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#rockbox log for 2015-08-09

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12:47:27chxrhi there
12:56:58chxrwhat's the best os to install rockbox? I recently bought an Ubuntu vps server from but i'm getting an error message: "Could not open Ipod: permission denied"
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23:25:53MeezyI had problems with my sansa fuze+ that are battery related
23:26:19MeezyI am planning to buy a replacement, does anyone know which ones are good?
23:26:41Meezyand do I boot into the original firmware or rockbox after installation?
23:30:06[Saint]Check the main page for supported devices.
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23:31:07MeezyIt stated it as unstable
23:32:22[Saint]The build classifications don't mean what you think they do. Unstable doesn't imply instability, unusable doesn't imply it's unusable, etc.
23:32:30[Saint]I hate it myself...but, that's another story.
23:32:46Meezythere are two batteries on sale
23:32:54[Saint]"Unstable" just means it may or may not be missing a couple of features or assets or is otherwise incomplete.
23:33:00[Saint]It's perfectly usable on this device.
23:33:44[Saint]WHat the build classifications actually mean is detailed immediately under the listing.
23:33:48Meezyand Allmonitors
23:34:46[Saint]Be VERY careful with third party replacement batteries. 9 times out of 10 they'll lie on the capacity, and the battery will be an unvented death trap.
23:34:49[Saint]Be warned.
23:35:06Meezytheres an official looking one
23:35:21MeezyOriginal/New/Sealed Sandisk Sansa Fuze+(plus) Replacement Battery Pack
23:35:34[Saint]Saving a few bucks on a battery isn't worth the risk when it means potentially horrifying personal burns or loss of property.
23:35:50MeezyIt's not that
23:35:57[Saint]If you don't trust the vendor, don't do it.
23:36:10MeezyThe battery in my fuze+ is messing up
23:36:18[Saint]I'm aware.
23:36:26MeezyI opened it, it had a juicy fruit smell
23:36:36Meezythe player, not the battery
23:36:49[Saint]WHat I am saying is make sure it's a vendor you trust and the battery is representative of its claims.
23:37:04Meezyand i asked other people and they hypothesized it was a leaking current
23:37:17Meezybut, it's the battery itself that is leaking
23:37:29Meezybecause the smell is an indication of that
23:37:40[Saint]You're rather lucky you haven't horribly injured yourself.
23:38:22MeezyIt still works.
23:38:31[Saint]I would stop using it immediately.
23:38:35MeezyThe battery runs out really damn fast
23:38:43[Saint]If it vents in your pocket, you're looking at severe burns.
23:38:49[Saint]severe burns.
23:38:56Meezyunless the backlight is off
23:39:02[Saint]Please stop using this device.
23:39:27MeezySo, I am removing the battery and replacing it
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23:40:22[Saint]You could likely buy a fully refurbished unit for roughly the same cost as an OEM battery.
23:41:50[Saint]Just, yeah, for your own safety - either toss the whole thing or toss the battery (safely).
23:42:07[Saint]A battery in this kind of state is a huge personal risk.
23:42:29 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:42:43[Saint]Don't poke it, don't prod it, don't puncture it - treat it like what it is, essentially a small explosive.
23:43:19[Saint]where "small" == "can still burn you horrifically"
23:44:37[Saint]It sounds overly cautios - but you seem like a nice guy, and although we've just met - I assume you don't like chemical burns.
23:44:43Strife89Li-Ion batteries?
23:44:49[Saint]I don't.
23:44:54Meezywhere do i store it?
23:46:07[Saint]If you've got a fireproof tin that would be ideal. Then onto a battery recycling depo.
23:46:19[Saint]Just dumping them in the trash is a pretty big no no.
23:46:46[Saint]Pretty much any electronics store will have a recycling center dropoff.
23:47:50[Saint](places that sell mobile phones are obligated to accept disposals here - but YMMV)
23:48:20Strife89Best Buy is a decent example, at least in the US.
23:49:48[Saint]Check out YouTube for videos on how a leaking or bloated Li-* battery can ruin your day.
23:50:35[Saint]When they vent or arc, it's really quite a show.
23:50:43NRGit really is
23:50:52NRGwould hate to have one do that in my pocket
23:51:04[Saint]They're supposed to contain the vent, but, in practice this may not happen.
23:54:12MeezyI had to replace the screen once,
23:54:26Meezyand it had a little tear, but that was months ago
23:54:36Meezythe outer layer

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