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#rockbox log for 2015-07-14

00:04:36prof_wolfffSaint: does the Yahoo ID works?, i so i can try to open a mail account in yahoo...
00:05:45[Saint]It's all one in the same.
00:06:00[Saint]We need to transition the gerrit instance to an updated version and implement oauth2
00:07:36prof_wolfffah!, i can try to commit the patches directly to master from my local branch (ignoring gerrit), but i suspect that will break some dependencies between git/gerrit
00:08:35[Saint]Oh? You have direct access?
00:08:39[Saint]Great, then, go for it.
00:08:48[Saint]This won't break the world.
00:09:41[Saint]prof_wolfff: with this tasks sitting on gerrit for so long bitrotting and you constantly maintaining them I was under the impression you didn't have direct access.
00:10:10[Saint]Lets just pretend that I can still get into my gerrit account and gave this a +2
00:10:38[Saint]I, and assumedly you, have been using this patch set for many months without issue.
00:10:45prof_wolfff:) yes, i can commit, i am not a git expert, so i will try to commit ignore gerrit, need to look at the git docs first
00:11:01[Saint]If I were you, I would just push everything but the clocking/undervoling patch.
00:11:26[Saint]If it falls over, I'll take the blame for this. :)
00:12:41[Saint]It should not, however. The patches apply with very minimal fuzzing (as I see you've kept them actively maintained), so as long as you follow the dependency flow it should all "Just Work(TM)".
00:13:17[Saint]I suspect you remember your own dependency flow. But it is in the backlog if you needed a refresher.
00:13:22prof_wolfff:) there is some progress in the clocking patch but is is not finished yet, and IIRC there are other minor changes on my local branch for the other patches, need to give a last look at this too
00:13:57[Saint]IS your clocking stuff (the new stuff) up anywhere?
00:14:13[Saint]I had a play with this myself, but I would also like to see your tree.
00:15:09[Saint]I ended up undervolting a bit more aggressively, and instead of dancing around with different min clocks for LCD on/off I just set the min clock to 54MHz.
00:15:43[Saint]I couldn't actually see much reason to keep the min clock at 34MHz.
00:16:26[Saint]Trying to change the minimum clock for screen on/off states resulted in a fairly obvious lag when the device woke up.
00:16:43[Saint]But I may well have implemented this in a foolish way.
00:16:44prof_wolfffthere is no new functionality but there are includes and functions that describes the clocking section, i can send you the patch as it is ATM if you want, but i advise you: it is really ugly code con lots of spanish comments and TODOs
00:17:19[Saint]What are your thoughts on how to handle the minimum clock?
00:17:47[Saint]Personally I think it is best to avoid switching clocks for screen dependent states.
00:18:27[Saint]I found with my own testing that the "sweet spot" seemed to be 54MHz minimum clock with a slightly more aggressive undervolting.
00:19:19prof_wolfffit is to leave the 36MHz as in the experimental patch, but increase them to 54MHz (like the actual HEAD) when the LCD is waken, the 36MHz<->54MHz switch can be done on iPod target code (not RB skeleton)
00:20:00[Saint]Did you not find that switching the minimum clock produced an obvious lag?
00:20:11[Saint]Perhaps we should swap code.
00:21:30[Saint]I was also taking into consideration how other targets behave and if we went down this route I believe it would be unique to the ipod6g as I'm not aware of any other device that uses an intermediary clock.
00:21:31prof_wolfffreally i have not tried the 36MHz<->54MHz switch yet, that is what i was planning to do, but not yet tried
00:21:54[Saint]Ah. OK. I'll remind myself to pull it out for you when I get home.
00:22:10[Saint]Your code can't be any worse than mine. Mine is ugly as shit.
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00:22:36[Saint]I found that waking the device still produces a very obvious lag.
00:23:10[Saint]The UI is /then/ usable and the refresh of the screen is perfectly fine, but initially on waking the device there is a very obvious UI lag.
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00:23:41prof_wolfffin the experimental patch, the freq is also bosted when HDD is used, this saves lots of battery because the transfer is faster
00:24:02[Saint]Anyhow - by all means, push everything you have on gerrit besides the clocking/undervolting stuff.
00:24:08prof_wolfffdo you go from 36MHz to 54MHz before awakening the LCD?
00:25:05[Saint]Though there is a high probability that I fucked it up.
00:25:56prof_wolfffoh! the freq changes takes a hundred of usecs (iirc) so there should be not much than lag that in the current SVN version
00:27:05prof_wolfffi will send you a .diff whit the patch, there is a very insteresting graph with info about how the clocking sections seems to work
00:27:06[Saint]I even got some weird cases where when the LCD wakes up it is still showing the last frame that was displayed before it went to sleep, before it updates again, in this initially laggy period.
00:27:13[Saint]I may have explained that badly.
00:27:39[Saint]When I wake up the device, a few times, less often than not, it will display the last frame that was displayed before it went to sleep.
00:27:51[Saint]Sometimes with a weird tearing effect.
00:28:17[Saint]switching screens (going to menu, or quickscreen, etc.) will "fix" it though.
00:30:10prof_wolfffi got some of these effects when preparing the LCD sleep sleep patch, sometimes the DMA was involved
00:31:21[Saint]Hmmm. Interesting.
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00:33:46prof_wolfffi am planning to work on the USB bug and the clocking patch after dualboot
00:36:39[Saint]"USB bug"?
00:36:57[Saint]WHich might that be, prof_wolfff?
00:37:23prof_wolfffit seems the USB<->PC does not work well on Windows
00:37:25 Join ParkerR [0] (~ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr)
00:38:12prof_wolfffit disconnects on large file transfers (work well for me on linux)
00:39:29prof_wolfffi wonder if the USB 500mA limit (on gerrit) mitigates this
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00:44:07[Saint]task number?
00:45:22prof_wolfffSaint: g#1072
00:45:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #1072 at : iPod Classic: initialize USB power configuration by Cástor Muñoz
00:49:22[Saint]Oh. Ah. I already have that.
00:49:43[Saint]Because for some odd reason it seems to be required by all your IAP stuff.
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00:50:05[Saint](I don't mind, as I'd like to see them all committed anyway - but some of the dependencies seem pretty bloody nuts)
00:50:55[Saint]I can't offhand see any obvious reason why g#1071 depends on this
00:50:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #1071 at : iAP: lingo 1 (microphone) by Cástor Muñoz
00:51:24[Saint]Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhooo - commit 'em.
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00:51:33[Saint]Go forth and be fruitful.
00:52:01[Saint]Many ipod6g owners will be more than pleased with HAVE_RECORDING finally being implemented.
00:53:24prof_wolfffi have just remembered, i will commit other patch to fix recording mp3 @32kbps, it is a patch on mp3enc.c so affects all targets
00:53:47prof_wolfffsorry, 32000Hz sample rate, not 32kbsp
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01:22:25*[Saint] forgot how much quicker the iPods boot with no bootloader and just using rockbox.ipod in OSOS
01:23:08[Saint]Somewhat surprisingly, it is even several seconds faster on a solid state conversion iPod Video
01:23:38[Saint]It is approximately 5 seconds faster on a disk based iPod Video.
01:23:54[Saint]~3 seconds faster on an iPod Video with an SSD.
01:24:06[Saint](which honestly confuses the Hell out of me)
01:30:56*[Saint] looks at making devices sync their internal clocks against a connected host automagically but it is foolishly complicated.
01:55:39[Saint]27MB/s transfer rate on my SSD iPod Video.
01:55:44[Saint]Not too shabby at all.
01:57:23[Saint]Considering the HDD based one with the MK2431GAH in it only does 8MB/s on a good day.
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03:01:45timofonicI want to buy a music player for my gf in 15-40 eur range and put rockbox on it. I see sansa clip +/zip is getting more expensive at Amazon/ebay. Any recommendations of some device very tested with Rockbox? Please, it's for her birthday ...
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05:45:29TorC[Saint]: Just found your note about the "same screen as before sleep on waking". I find this to be the case consistently on C-zip while playing, but it flashes away real fast.
05:48:02TorCAs in the zip is playing and the display is allowed to expire. On waking the display (seems to happen with all buttons, though I notice it most with down to just wake the display and show me current details) there is a brief flash of the last display before it updates. Quick enough that only frequent users or highly observant folk are likely to notice, but there nonetheless.
05:48:47TorCI think I may have seen it on the C+, but it's been too long since I used it to be sure.
05:49:20 Join Persits_ [0] (~Persits1@
05:50:09TorCI've never seen any tearing or other distortion on waking the screen, though.
05:50:57TorCCome to think of it, I think the issue may only exist since I upgraded from "stable" a couple months ago, but I'm not positive.
05:51:18TorCNot enough of an issue to bother me.
05:52:11TorC*should note that while I said "while playing" I don't have any data point as to whether this occurs while paused/stopped.
06:02:26[Saint]TorC: Hmmm. Interesting. I only noticed this on the ipod6g (Classic) when I inserted a patch that greatly reduces the minimum clock and some magic to govern switching to a slightly higher minimum clock when the screen is woken up.
06:02:55[Saint]Prior to that, and upon removal of said aforementioned modifications, all is/was well.
06:12:19 Quit Persits_ (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
06:17:39TorCAs I said, it doesn't bother me. If you're interested in changing it and would like tests run I'd be happy to do so.
06:18:00TorC[Saint]: ^
06:18:27[Saint]I have no idea of the lowlevel workings of the Sansas.
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06:18:40[Saint]I'm mainly a PP iPod man.
06:19:14[Saint]And, to some extent, familiar with some lowlevel workings of the ipod6g.
06:23:43TorCAh. I guess it was primarily Mihail Zenkof (I've probably mangled that) looking into this more recently.
06:25:05 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
06:25:55TorCPerhaps something on the order of not updating the screen to save power when the backlight is off. I suppose the solution might be to delay turning on the backlight for .1s or so.
06:27:18TorCWith no knowledge of the code, it sounds like something similar in both players, but I know looks can be deceiving.
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07:01:12[Saint]That's not gonna happen I don't think.
07:01:31[Saint]Many devices have transflective LCD displays that are perfectly usable with the backlight off.
07:01:53[Saint]And we don't update when the LCD is off anyway.
07:02:33[Saint]as prof_wolfff suggested earlier this is probably some weird DMA thing not playing nice with lower clock rates in the case of the ipod6g - for the sansa(s) you mentioned, I have no idea.
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10:25:05TorCWell, AFAICT, the clip+/Czip do not have transflective displays, and the LCD setting don't suggest they do either. The ghost display I see lasts just long enough to pick up the name of the song or so before the display updates, and is quite consistent about showing the ghost image - so much so that I've occasionally paid attention to see the reminder of what was playing when the backlight turned off, and not been disappointed.
10:35:50gevaertsThey're oled. No LCD or backlight
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12:22:26JdGordon_the AJBR takes a strandard PATA 2.5" hard drive right?
12:22:56JdGordon_I'm not allowed anything with a microphone or camera at my desk and my music options are very limited!
12:42:14JdGordon_whats the DC in voltage? I'm surprised it doesnt have marking on it
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12:59:38JdGordon_amiconn: do you rmember? ^ ajbrv1
12:59:45JdGordon_not having much luck with the googles
13:00:31pixelmaperhaps the Rockbox wiki knows? SomethingHardware pages or the port pages
13:01:55JdGordon_if the backlight is flashing at the bootloader screen does that mean it needs more power (no batts or DC, plugged into usb)
13:12:19gevaertsDoes it do USB power?
13:12:58JdGordon_dunno :)
13:14:25gevaertsJdGordon_: might help
13:14:40gevaertsIt's about the AJB I think, but I suspect that's the same
13:14:53gevaertsMake sure you get the polarity right. You only get one chance...
13:15:13JdGordon_brand new AA's dont seem to turn on, might be other issues
13:15:20gevaerts might be more useful
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14:10:58amiconnAJBR v1 dioes't take USB power. And you definitely need NiMH AA cells. Old NiCd or alkalines won't work
14:12:29amiconnAJB and AJBR use the same charger. There are several models (same voltage and polarity) which can be used interchangeably between AJB and AJBR
14:13:29amiconnIirc they are 12V 0.5A DC unregulated, but I'm not sure. I can check at home in 6 hours or so
14:24:13 Join RiD [0] (
14:36:30JdGordon_I found 7-12v on the wiki so just need to find a good plug now
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23:25:26TorCgevaerts: That explains why I don't see even a ghost of an image with it turned off. Hadn't paid much attention to it before. Still doesn't explain the last display showing briefly when the display is turned on.
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23:56:59ParkerRTorC, Zip is also OLED
23:57:05ParkerRJust a color OLED
23:57:16ParkerRI see the occasional ghosting but not oo bad
23:57:40ParkerRAlso becomes a lot more apprent with brightness set lower
23:58:34ParkerRSo there really isnt a backlight. Its just reducung the power going to the pixels
23:58:46 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 40.0/20150709163524])

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