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#rockbox log for 2015-09-10

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02:32:44[Franklin]so finally stuff works, eh?
02:36:12*foolsh does a happy dance
02:36:47[Franklin]any committers around?
02:37:06[Franklin]it'd be great to have a commit or two every month ;)
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08:24:44wodzkugel: ping
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09:07:22narf_hey, can someone tell me how possible it is, that rockbox will hit a new update this year?
09:08:58narf_my sansa clip zip can't build a database, it says building... 0 files found... and freezes... i am using the dev branch... the stable doesn't boot at all... and the most forum posts say downgrade
09:09:21narf_but i think this isn't the best sollution....
09:14:24wodznarf_: We are lacking workpower. Non of the current devs have time to undertake such task.
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09:15:09narf_what can one do to support the devs?
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09:30:17pamauryulmutul: indeed that''s a problem, we are trying to do something about it. Gerrit is really painful to configure :(
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10:21:19wodzpamaury: Now as you have access to gerrit are you going to merge hwstub/qeditor/hwstub_server things?
10:22:28wodzpamaury: In my opinion it is better to merge and eventually polish later then let it rot
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10:27:51pamaurywodz: yeah, i'll just check that it compiles
10:28:14pamaurywe have a new problem with gerrit: the new setup doesn't allow OpenID access which is regression for some users
10:29:34wodzpamaury: And kills anonymous browsing as well
10:30:17pamauryah yeah, I don't know why this is the case :(
10:30:39pamauryand I don't have access to the server so every round trip with bjorn takes days
10:32:09wodzpamaury: honestly with our infrastructure in current shape I'd just checkout the changes into separate branches on github and collaborate there
10:32:38wodzIts not I personally like github much though
10:33:16pamauryyeah, but I don't like github very much either. The alternatives are gitlab or self-hosting, choose your foe :)
10:33:54pamaurymigrating gerrit will be another story though
10:44:06pamauryHum, the new gerrit interface does not give the command line to cherry pick changes, that was very useful
10:46:10kugelwodz: ping
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10:58:08wodzkugel: Could you confirm my understanding of how threading works on RaaAoA? 1) Java startup code create single thread with Thread() 2) From there there is called rockbox's main() which creates native threads for our purpose. Native threads are not attached to JVM. Is that correct?
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15:38:17fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2c83296, 255 builds, 13 clients.
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16:02:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1469 seconds.
16:02:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2c83296 result: 3 errors 168 warnings
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19:00:49tobbsahoy fine rockbox people and thanks for making such a great firmware
19:10:28tobbsI've got this particular Sansa e260 v2 with a cracked, now useless display, which I (think) I've installed rockbox on when I finally got it to turn on by random chance after about 50 tries. It is currently on via USB and I don't dare turning it off because last time it did not turn on again right away. I wonder if I can do anything now to make it turn on more reliably
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19:15:20tobbsby not turn on I mean no lights at all, even not when plugged into USB, but it is recognized by the computer as ID 0781:6200 SanDisk Corp. (with an erroneous 512 Byte drive + an empty one) in those cases. right now its detected correctly and seems to be working at the USB port
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19:28:53foolshtobbs: thats a tough one, software wise I can't think of anything that can be done to improve your situation. It sounds like you hardware is in less than nominal operating condition :P
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19:31:14tobbsyes, i think so as well. the hardware looks fine (to me), even the screen is just cracked internally. I really wonder what could make it work perfectly once in a while and not at all most of the time. currently I'm trying to recharge the battery, but I took off the case earlier, so not sure how that goes.
19:31:59tobbsI contemplated doing the flash reset via pin shorting, but I'm not sure if that will improve anything, as it works ok just now.
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19:56:33tobbsshould I take my question to the community channel instead? perhaps the forums? or give up hope?
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19:59:33foolshtobbs: No definitely not the community channel, but give the forums a try if you like.
20:00:23tobbsthanks foolsh
20:00:37gevaerts I'd recommend finding out what's wrong and fixing that :)
20:01:00gevaertsNot knowing anything about hardware, I wouldn't be surprised if those oven reflowing things might help
20:02:54foolshIf the screen is broken all the way through, it maybe shorting some(where/thing) vital as well. I would consider removing the screen in that case, but thats just my thinking
20:03:55tobbsthat might actually be a good idea gevaerts. will try it if I get completely stuck. I know the screen got cracked in a wooden fold chair, but everything looks so pristine
20:06:39tobbsfoolsh I thought about that as well, but no shaking or pressing on the screen makes it turn off now. the screen seems unusable tho (one white fingerprint size dot, rest is black with a few lines)
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