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#rockbox log for 2015-09-09

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08:19:21wodzkugel: I stepped upon this thread
08:19:48wodzkugel: Could it be our case? I mean recursive mutex which causes stack overflow?
08:22:57kugeli dont think so
08:23:36kugelit seems that guy used standard mutexes for his own thread implementation. we use our mutexes for rockbox threads
08:23:46kugeldid you try "adb shell setprop debug.checkjni 1"?
08:24:47kugeloh wait, the last answer sounds like it could be our problem
08:25:27kugelthat would mean we can only call into java from the rockbox main thread now
08:25:47kugeli think _battery_level() is called from another (power) thread
08:26:41wodzyes, but our Manifest set debuggable or something like this anyway
08:27:01wodzkugel: exactly this problem
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08:28:15kugelwodz: I read the last answer as "if a user-thread makes a jni call, with a heap allocated stack, then new JNI checks will throw a StackOverflow because of the wildly different stack pointer"
08:28:29kugelnothing to do with mutexes, but that could describe our problem
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08:31:47wodzthe thing is that *every* jni call should fail this way but here it seems only NewObject() is the problem.
08:32:13kugelonly those that are not done from rockbox' main thread
08:33:05kugelthe rockbox main thread runs on the original pthread stack
08:33:42kugelwe only set different stack regions for threads that we create through create_thread(). that doesn't apply to the main thread
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08:35:14wodzSo power thread and codec thread right?
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08:35:37kugelyes (i think there are more)
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08:36:00kugel(not sure which of them do jni calls though)
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08:39:07kugelwodz: so assuming this really is the problem, there are two workarounds: move that java call onto the main thread (somehow) or use a helper pthread behind the scenes (but that must be attached to the VM with jni->AttachCurrentThread())
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08:41:10wodzkugel: Does tick tasks run off main thread?
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08:43:36kugelwodz: tick task uses the posix timer api
08:44:14kugelit does use a pthread, but an unspecified one and each timer callback may run from a different pthread (iiuc)
08:47:22kugelhm i used to have a patch that introduces a run_on_ui_thread() function which can be used to offload callback invocations to the rockbox main thread
08:47:27kugelseems i never merged that
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08:50:55wodzRemoving possibility to do jni calls from other native thread than main sounds like very strong restriction. It is strange it was not hit by larger number of projects.
08:51:32kugelyou can make jni calls from other pthreads, just make sure you call AttachCurrentThread() for them
08:51:51kugelit only affects those implementing their own threading
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08:54:19wodzimplementing own threading is not widespread I guess
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09:11:55kugelwodz: i suggest a helper thread as a quick method to see if it's actually the problem
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09:19:39narf_hi, does rockbox support opus?
09:20:17orly_owlthe wiki says yes
09:20:19kugelyes, but i think only the development version
09:20:32kugelsicne we haven't done a release in ages
09:20:55orly_owlwhats holding back a release?
09:21:35orly_owl Add support for playing Opus files
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09:23:48narf_i am using my sansa clip, because i love how long i can keep listening and i like the audioquality, well.... and at least since the last official firmware upgrade flacs work completly i think, but this opus incompatibility is a really big disturbance...
09:27:40narf_btw. could you give me a hint where i could start to learn how to do such things as teaching my mp3 player a new codec? like which languages/frameworks/structures/etc.
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09:29:15orly_owlupgrade rockbox
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09:34:08narf_well i'd like to get a hint how to do such things on my own and probably support rockbox and such projects, furthermore i'd love to understand better, how my mp3 player works... i know what my linux does, android... i guess i know it but my mp3 player... whole different platform
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09:46:49wodznarf_: Your question is soooo broad that it is hard to give a link. Starting from bottom up - read how modern processors work (See mips run has very good introduction to the concepts of RISC processors) then read about RTOSes and threading in general, then codecs are HUGE part of DSP science.
09:49:52narf_thank you, I'll have a look
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10:47:25wodzkugel: by helper thread you mean creating pthread thread from main(), call AttachCurrentThread() for it and perform jni calls from there storing results in some shared location accessible to _battery_level()?
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10:49:04pamaurywodz: I tried to ping Bjorn several times but he didn't look at gerrit I think yet :(
10:53:53wodzkugel: for _battery_level() we could reverse the logic actually - create BatteryMonitor object in main() and make java part call exported native function which sets native variable.
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15:06:42wodzkugel: reversing the logic in _battery_level() fixes startup crash. I mean in C side I implement setter JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_org_rockbox_monitors_BatteryMonitor_mBattLevelset(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj, jint mBattLevel)
15:07:26wodzOn java side I create BatteryMonitor instance on startup which calls setter instead of storing the result locally.
15:07:41wodzThis however does not solve other issues
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22:13:09pamaurybig news on the Rockbox planer: Gerrit is working again :)
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22:20:40gevaertsDon't tell [Franklin], or we'll have to actually do things!
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23:29:24ulmutulpamaury: seems like I can't sign in to gerrit anymore with my openid account. And I'm not able to view any file anonymously. So for me gerrit update is a real regression :(
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