the !folder, 2 more, let it boot and got the !folder, pulled the battery.
01:40:54[Saint]I have a couple of solid state conversions of the 4G and I see this behavior fairly often and one or two reboots usually fixes it magically.
01:41:50onexusedI just tried putting it in disk mode for kicks and giggles. It went willingly, and on reboot was fixed.
01:42:10onexusedStrange. Thanks for your help, [Saint] .
01:43:19[Saint]Aha - so this /is/ the same issue, manifesting in a slightly different way.
01:43:24[Saint]This is very curious.
01:44:11[Saint]It almost seems as though it is some form of timing issue...I really don't know. Debugging this is extremely difficult.
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07:34:30twentyhello, is anybody able to lend a hand to a newbie with a question?
07:36:58twentyI just installed Rockbox on my iPod classic
07:37:18twentyinstallation went great, but now that it's installed, my computer will not recognize my iPod as a storage device
07:37:36twentyas in, I cannot actually add any of my files onto my iPod
07:38:01twentyit appears in device management as a responding and working Mass Storage Device connected to a USB drive
07:38:20twentybut it doesn't appear as a Drive in windows explorer (my computer, this pc, etc.)
07:39:58foolshtwenty: I'm not the athority on this but you can try starting th eOF (original firmware) by pressing and holding select while plugin in the device, I believe I can't verify this as I'm currently on silly very slow little netbook ATM
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07:41:23twentythat didn't seem to help foolsh, but thank you anyways
07:42:08foolsh[Saint]: ping ^
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07:42:44twentyI deleted iTunes as soon as I had installed RB successfully, as I didn't want that bloat on my pc, but I'm thinking that I should re-install at least the Apple iPod drivers
07:42:49twentyperhaps that's what's causing the issue
07:43:28twentylike I said, windows is detecting and successfully connecting to the device, just not registering it as a drive that I can add/remove files with
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07:58:24foolshit takes me forever to pull up a webpage on this thing
08:01:27twentythanks, man
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09:56:45amichairdoes anyone here have experience with replacing sansa zip clip batteries?
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10:25:13PersitsHi again
10:25:40PersitsThe only thing I did not find is PDF viewing... is that possible?
10:26:07PersitsIt should be interesting feature of RB...
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12:22:17PersitsQ: does higher GAIN while recording with RB mean higher sensitivity of the microphone?
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19:58:01Persitsguys... Q: does higher GAIN while recording with RB mean higher sensitivity of the microphone?
19:58:18Persitscan someone answer this question plz?
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20:09:38wodzWhat happened to forum? I get blank page now
20:24:53PersitsDo you see what I write?
20:25:45lebelliumPersits: yes, but we usually only reply when we know the answer. I don't. Hopefully someone does
20:25:56lebelliumwodz: same here...
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21:00:31scorche|shthats weird...
21:00:38*scorche|sh looks into it
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21:03:59scorchethemes is running fine, no apache errors, server is fine on resources...
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21:05:05scorche|shrestarting apache seems to have brought it back
21:05:25scorche|shnot sure what happened yet
21:05:56wodzscorche|sh: thanks
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22:27:47[Saint]scorche|sh: is it much effort for you to add a note to the effect of "Don't use these unless you realize they're truly truly ancient" on the downloads page, re: releases?
22:28:03[Saint]I figure we either need to do that, ship a release, or take the releases down entirely.
22:28:24[Saint]And I know at lease one of those is highly unlikely.
22:29:03[Saint]If it is easier I'll push a patch later on in the day that does so - but I don't have direct access so I'd still need to bug someone to make it live.
22:30:14scorche|sh[Saint]: on the downloads page? on www?
22:30:36scorche|shthat sounds like a swede thing
22:30:46[Saint]Ah. I suspected so. Dammit.
22:31:14[Saint]OK, thanks. Nevermind. I'll push a patch later this arvo - then try and play bag-a-swede.
22:32:13[Saint]...that situation is a whole other kettle of fish that needs discussion before we die entirely.
22:32:37[Saint]I suspect the sane move is to move to GitHub and just deal with their insane pull/push request system.
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22:33:14lebelliumI assume the most efficient place for the note is here: since it's both where people can choose between Rockbox Utility and the direct download link for the release
22:33:22[Saint]We need to move away from this system that relies on one of two people that don't want anything to do with this project's administration anymore.
22:33:30[Saint]It puts us in a black hole for things like this.
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