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#rockbox log for 2015-07-10

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00:32:08TD-Linuxstopkickingme, I like my clip zip
00:32:34TD-Linuxoh no it seems to have been replaced
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01:37:18[Saint]stopkickingme: The long and the short of it is, yes, it is worth it - however...
01:37:29[Saint]The DAP market these days is frankly terrible.
01:37:45[Saint]There is no mid-range anymore.
01:39:40[Saint]There exist only shittily made, essentially disposable DAPs aimed at a fitness oriented market - running/cycling/use at the gym, etc. - and fairly expensive high quality "audiophile" type DAPs.
01:41:16[Saint]In my opinion - which is probably biased, but hey - the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of quality and accurate audio reproduction (also taking availability into consideration) comes from the Apple iPod range.
01:42:54[Saint]But some of those are getting increasingly difficult to find in a reasonable condition, and what is arguably the best example of magnificent build quality and audio reproduction - the iPod 6G "Classic" - has had its price driven up exponentially by being fairly recently discontinued by Apple Inc.
01:44:05[Saint]My advice to anyone looking to get into Rockbox on some fairly decent hardware is "Go to your local Pawn Broker and/or Second Hand/Opportunity Shop".
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01:47:18[Saint]The pawn broker can be a gold mine of Rockbox-able DAPs. iPod Videos (5/5.5G), sometimes the iPod 3G, iPod 4G, iPod Color/Photo, iPod Nano 1 and 2G will pop up sometimes.
01:47:39[Saint]If you're lucky you might find a complete and functional iPod Mini (which are awesome if you swap out the microdive with a large-format compact flash card, which then leaves you more room for a bigass battery even though they're already quite efficient)...
01:48:48[Saint]Ummmm....Aaaaaannnnyhow, yeah - Go Team iPod. </rant>
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02:01:12preglowsigh android port sigh
02:03:26[Saint]I don't have the necessary determination required to step through why it is failing on modern Android builds.
02:04:30[Saint]I /believe/ I have the /skill/ required, but after hitting dead end after dead end after dead end - it gets tiring, and I'm very results-oriented in my work.
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04:39:54jtdesigns01can the name of a plugin have a space in it?
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05:07:15[Saint]The name it displays can, I believe.
05:08:11[Saint]Don't quote me on it, but I /believe/ the display name and the name of the actual plugin file needn't necessarily be the same.
05:15:44dongsd o n g s.rbplug
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05:19:00dongsso spaces in filenames are not allowed?
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18:31:20jtdesigns01It seems that the name of the plugin in CATEGORIES must be the name of the .rock file in the rocks folder. Is this right?
18:32:17jtdesigns01actually, hold on.... no thats obviously not it since the rocks folder seems to be divided up according to the contents of CATEGORIES....
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18:54:31jtdesigns01wow... i dont understand how this works at all. if somebody could please explain how CATEGORIES and plugins in a folder interact, that would be much appreciated. :)
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19:41:53bluebrotherjtdesigns01: CATEGORIES is only used to group the plugins in folders when creating
19:42:26bluebrotherand yes, the name is the name of the .rock file
19:43:42jtdesigns01i see. OK that makes sense.
19:44:38jtdesigns01So could i make a .rock file with a space in the name and add that to CATEGORIES?
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20:13:31bluebrothernot sure if the scripts handle spaces in the name. Generally you shouldn't do that for code.
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20:57:24jtdesigns01If i rename the .rock file with a space, then it does show up correctly.
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20:58:34jtdesigns01I just don't know how to set that up to happen using my makefile (copied from sudoku) and CATEGORIES\
21:04:38gevaertsMy bet is that as soon as you've figured it out, (a) you'll know a *lot* about makefiles and (b) you won't put a space in a filename ever again
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21:51:40[Franklin]jtdesigns01: why do you need/want spaces in a plugin name?
22:00:59[Saint]problem solved.
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22:25:22jtdesigns01[Franklin]: i want spaces because the name of the game that I am making is "Star Wars: Dark Forces".
22:26:15[Saint]the : is out for a start
22:26:39jtdesigns01[Saint]: i agree but spaces are still better. If all else fails, i can just rename the .rock file.
22:26:57jtdesigns01oh really, whats wrong with ":"?
22:27:14gevaertsReserved character on FAT
22:27:51[Saint]also - it's a registered trademark dude.
22:27:53 Join [Franklin] [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:27:59gevaertsYou clearly want to call it swdf.rock :)
22:28:13jtdesigns01yeah, totally
22:28:47jtdesigns01[Franklin]: i want spaces because the name of the game that I am making is "Star Wars: Dark Forces".
22:29:06jtdesigns01(sorry for the repost)
22:29:43 Quit Markmaster (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
22:29:45[Saint]I absolutely would not be surprised, at all, if Lucas' team of law-ninjas went all Tetris on us if you tried to use the Star Wars brand.
22:30:08 Join Markmaster [0] (~Markmaste@
22:30:28lebelliumwhen was last time we got in trouble with licencing?
22:30:35jtdesigns01which is why you will need to use the original DF files.
22:31:14jtdesigns01and seriously, i doubt DISNEY will care at all.
22:31:43jtdesigns01"went all Tetris on us" haha, thats great
22:32:13[Saint]jtdesigns01: yeah, sure, but the phrase "Star Wars" is pretty heavily and actively protected.
22:32:22lebelliumI remember playing SW:DW on PC. When was it? 1995?
22:32:23 Quit ParkerR (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:32:25[Saint]like...a lot
22:32:38[Saint]lebellium: it was indeed
22:33:00jtdesigns01fine..... ::pout:: Dark Forces
22:33:31lebelliumJust call it "War of Stars" and you trick it
22:33:50jtdesigns01first game i ever played, still playing it
22:34:30lebelliumI never managed to complete it.... but I was 6-7 years old...Ready to start again on rockbox ;)à
22:34:37jtdesigns01HMMM.... SW isnt a registered trademark
22:34:46 Quit [Franklin] (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:35:06[Saint]"Something, Something, Something, Not That Other Star Thing With The Wars"
22:35:16jtdesigns01deep dark secret here...... I still havent finished it either
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22:37:44[Saint]everyone knows the Jedi Knight series was the shit.
22:38:01jtdesigns01meaning it was bad or awesome?
22:38:22[Saint]that, and, Star Wars Battlefront, when it was a BF2 mod - before it sold out.
22:38:52jtdesigns01Whew you had me worried.
22:39:01[Saint]And then KOTOR
22:39:16[Saint]but that's a bit more involved, and - a lot more offtopic...whoops
22:39:34jtdesigns01oh yeah...... sorry
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23:08:44jtdesigns01sorry to interrupt your very interesting discussion (which is very effectively distracting me from actually writing code), but are there docs for the plugin api?
23:09:55jtdesigns01REALLY! WOOOOHOOOOOOO
23:10:14[Franklin]it's pretty well-commented
23:10:14[Franklin]and mostly self-explanatory
23:11:25jtdesigns01hmm, maybe its just me but plugin.h and plugin.c dont seem to have many comments
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