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#rockbox log for 2015-07-21

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00:11:59saratogaline-out is always amped
00:15:20EYsaratoga: OK, cool. I'll try that and judge by ear. With that, I'm off to bed.
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02:46:15ruhanis it normal for the ipod 6g to stall while transferring of files to it? i did a reformat and reinstall of emcore and a rockbox firmware. that hasnt rectified it
02:48:28ruhanok nvm i found a thread. lemme give this a read
02:50:01ruhanwait thats not my provlem
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02:55:59ruhanthe picture had to do with me unplugging then replugging it really fast
02:56:21ruhani cant tell if its a timeout issue
02:57:08ruhanb/c if i keep pressing the home button, the transfer keeps going
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03:05:05ruhangod i hope it was just a idle poweroff issue issue
03:05:52ruhannope its not that
03:10:54ruhani guess time to give up
03:12:21[Saint]ruhan: use the fallback image
03:12:37ruhanok ill give that a go and try copying
03:12:39ruhanits weird.
03:12:56[Saint]It /should/ be more stable for picky hosts
03:12:58ruhani tried every usb slot with different combination of wires
03:13:12[Saint]I don't even have to guess here.
03:13:18[Saint]This is Windows right?
03:15:05[Saint]For whatever reason, good or bad, *nix-like systems (but not Macs, unless you modify the USB VID/PID) are infinitely more stable with the iPod 6G and Rockbox USB.
03:15:13ruhandamn windows
03:15:39ruhanok lets give er a copy
03:15:43ruhanim gonna transfer 20 folders
03:15:44[Saint]But even on Windows the fallback Rockbox image embedded in emCORE should be more stable.
03:15:49ruhani should add the word try
03:16:03ruhanuse fallback for transfer and normal rockbox for everything else?
03:16:45[Saint]The embedded fallback image has no codecs and can't run the plugins or codecs from the actual Rockbox install on disk.
03:16:58ruhani had some stuff on my hd and i thought i was transferring it to the ipod at faster speeds (30MB), turns out it was going to my computer hard drive -_-. Almost had my hopes up there
03:17:26ruhanso far so good
03:17:36[Saint]It pretty much exists just to facilitate initial installation via USB transfer
03:17:43ruhani think this is it
03:17:52ruhanoh my god
03:18:02ruhani can watch excel videos again!
03:18:13ruhanthanks a 100 man
03:18:26[Saint]No problem hun.
03:18:32ruhanyea i might get a job and involves vlookup and i know 0 about excel
03:19:04ruhannow i know
03:19:25ruhanuse fallback
03:19:33[Saint]Anyway, yeah, use the embedded fallback image for USB transfer on picky hosts (read: Windows)
03:19:53ruhanmy life has been change
03:20:41[Saint]The iPod 6G is a very nice target (I have several myself, a couple of which are in various states of functionality).
03:21:00ruhanohhhhhh nooooooooo
03:21:08ruhanThis ipod wont let me win
03:21:39[Saint]it might be wise to try hitting it one or two folders at a time.
03:21:54ruhanguess i have to do that
03:22:09ruhanweird thing is, i never had this issue b4
03:22:12ruhanor i cant recall it
03:22:26ruhanits so bad i cant safely remove it
03:22:33ruhani cant open the ipod drive from explorer
03:22:42ruhanits really weird
03:22:49[Saint]It's also very important to use "safely eject device" unless you've specifically disabled write cache on the host.
03:23:05[Saint]Unless you enjoy the filesystem getting toasted. :)
03:23:22ruhanits probably toasted with the many times i had to pull out the usb in frustration
03:23:44[Saint]Almost certainly.
03:23:57ruhanstuff ive put in plays fine
03:24:04ruhanbut this usb issue is reaaalllly weird
03:25:22ruhanso now after the copying stalls, i closed explorer.exe and open it again. the ipod disappears
03:25:55ruhanactually i lied its still there
03:26:20ruhanshould i go nuclear and reformat it with installing the apple software
03:26:22ruhanand then redo it again
03:26:56[Saint]One of my solid state converted iPod 5.5G (256 GB SSD) flatly refuses to work on Windows hosts.
03:27:37ruhanmy god its like the whole computer hangs on the balance of keeping the ipod plugged in. once i unplug it, the hanging ceases
03:27:40[Saint]Nah. Installing the original Apple software is totally unnecessary, if you're going to be reinstalling Rockbox anyway - as emCOTE completely removes it and formats the disk anyway
03:27:54[Saint]Just reformat from emCORE if you wish.
03:28:04ruhanmaybe i should go double nuclear and try copying it on xp
03:28:04ruhantransferring it from xp
03:29:02ruhanya know what ill try doing it little by little
03:29:19ruhanya know what ill try doing it little by little
03:29:46[Saint]So, yeah, if you think the filesystem integrity is in question, its probably easier to just format from emCORE and then use the embedded fallback image to copy back the Rockbox installation and your media in a drip drop fashion.
03:31:33ruhanso as far as it goes, this has been a long term issue
03:31:38ruhanfeels good to know that at least
03:31:51[Saint]I have a 128 GB SSD iPod 6G that has a hernia if I try too many parallel copy operations.
03:41:02ruhani tried one folder thats fairly large
03:41:06ruhanand it cant even complete it
03:41:15ruhangod i really hate windows right now
03:41:29Ivoahs/right now/all the time/
03:42:38ruhangonna burn my ipod brb
03:55:31ruhan[Saint], this has nothing to whether you install using itunes or the other method right?
03:56:25ruhanso its all windows
03:56:47[Saint]Regardless as to how the installation was performed the end result is identical yeah.
03:58:09ruhanah true
03:58:27[Saint]Also, yes. Windows isn't necessarily misbehaving here, it probably just has stricter driver requirements keeping to USB specification more tightly.
04:00:06[Saint]All the work for the USB driver in Rockbox was created via reverse engineering (there was no documentation to facilitate writing a driver), and it might just be a case of *nix-like systems being more lenient.
04:00:20ruhanhmm maybe ill give er a go with xp
04:00:28ruhanmaybe some complications are in w7 than xp
04:01:00[Saint]If the original maintainer had access to the documentation for the USB controller this would be a non-issue.
04:01:07[Saint]But Apple be Apple.
04:01:17ruhandamn apples
04:01:22ruhangreen apples are the best
04:01:43ruhanyea i mean
04:02:02ruhanyea this is freezing at any time now
04:02:10ruhanso i am gonna just let this guy die
04:03:14ruhani just let it sit there and do nothing and it froze
04:05:25[Saint]One thing we can do is attempt to repair the disk at a very low level.
04:06:01[Saint]These devices are notorious for essentially committing suicide with poorly written disk controller software.
04:06:14ruhanoh lawd
04:06:21ruhani think my ipod is asking me to kill it
04:06:51[Saint]If you like I could walk you through the process - it might take some time, and you might lose some trivial amount of HDD space, bit there is a chance we can repair it
04:07:10ruhancould it be a hard drive issue?
04:07:16ruhani dont issue when the files are there
04:07:19ruhanits the travel
04:08:10[Saint]Hmmm. It could be an HDD issue, I guess it would be best to try and verify this on a Linux based host.
04:08:21ruhanactually i was wrong to say that
04:08:33ruhani left the ipod idle while plugged and it just hung
04:08:53[Saint]Can you make yourself a bootable Ubuntu live USB/CD/DVD
04:09:24[Saint]Then we could see if we can rule out the host OS.
04:10:47ruhanim guessing download it from the website?
04:11:13ruhanokay its an iso
04:11:16ruhani do have some dvds
04:11:44[Saint]Yeah, Ubuntu has fairly extensive documentation for creating a liveUSB/CD/DVD
04:12:07ruhanim gonna get disconnected for a moment but ill brb
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04:13:46ruhannnTechnically I'm still here lol
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04:27:18ruhanok im gonna load up ubuntu on another computer so just bare with me [Saint]
04:33:47ruhanok im in very unfamiliar territory
04:33:52ruhanthis is something
04:36:57ruhando i have to install it?
04:36:59ruhanor just try it out
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05:03:02[Saint]No, you don't have to install it.
05:03:27[Saint]Running a live image is perfectly sufficient.
05:03:36ruhanso i had a minor booboo b/c the laptop i tried using it on does have a functioning screen
05:03:38ruhanneed to grab another one
05:03:47ruhanthis is not a history of good electronics
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05:08:49ruhannnlemme just get er goin
05:13:41ruhannnim doing try ubuntu
05:13:46ruhannngod i hope idont blow this up
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05:16:23ruhannnthis is definitely something different
05:20:54[Saint]In theory, if the problem was indeed Windows, USB transfer under Rockbox should "Just Work".
05:21:06[Saint]Both in the main installation and the embedded fallback image.
05:22:24[Saint]If it is misbehaving and hanging in the exact same fashion I think it would be worthwhile examining the possibility of bad blocks on the HDD and we should make an effort to scan for them and build a table emCORE and Rockbox can use to avoid them.
05:24:47ruhannnso right now im just copying stuff to ipod?
05:25:24[Saint]If it works as expected we celebrate and conclude that Windows is indeed a terrible shitbag.
05:26:57ruhannni mean to spend 5 mins booting something to save myself a massive headache is something i could deal with
05:27:14ruhannnnormally it hangs after transferring roughly 3-4 gigs
05:27:33*[Saint] nods
05:28:26[Saint]The disks on these are large enough that even if you use a lossless codec you shouldn't be having to change out the media on them too frequently.
05:30:11ruhannnso yeah
05:30:18ruhannnit might be the damn operating system
05:31:22ruhannnthis is disappointing
05:31:57[Saint]Is it functioning as expected in Ubuntu?
05:33:24[Saint]it shouldn't be too terrible if it is.
05:34:03ruhannnits running farly well
05:34:08ruhannnim hitting 7 gigs
05:34:10[Saint]If you listen to mp3@320CBR and have a 160GB HDD, if you fill it completely, you could listen to audio for almost six days without repeating a single track.
05:34:15ruhannnits gona take an hour
05:34:40ruhannn[Saint]: i always wanted to know how what the number was
05:35:16ruhannni assume ubuntu has a sleep function after a certain time?
05:35:52[Saint]The screen will blank after ~10 minutes or so but it won't automatically hibernate or shutdown no.
05:37:21[Saint]Just remember to use the 'eject' function when you have finished the transfer so we don't accidentally fuck up all our hard work. :)
05:37:48ruhannnill just take the bus and ride it all night if that happens
05:42:58ruhannnthanks for everything [Saint]
05:44:54[Saint]Not a problem my man and/or woman and/or gender-agnostic human.
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08:11:11[Saint]Sweet unmerciful Sithrak!
08:11:17[Saint]I really hate makefiles.
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14:31:30BlaatHello, can anyone help me out installing RockBox on a Sansa Clip+ device?
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