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#rockbox log for 2015-08-30

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01:15:12[Saint]If any of you guys have a direct line of conversation with Bjorn, regarding gerrit, it should be noted that updating the oauth plugin isn't going to cut it.
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01:15:32[Saint]The gerrit instance also needs to be updated to be able to actually make use of oauth2.
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03:52:50Petri152Guys, I have a question, my iPod won't play in my car because the filesystem takes about a minute to mount and the car stereo just assumes something is wrong when it doesn't mount right away. Is there any way I can get Rockbox to mount the filesystem quicker?
03:58:33[Saint]This has nothing to do with Rockbox. Rockbox mounts its filesystem immediately.
03:58:42[Saint]It's your brain dead head unit's fault.
03:59:22[Saint]...unless that was oddly worded, it should be very obvious that Rockbox mounts its filesystem near immediately.
03:59:40[Saint]If it didn't, it wouldn't boot until it had.
04:00:08[Saint]What your head unit does or doesn't do and how fast it does it isn't anything Rockbox can govern.
04:09:13Petri152[Saint], Sorry, I guess what I meant to say is that Rockbox doesn't let go of the filesystem. My computer takes a while to mount my iPod when I plug it in to add files, I just figured something was wrong with my device or the software.
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04:09:56[Saint]As soon as you see the USB screen on ROckbox, it has "let go" of the filesystem.
04:10:04soapIs that what the problem is?
04:10:20soapOr is that an assumption?
04:10:47Petri152Well, when I plug it in to my computer it takes a while
04:10:50soapIOW what is the evidence you have that the reason your head unit is failing to mount your ipod is because of the speed of the FS presentation?
04:11:26soapI find it FAR more likely that the problem is that your ipod has the USB ID of an Apple Ipod but does not respond to serial commands as if it were an apple ipod.
04:11:36Petri152soap, it's pure assumption, I don't know if that is the issue
04:11:55Petri152Whatever Toyota head unit "Error 5" means is what is happening
04:12:00soapthen, please, don't say "my ipod won't play in my car because..."
04:12:48[Saint]Putting it in disk mode or booting the original firmware will likely alleviate this entirely.
04:12:54soapDo you have all the accessory port options turned on?
04:13:02soapLast I looked they were off by default to save power.
04:13:09[Saint]They default on.
04:13:10Petri152soap, where? Settings?
04:13:14[Saint]Because people are silly.
04:13:36soapIs there still a build on the forums with the USB ID changed away from the apple default?
04:14:15[Saint]Video shouldn't need this at all, 'cos dual-boot and/or disk mode.
04:14:34Petri152This is the iPod Classic with emCORE
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04:14:41soapFor some (many? most?) people an iPod with rockbox which doesn't claim to be an ipod will mount to headunits as a simple mass storage device, which is what people w/o the apple firmware in use (and the apple ipod database the head unit is looking for) actually want.
04:15:11[Saint]Ah. Shit, where did I get Video from? Mixing two conversations. Gah.
04:15:26Petri152[Saint], no problem :P
04:15:32soapno point booting to the Apple OS if there are no files in the Apple OS database. The head unit might not barf, but it also won't find any music to play.
04:15:47[Saint]Yeah...that puts you in a fairly tricky situation. You either need to edit the USB V/PID, or put it in disk mode before connecting it to the head unit.
04:16:05Petri152[Saint], how do I force Disk Mode?
04:17:04Petri152just, like... touch them or hold?
04:17:06[Saint]There's a metric shittonne of patches that need to be merged before even the most basic of accessory protocol support works out of the box on the Classic.
04:17:16[Saint]press and hold.
04:17:36Petri152It just shuts down :P
04:17:40[Saint](this assumes the device is powered down or rebooting)
04:17:47Petri152oh I see
04:18:36[Saint]If your head unit can access generic removable storage this should "Just Work", but there's always the possibility that it sees the USB V/PID, sees it's an iPod, and refuses to play nice.
04:18:46[Saint]At which point editing the V/PID is your only option.
04:19:26Petri152I just get my bootloader if I hold Play+Select, is that what should be happening. :P
04:20:09Petri152[Saint], The head unit does say USB instead of the usual iPod when I plug it in so I think it should "just work"
04:21:28[Saint]Ahhhh fuck, the release version of emCORE doesn't have this magic. That's mildly depressing.
04:22:28[Saint]sec - I'll have to compile you a build, assuming you don't want to have to set all the shit up to do this yourself.
04:22:29Petri152shit, any other version I could use? Development build or something?
04:22:39Petri152[Saint], that would be awesome!
04:22:42[Saint]Nothing that should be public, nah.
04:25:20[Saint]K. I'll give you a poke when it's built and uploaded. I just garbled the V/PID, but any garbage should work here. We're just trying to convince the head unit it isn't an iPod.
04:38:37[Saint](sorry it took so long, had to go get coffee and sort out a kitten that thought digging up my potplants was a good idea)
04:38:47[Saint]Just extract that archive to the root of the device.
04:39:27[Saint]In theory, the head unit, and everything else, will now have absolutely no way of detecting that this device is an iPod.
04:39:44Petri152I don't know if that was the issue
04:39:47Petri152but I'll try it
04:39:49[Saint](note that if you apply any of the Rockbox binaries this will be undone)
04:40:35[Saint]So assuming this works you're either committed to occasionally finding me if this works, or setting up your own build environment, or never updating again.
04:41:39[Saint]My guess would be that the head unit is seeing that the device is an ipod and attempting to communicate with it using the iPod Accessory Protocol, which the Classic knows precisely nothing about.
04:41:50[Saint](under Rockbox at least)
04:41:57Petri152alright, I'll try it now, I'll probably get back to you in about 5 minutes
04:42:07[Saint]Apple Macs do the same thing with Rockboxed iPods.
04:42:22[Saint]They see it's an iPod and refuse to treat it any other way.
04:42:48[Saint]*Rockboxed Classic, I should sya.
04:42:56[Saint]*say, bah.
04:47:12Petri152shitty fucking cable
04:47:27Petri152kept connecting and disconnecting
04:47:42Petri152iPod kernel panic ensued
04:48:06Petri152any idea how to reset this?
04:48:18[Saint]Reset what?
04:48:32Petri152the iPod, I'm stuck at a kernel panic screen
04:48:57[Saint]Ah. Just just hold menu+select.
04:57:56Petri152[Saint], what do I do if this happens?
04:59:08[Saint]Do you have all your media backed up?
04:59:11Petri152All of my music is still on the device, it's just not mounting gracefully
04:59:24Petri152[Saint], yeah, why?
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05:03:32[Saint]Just a precaution. Often it isn't worth the time or effort to recovery a broken filesystem on removable storage where the mdedia is backed up elsewhere. Time vs. effort vs. possible outcomes it is probably a lot more beneficial to just format the entire volume via the emCORE main menu.
05:04:13[Saint]Generally speaking I wouldn't bother trying to recover the filesystem on a device where the contents can easily be replaced.
05:05:43Petri152I should really throw an ssd in here
05:06:05[Saint]As for why this happened, it may have taken an objection to the flakey USB cable.
05:06:05Petri152old HDD = slowness and possible failure
05:06:24[Saint]These HDDs like to commit suicide. The firmware on them is terrible.
05:07:01[Saint]Though the SSD adapter plates available for them aren't exactly what I would consider reliable either.
05:07:56Petri152Out of all the options which would you recommend?
05:08:20Petri152There are little sata ones and then there are ones for CompactFlash
05:08:31Petri152or should I just get a new HDD?
05:09:48[Saint]If there's no direct evidence that HDD is failing I wouldn't bother at all really.
05:10:11[Saint]The only time it makes a real world difference is when you're transferring media.
05:10:23[Saint]Which is not often, with large capacity drives.
05:10:29Petri152I guess what I mean is for when a possible failure occurs or I am in need of expansion
05:10:41Petri152Also battery life
05:11:06Petri152SSD would improve it, no need for drive spinup
05:11:37[Saint]For cheap and readily available, I'd lean towards compact flash.
05:12:01[Saint]~$20 for the adapter plate, plus whatever CF media you put in there.
05:12:19Petri152~$20? Where are you buying these? :P
05:13:44[Saint]Though for the Classic there is a very real chance that once opened by a layman it's never going to be functional again.
05:13:52[Saint]I can't stress that enough.
05:14:11Petri152How so?
05:14:24[Saint]They are a right bitch to get into gracefully.
05:15:01Petri152don't mean to toot my own horn, but I don't consider myself a layman
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09:21:59[Saint]Why on Earth does bother "cleaning up" the build directory when it leaves a metric craptonne of shit outside the intended $PATH?
09:22:31[Saint]ie. ...everything that isn't /path/too/toolchain/bin?
09:22:57[Saint]I can't believe I only just noticed this.
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