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#rockbox log for 2015-07-09

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02:04:46rakkhello everyone
02:07:11[Saint]Hello. If you have a query, just ask.
02:07:14rakkI began using Rockbox just tonight and I wanted to try it on my Philips GoGear SA4, even if it isn't supported
02:08:42[Saint]As far as I am aware, you can't.
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02:09:03[Saint]There's only (limited, not fit for end user) support for the SA9*
02:09:25rakkyay, I tried that firmware
02:09:43rakkbut I don't know how it is supposed to work on the correct model
02:10:06rakkon mine it just goes unnoticed, and it starts with the original firmware
02:10:28rakkeven if the Rockbox procedure succeeds with no errors reported
02:10:39[Saint]A firmware for a completely different device not working in another device? Colour me surprised.
02:11:35rakkyea, I was just trying
02:11:47[Saint]I'm not at all surprised this didn't work. More curious why you thought it would.
02:12:39rakkbecause I expected errors or some other notice to help me guess how (if possible) a port for SA4VBE is to be written
02:12:45[Saint]The long and the short of it is this isn't going to happen until someone, likely you, makes it happen.
02:13:00rakkare there any provisions for this model?
02:13:22[Saint]Not that I am aware of.
02:13:56rakkok, and where do I have to start? I'm a mathematician with moderately good programming and electronic skills, but I have never written a firmware before
02:18:03[Saint]To be perfectly honest I'm not even certain the SA9 port is in any way functional.
02:18:15[Saint]All I know of it is that we have /something/ that compiles.
02:19:44rakkbut, how can I know this? And more important, do you know if there is a port that is at least similar to the SA4VBE?
02:20:01rakkthere are any user reports on Philips models?
02:20:17[Saint]At least the STMP3* is reasonably well known.
02:20:22[Saint]that's a pluss.
02:20:26[Saint]*plus, even
02:25:17[Saint]another plus I guess is that I believe these STMP3* SoCs have a known recovery system - so in theory you should be able to relentlessly screw up with relative impunity.
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02:36:00rakkyeah, now I'm almost done ;) I think I'll need to gather more knowledge about all this stuff. I'm not particularly afraid, but let me ask: how frequent it is to completely mess/destroy the device for beginners?
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07:37:14Persitshi folks
07:39:23PersitsI have a general question: the mic on the Fuze is 90 degree to the opening for it on the shell, would it be worth to create a new opening just above the microphone surface?
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07:52:28dongsprobably doesnt matter , its a shit mic to begin wiht
07:52:56dongssansa clips dont evne have a mic opening
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07:53:49dongssansa clip mic is just pointing up (similar to your pic), but theres nothing in case open near it
07:53:59dongsclosest thing is earphone jack and usb port
07:54:18dongsand recording quality is not bad
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08:21:34Persitsthanks for the answer...
08:22:00Persitsyou have posted "voice/etc" - what do you mean?
08:22:59Persitsare you aware of an option to exchange the mic by better one???
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08:46:24Persitsguys, I have constant interruption of a web client... could you plz suggest irc client for a mac?
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10:30:28Persitsguys, is there any general purpose channel I can ask question about sansa fuze (not related to RB)? I want more sensitive microphone on it
10:31:56dongsPersits: its just an electret mic
10:32:04dongsyou can replace it wiht wahtever you want
10:32:22PersitsI mean of proper size...
10:32:37dongsyou mean you want to have like a proper real mic hooked up to it?
10:32:39PersitsI wanted to know some particular mic
10:32:49dongsor replace the small one wiht a better spec one?
10:32:55Persitsno, I wanted to exchange
10:33:01Persitswith the same size mic
10:33:20PersitsI have olympus voice recorder
10:33:23dongsok, so... look on digikey for microphone
10:33:39Persitsit catchs voice in 6 meters..
10:33:43dongsthen sort by size/etc
10:33:48dongsPersits: so does the mic on sansa
10:33:51dongsdid you turn up gain?
10:33:54dongsin the recording screen
10:34:22dongsit can totally pickup voice at 6 meters.
10:34:35dongsi have done so numerous times w/sansa clip, and i'm pretty sure the mic and circuit around it is ~same
10:35:12Persitsmy impression is similar, but I wanted to be sure...
10:35:24PersitsI will open my Olympus
10:35:34dongs> did you turn up recording gain
10:35:41Persitsand check what the mic type is there
10:35:53Persitsyes. the gain is on max
10:36:03Persitsit is incredible feature
10:36:29dongsright, but on clip even default recording level (with original firmware) is not awful
10:36:34dongsi dont think i ever turned mine up above 18dB or so
10:36:42dongsand it definitely picks up all sorts of small noises from 6 meters away
10:36:51dongsunless they did something really wrong on fuse...
10:36:54dongsi guess it should be same
10:37:22Persitshm, on original firmware I was able to hear only with amplifier
10:37:32dongsmaybe your hardware is busted?
10:37:43dongslike, broken?
10:37:52dongsand the mic got trashed
10:37:56Persitshm, don't know....
10:38:02PersitsI opened it once
10:38:09Persitsbut not with brick :)
10:38:17PersitsIt had an USB issue
10:38:37Persitsbut after firmware upgrade (by Sansa) it solved
10:39:22Persitsit has been solved (if you prefer better English)
10:39:39dongsanyway, i dont think that is correct if you cant hear original firmware recording.
10:39:45 Join pablo_pi [0] (~pablo@
10:40:06Persitsit was of extremely low volume
10:40:37PersitsI had to maximize the volume and still could hear only with amplifier on the pc
10:40:58dongsi'd say your hardware is busted then
10:41:03dongsit should not be like that
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10:41:16PersitsI understand
10:41:40Persitsfor now I am ok with that - my Fuze has new life
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10:42:52Persitsand I wanted to use as a master voice recorder
10:43:12dongsyou probvably might wanna invest into something quality for that
10:43:53PersitsI want, but I cannot find anything so cool as Fuze
10:43:59PersitsI mean the size
10:44:09Persitsit is incredibly small
10:44:18PersitsI put it in my wallet
10:44:54dongsbigger than clip :d
10:44:57Persitsand other SansaS don't run RB
10:44:58dongsthinner tho.
10:45:04dongsclip+ does
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10:45:13Persitsthinner - the main +
10:45:15dongser, a bunch of sansa shit does.
10:45:21dongsya maybe
10:45:25Persitsyou see
10:45:27dongsnot for my application
10:45:37PersitsI wanted to buy a new one just a few days before
10:45:38 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
10:46:02Persitsbut... there is no any player + voice recorder of such a good form factor
10:46:33PersitsI have already 2 olympuses but they are much more bulky
10:46:49Persitssometimes I had to record conversations
10:47:00Persitsand only Sansa is good enough for it :)
10:47:37 Quit azaki (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
10:47:41Persits(I don't "spy" people - I cannot remember 100% of details, this is why I record conversations)
10:48:03dongsclip+ is probly pretty good for this, you can clip it backwards into your front pocket or so
10:48:30Persitshm, I will check it again immediately
10:49:15dongsanyway, if you can hear stuff off original firmare on fuse, i'm 99% certain your hardware is broken
10:49:21dongsmic is damaged or whatever
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10:52:19Persitsok, I will compare the quality against olympus
10:52:39Persitshm.... do you know how can I switch off the Radio on Fuze??
10:52:48PersitsI can only put it on silence
10:52:55dongsdont turn it on?
10:53:08Persitsotherwise it is working until I run audio file
10:54:10PersitsI switched on the Radio... let say I want to switch it OFF... I cannot get how to do that
10:54:25PersitsI press UP and it is just mute the radio
10:54:41Persitsif I press DOWN -
10:54:53Persitsi am in the main menu and the Radio is still working
10:56:05PersitsAm I clear??
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11:16:50Persitsups... my irc client greyed the insert window here - I don't know why. Dongs - did you answer anything to me?
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11:30:21dongsi duno about the radio part
11:30:25dongsi only have a bunch of clip+
11:30:28dongsand i never used FM radio on it
11:31:09Persitsah... ok, thanks. I've found that long UP functions as a STOP
11:31:35Persitsso, in a case of radio it is like switching off I think
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12:12:04pixelmaPersits: have you looked at our fine manual? It should has button tables which explain the function of each button in the different screens
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12:22:56PersitsI've read the manual
12:23:46Persitsbut I still don't remember all the buttons :) the device is now extremely versatile
12:24:18Persitsby the way, how did you "marked" me?
12:24:40Persits(I mean what is the command to call someone by a nickname?
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23:45:18stopkickingmehai friends
23:45:32stopkickingmeI want to get myself something that runs rockbox :P
23:45:37stopkickingmeAny suggestions?
23:45:49stopkickingmeIs it worth it? How is the MP3 market these days?
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