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#rockbox log for 2015-08-12

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14:24:22n1ckywhen was the last time you guys reevaluated the 'DoNot' list, particularly adding filesystem support besides fat32
14:29:42gevaertsIt's been a while ago, but then it's been a while ago since anything significant happened in rockbox...
14:41:25JdGordon_switching to HFS+ would definitly change that though!
14:42:30gevaertsOr you starting to use your Recorder again :)
14:42:40gevaertsWe'd suddenly see HWCODEC progress!
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17:29:05saratogalast I heard, people were ok with adding exfat at least
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20:19:17drozdziak1Hi, I've bought myself a Sansa Clip + today. I flashed it with rbutil and now it works, but my computer doesn't see it. The machine is x86_64 Arch Linux, Rockbox 3.13, latest build of RockboxUtility.
20:19:23drozdziak1The player is in MSC mode.
20:19:30drozdziak1The SDHC is out
20:20:36drozdziak1Also, the issue occurs only in RockBox, when I boot the stock firmware data transmission works correctly.
20:21:32drozdziak1lsusb and lsblk won't display the Clip
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20:32:50drozdziak1Anyone, please?
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20:41:35Strife89Isn't the Hide Internal Storage option enabled by default in Rockbox now?
20:42:09Strife89Wouldn't explain its absence in lsusb, but still.
20:42:31drozdziak1got an error message
20:42:37drozdziak1at least something to hold on
20:43:19drozdziak1the Internal Storage is not hidden
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20:44:00drozdziak1"Undefined nstruction
20:44:05drozdziak1pc: 0000003C
20:44:52drozdziak1sp:300008*something* (I can see a character but it's beyond the screen width)
20:45:11drozdziak1brb, I'll try to flash it again
20:47:27Strife89Yeah, just copy over the contents of a new
20:49:59Strife89I may as well update mine to the current build while I'm thinking about it
20:50:09drozdziak1This time may be more successfull
20:50:16drozdziak1I had to run rbutil as root
20:50:18drozdziak1the first time
20:50:27drozdziak1but now it runs without sudo
20:50:34drozdziak1and is flashing the device at the moment
20:50:57Strife89Root is only needed for bootloader installation.
20:51:28Strife89Updating/reinstalling Rockbox is literally as simple as copying a folder to the device's internal storage.
20:52:20Strife89Not at all like Android, which I suspect you have a background in
20:52:30drozdziak1Nope, not really
20:52:36drozdziak1Too poor for that stuff yet :D
20:53:01Strife89The term "flashing" is what made me think so, at least.
20:53:38drozdziak1Yeah, I have some experience with Sony Ericsson phones modding though.
20:54:34drozdziak1Back to the Clip, no luck this time. I'll try to get rid of the bootloader and then start all over from the beginning.
20:55:14Strife89Getting rid of the bootloader on a Clip+ is just flashing an official, unmodified firmware update.
20:55:40Strife89Er, the *Rockbox* bootloader. Obviously getting rid of the bootloader period would be nasty.
20:56:34Strife89Anyway, doing that is just a matter of copying a .bin file to the device while it's booted to the OF.
20:57:34drozdziak1I do realise that. I drowned my last Clip+ after it got into the washing machine with my hoodie, and since it's such an awesome player I bought it again.
20:58:04Strife89Ahh. Ouch. Sorry then.
20:58:46Strife89Personally, I'm amazed you found one to buy. They're all but gone around where I live.
20:58:52drozdziak1Not in my country
20:58:55drozdziak1I was glad too
21:01:09drozdziak1Most of them are refurbished, but for ca. $50 you can get a new one if you know where to look.
21:01:17Strife89I'll consider myself lucky if I ever find another Clip Zip on a store shelf.
21:03:01drozdziak1You're from the US?
21:03:20Strife89I am.
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21:15:51drozdziak1Is your Clip+ 8GB?
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21:17:18 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
21:20:58Strife89drozdziak1: It is.
21:22:36drozdziak1Weird stuff's happening. I dropped the original clppa.bin into the player's memory
21:22:48drozdziak1It restored the original firmware
21:23:11drozdziak1I started the whole process all over again
21:23:22drozdziak1I mean, flashed the bootloader
21:23:34drozdziak1and installed rockbos
21:24:07drozdziak1When pressing the power button, the bootloader shows version 4.0
21:24:28drozdziak1a "scanning disk" text appears
21:24:37drozdziak1and then the lcd goes nuts
21:24:44drozdziak1showing some random pattern of pixels
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21:44:18drozdziak1Strife89 is there a way to format the Clip+ from a PC?
21:44:31drozdziak1On the OF there was an option for doing that, no?
21:45:02drozdziak1I'm suspecting an FS corruption
21:45:07Strife89Yeah, there is in the OF
21:45:18drozdziak1Fortunately, I managed to hack myself a way into the OF
21:45:21Strife89Definitely possible
21:45:29drozdziak1It was freezing on "refreshing your media" screen
21:45:36drozdziak1and then restarting
21:45:42drozdziak1but when I connected the USB
21:46:01drozdziak1and then waited for it to display the standard connection screen
21:46:14drozdziak1it returned to normal OF menu when I disconnected the cable
21:46:36drozdziak1It worked :D
21:48:39Strife89Cool. :)
21:49:21drozdziak1Thanks for the help BTW
21:49:38Strife89No prob.
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22:23:33drozdziak1Uhh... The RB installation went ok
22:23:59drozdziak1but now, the device makes Thunar think that I don't have the priveleges to mount it
22:24:10drozdziak1Sansa Clip +, I mean.
22:24:33drozdziak1I formatted it, and installed the development version
22:24:35drozdziak1Same story.
22:26:20Strife89Hrm. :/
22:28:29drozdziak1when I mount it manually, it works perfectly fine
22:28:58drozdziak1I'll try switching to MTP and see what happens
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