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#rockbox log for 2015-09-11

00:00:37ulmutulb0hoon: can you test g#1209?
00:00:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1209 at : Samsung YHxxx: reduce pop noise on power down by Sebastian Leonhardt
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00:08:54[Franklin] g#1206 anyone?
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00:09:05fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1206 at : [Superdom] Bugfix by Franklin Wei
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01:04:11CosmicNoiseHey guys. Is the 6th gen classic supported or not? The website says it isn't, but there are builds for it?
01:04:17CosmicNoiseAnd if it's not supported, why not?
01:05:20[Saint]It is supported in so far as we provide binaries for it that will run on the target device.
01:05:49[Saint]It is unsupported in so far as we provide no means of being able to run that binary.
01:06:27CosmicNoiseSo I should use emcore to run the rockbox build?
01:06:34[Saint]Booting Rockbox relies on a third party application by the name of emCORE for the bootloader.
01:07:11[Saint]That is the only way to do so.
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01:07:59[Saint]Rockbox Utility can "install Rockbox" on this device, but, as with (almost) every other device "installing Rockbox" is simply extracting an archive to the root of the device storage.
01:08:07CosmicNoiseAccording to the emCore website... only iPod Nano 2G and Classic 1G/2G/3G are supported...
01:08:49[Saint]That is simply not true.
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01:09:39CosmicNoiseAh okay. Their front page needs updating :).
01:10:08CosmicNoiseIs there a python library for communicating via usb with an iPod on RockBox?
01:10:28CosmicNoiseSo I could develop a third party application which takes song information, etc, from the ipod and displays it elsewhere.
01:11:36[Saint]In theory. Though thta would be a backwards-ass way of doing so.
01:12:53[Saint]Anything I would imagine wanting to do that on would have more business just treating Rockbox like generic removable storage (like it is) and parsing the media itself.
01:14:08CosmicNoiseIt's for an in-car application.
01:14:19CosmicNoiseI currently aux in to my head unit.
01:14:30CosmicNoiseBut would also like to be able to display the song information on a screen.
01:14:34CosmicNoiseRather than having to look at the ipod.
01:15:01[Saint]Does the head unit not have a display? It should already be doing so.
01:15:23CosmicNoiseNot if I'm connecting aux in, ratehr than usb.
01:15:28CosmicNoiseMy stereo does not support usb.
01:15:38[Saint]Ah, derp. Right.
01:16:58[Saint]Currently the iPod Accessory Protocol is not enabled on this target. So don't expect any iPod Accessories to work unless they are happy with just treating the device and a dumb passive playback mechanism without external controls.
01:17:41[Saint]Though I guess I could whip up a build if you required this.
01:17:59CosmicNoiseThat would be very nice of you.
01:18:16[Saint]Anyhow - regarding the target classification(s): In the world of Rockbox, the terms 'stable', 'unstable', and 'unusable' don't really mean what their dictionary definition counterparts would want to imply they do.
01:19:09[Saint]A stable target could indeed display instability, an unstable target could be perfectly stable for the most part, and as you will soon see, an unusable target can be perfectly usable.
01:19:31[Saint]Its just a set of minimum classifications the target needs to meet.
01:20:05[Saint]At the current state the iPod Classic build is in, if we imagined that it /did/ have an official bootloader - it would still be classified as 'unstable'.
01:20:13[Saint]Due to the multiple missing features.
01:21:01[Saint](Recording, FM, IAP (iPod Accessory Protocol) support, ...etc)
01:22:31[Saint]Though for the most part the device port is perfectly usable. Especially if you are using a *nix based operating system, because the HDD driver seems to be fairly hit-and-miss under Windows OSes.
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01:29:34CosmicNoiseI'm on linux, so that's not a problem.
01:29:38CosmicNoiseI'll charge ahead.
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01:36:21[Saint]Hmmmm, what the fuck?
01:36:51[Saint]Gerrit isn't showing dependencies for patches on tasks anymore?
01:37:43[Saint]That is absolutely bullshit. Gah...!
01:38:24[Saint][Franklin]: am I just blind, or is this actually the case?
01:40:29[Saint]Diffs that I _know_ have dependencies, for example, 75% of Cástor Muñoz's now signs of any dependency listing.
01:41:17[Saint]Though perhaps interestingly, the ones that do have dependencies are shown with a red 'Cannot merge.' warning, indicating that gerrit seems to have no idea what to do with this.
01:42:47[Saint]zagor, bagder, gevaerts (?), if you guys read the logs - this is odd, is it not? This seems to shutter one of the very few endearing qualities Gerrit actually had.
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01:51:39[Saint]On a Rockboxy note, I'm making a touchscreen raspberrypi Rockbox audio player. I have everything ordered, and it will be shipped to me by this coming Monday.
01:51:58[Saint]I just have to find some creative way of making a case for it that isn't shit.
01:54:17[Saint]I'm using a Raspberrypi 2, the new official Raspberrypi 7" touchscreen, and the IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+
01:56:26[Saint]But I also want to pack in a 2TB 2.5" external USB HDD and a 10,000mAh (or so) battery pack capable of powering the device while charging.
01:56:53[Saint](I have a battery pack that would do the job but annoyingly it won't output and power while it is charging)
01:57:19CosmicNoisemount: no medium found on /dev/sdf
01:57:43[Saint]What is saying that?
01:57:56CosmicNoiseFollowing the emcore instructions.
01:58:04CosmicNoiseHave the UMBoot screen on my iPod.
01:58:14CosmicNoiseAttempted to mount the ipod.
01:58:24CosmicNoiseBut it coems back "no medium found on /dev/sdf"
01:59:08[Saint]What distro is this? It should be automounting anyway. Perhaps that's just a backwards-ass error telling you it's already in use?
01:59:35CosmicNoiseNah, it's not mounted that I can see.
01:59:41[Saint]Then, yes, it should _definitely_ be automounting.
01:59:52[Saint]Unless you explicitely diabled that behaviour.
02:00:13CosmicNoiseI never explicitly did, but I also don't think it has ever done it...
02:01:05[Saint]All the *buntu flavors should be auto-mounting removable storage volumes.
02:01:50CosmicNoiseAt what point should I be expecting it to mount?
02:02:02CosmicNoiseAfter I've booted to the UMS screen?
02:03:00[Saint]Near immediately after you run the bootstrapper the UMSboot volume should be viable to the system.
02:03:14[Saint]Regardless as to whether or not it gets automounted, it should be visible.
02:03:31[Saint]what does 'sudo fdisk' tell us?
02:03:36CosmicNoiseIt was visible about 3 tries ago.
02:03:41[Saint]and/or dmesg.
02:03:47CosmicNoiseBut my browser then kept crashign each time I tried to access it.
02:03:52CosmicNoiseSometimes fdisk sees it, sometimes not.
02:04:01CosmicNoiseAlthough it takes ages to find it when it does.
02:05:35[Saint]Some linux distros will take ages actually mount the device after it is accessible, but it should be /visible/ to the system immediately after running the bootstrapper.
02:06:06CosmicNoiseJust tried it again there. fdisk took ages to find it, but eventually did. I attempted to mount again, and again "medium not found", and after taht, it disappears from fdisk.
02:06:10[Saint]At this point, you have changed exactly nothing on the device, and you can simply force reboot the device to your hearts content and start over.
02:06:14CosmicNoiseNo drives visible at any point.
02:06:23CosmicNoiseYeah, that's what I've been doing.
02:06:32[Saint]what does dmesg tell us about the device?
02:07:21CosmicNoisea bunch of errors about not responding to setup address.
02:07:31CosmicNoisei/o errors, etc.
02:09:03CosmicNoiseI'll try with windows i guess
02:10:01CosmicNoiseTomorrow :)
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02:10:35[Saint]zagor, bagder, gevaerts: (logs) it also seems that I can't get a handy push-button commandline function for cherrypick/pull/checkout/etc. anymore, at least, not while not logged in?
02:10:42[Saint]What the hell happened?
02:11:09CosmicNoiseI wish I knew the first thing about dev :)
02:11:32CosmicNoiseGive somethign back to the OS community.
02:12:50[Saint]CosmicNoise: never too late to learn.
02:13:02[Saint]None of us were born knowing any of this either. :)
02:13:03CosmicNoiseYeah. Just not sure where to start.
02:13:17[Saint]At the beginning. Best place to start. ;)
02:13:23CosmicNoiseWhere is the beginning :P
02:14:27[Saint]Set up a development environment, start compiling vanilla Rockbox builds, and then dive into our source and go hunting for bugs whilst showing yourself the ropes with C development.
02:14:42[Saint]Fix some shit, break some shit, fix some more shit, ...rinse, repeat.
02:14:53CosmicNoiseMaybe I just will.
02:15:05CosmicNoiseWould you suggest that the rockbox source is widly enough for a beginner?
02:15:18CosmicNoiseOr are there smaller projects that may be more suitable you could suggest?
02:16:32[Saint]Rockbox covers a wide array of bases with pieces to cater for all levels of skill in my opinion.
02:16:56CosmicNoiseOkay, thanks.
02:17:00CosmicNoiseI will definitely do all of that.
02:17:50[Saint]From plain text files, and our relatively simple yet beautifully complex theme language, plugins, and LUA...right up to absurdly complicated math in codecs and bare metal architecture assembly code.
02:18:40[Saint]Generally speaking I find the best motivation to be finding something that annoys the shit out of you personally and finding a solution for it.
02:19:16[Saint]It is hard, at least for me, to have the energy required to fix issues that don't impact me personally in some way or sufficiently piss me off.
02:19:33CosmicNoiseHaha, fair enough.
02:20:04foolshalso fixes for typos are always welcome
02:20:12*foolsh saw one today in fact
02:21:15[Saint]But getting a taste of what our development process has to offer, is a fairly simple process. For the most part, as long as you are capable of reading, which you seem to be, you are capable of configuring your host, checking out our source tree, and compiling the applicable toolchain.
02:21:28[Saint](armeabi in your case, for the iPod)
02:22:00[Saint]Doing so is quite literally just a matter of copying a single line of text from our wiki, reading a bit, and then running a single script.
02:22:26[Saint]A lot of people worked very hard to make that process as painless as possible.
02:23:43[Saint]And, if you submit some, anything, and it is accepted - we will, naturally, make you immortal and put your name in glory for all the world to see and admire in our contributors list in source and on-device! :))
02:24:15foolshCalling it immortality is pushing it
02:24:22CosmicNoiseThat's something I never understood... how does somethign get "accepted" in open source?
02:24:24[Saint]Fame and fortune, bitches. Who doesn't wanna get on dat level? Word up fools. Nowhatimsayin'?
02:24:26CosmicNoiseWhat's the process?
02:24:31foolshIt is cool :P
02:24:53[Saint]CosmicNoise: These days tasks are submitted to our GErrit instance for review.
02:25:10[Saint]However patches can also be accepted via IRC or the mailing list if applicable.
02:25:34[Saint]IF desired proper attribution would of course be given.
02:26:34[Saint]But these days the referred flow is via our Gerrit instance.
02:27:11[Saint](Gerrit is a reasonably powerful distributed collaborative versioning and review system)
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02:29:20foolshYou ran him off [Saint]
02:29:21[Saint]That was relatively unexpected.
02:29:31[Saint]Mhm. I did. Apparently.
02:30:18[Saint]Maybe because I said Gerrit was te preferred mechanism for contribution right after bitching about how horribly broken it is now. :p)
02:30:41foolshWhen it works right ;)
02:30:45[Saint](seriously, though, it is basically unusable now...for realz, yo)
02:31:19[Saint]Want to pull changes from a gerrit task into your local tree easily?
02:31:24[Saint]Hahahahahaha - fuck you.
02:31:33[Saint]'cos, that's not a thing, anymore...for...$reasons.
02:33:30[Saint]You need to download a goddamn patch file in an archive now.
02:33:56foolshWHAT? it's like a time warp or something
02:34:25[Saint]I can log into gerrit using OAuth2 now...but, it's a very small victory.
02:34:39*foolsh dust of diff and patch
02:34:41[Saint]Because apparently it came at the cost of pretty much every endearing feature Gerrit had.
02:34:53[Saint]And, yeah...I have to.
02:35:26[Saint]Having the handy little icons to generate diff/clone/checkout/etc urls in gerrit was one of the better features it had.
02:35:42 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
02:35:49[Saint]Not displaying dependencies for tasks, however, is just outright fucking broken.
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02:36:18[Saint]The former is mildly annoying. The latter is a huge breaking change kick-in-the-dickbag.
03:06:56[Franklin]can't just copy+paste for a patch anymore?
03:07:55[Franklin]and dependencies are broken too?
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03:25:00[Saint][Franklin]: go look for youself. :-/
03:25:23[Saint]I would love for there to be something I'm missing, but, I'm really not sure that's the case.
03:26:04[Saint]It sees like most of the functionality besides being a repository for proposed tasks is now missing, either by accident or design.
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03:47:52[Saint]If anyone is interested, I just rebased against current git head and squashed all the iPod Classic 6g patches from Castor Munoz.
03:48:18[Saint](well...all except the silly undervolting/underclocking patch that makes the device run like a bag of shit)
03:48:30[Saint]monolithic patch available here:
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04:01:06[Saint]Correction -
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04:25:47[Saint]Correction correction:
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09:46:26wodzpamaury: Have you seen my mail about gerrit?
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09:51:24b0hoonulmutul: i will be able to test it after tuesday, now i'm at work and later i won't be available for a few days
09:56:05b0hoongerrit still doesn't work for me as it should, i can't view any diffs of a specific file.
09:57:08b0hoonand the command line was indeed really useful, maybe it's a matter of config.
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10:30:57pamaurywodz: I am aware of the gerrit problem, I told Bjorn how to fix it (I think) but now I'm waiting
10:36:58b0hoonthere is no "download-commands" plugin installed, so that's why there is no possibility to get checkout, pull and cherry-pick commands...
10:42:58pamauryb0hoon: that's not the problem, one can download patchset, but once cannot see the diff using the webpage, nor review changes
10:43:15pamauryThose are basic gerrit features and this is most likely a reverse proxy problem
10:43:36b0hoonyeah i know
10:44:14pamauryunless you have another problem in mind :-p
10:46:02b0hoonpamaury: - this was about the review
10:46:56b0hoonpamaury: and this was about :)
10:47:36pamauryb0hoon: ah sorry, I didn't look at the logs before talking ^^ so yeah same problem and I agree about the command line thing.
10:47:56pamauryThe problem is that I don't have access to the gerrit server, changes must be made by Bjorn
10:48:20pamauryI don't know if it is possible to get the command line back, it's nowhere to be found on the new gerrit doc it seems
10:49:58b0hoonpamaury: i know that only Swedes have access to the server, cool... Well the "download-commands" plugin let you to have commands in the download section as i wrote before
10:50:46pamauryah ok, I completely misunderstood you point, I thought that the download-commands was about download patchset in zip, tgz, and so on
10:50:59pamaurysorry, you must have though I'm dumb
10:52:36b0hoonpamaury: not at all, np
10:54:06pamauryok, I've sent another email to bjorn about this plugin
10:56:03pamauryI really agree with wodz, we should move the infrastructure to somewhere else or get access to the servers, the current situation is annoying for everyone
11:23:15wodzpamaury: I recall bjorn mentioned once the possibility to give access to vm hosting rb infrastructure. This could help.
11:23:34pamauryyeah but I'm not sure if he has done anything in this direction
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11:53:48wodzpamaury: I saw you commited some part of qeditor work. Are you planing to commit more?
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15:25:37CosmicNoiseHi guys. I was having some trouble last night installing rockbox to my 6th gen ipod on linux - the thing wouldn't mount when in UMSboot mode.
15:25:46CosmicNoiseI switched ot Windows and seem to successfully have isntalled rockbox.
15:25:59CosmicNoiseBut it's proving very difficult to get the ipod to mount to load songs now... on both windows and linux.
15:26:09CosmicNoiseAny ideas?
15:26:12CosmicNoiseI'm currently logged into linux.
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16:10:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c8d3638, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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16:30:59fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1253 seconds.
16:31:01fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c8d3638 result: 3 errors 30 warnings
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16:48:12 Join HelloCares [0] (
16:48:25HelloCaresHey. I'm having some trouble installing rockbox to my 6th gen ipod classic.
16:48:40HelloCaresI'm trying to follow the emCore process, but things are not going smoothly.
16:49:15HelloCaresI've just used iTunes to restore my iPod, so I'm ready to try again.
16:49:55HelloCaresWhen I put it into DFU mode, apparently it should show up as a drive, but nothing is shwing.
16:52:39amayerHelloCares: Did you unintall iTunes while installing emcore?
16:53:16HelloCaresI'm about to start the aprocess again... I'll let you know preciselywhere things go wrong.
16:53:26HelloCaresSo I've closed iTunes, stopped all apple processes
16:53:30amayerSorry, im remembering wrong. Did you kill the processes it says to kill?
16:53:41HelloCaresI've held down the select and menu butttons until the device goes off
16:53:44 Quit TheLemon1an (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
16:53:51HelloCaresand am about to run bootstrap_ipodclassic_itunes.exe
16:54:04amayerare you following that guide?
16:55:04amayerok. that is the guide i used. But I did it like 4 years ago :p
16:55:34amayeralso havent used windows since then
16:58:54HelloCaresI am a linux suer, and I tried installing on linux first.
16:58:58HelloCaresBut I couldn't mount the device.
16:59:07HelloCaresKept getting the error "no medium on /dev/sdf"
16:59:09 Quit utrack (Remote host closed the connection)
17:01:04amayerI also use Linux but never installed rockbox from it.
17:01:14HelloCaresOkay. Completed hte process.
17:01:23HelloCaresHowever, when I plug the ipod back in, no drive shows up...
17:01:29HelloCaresOh wait, it just showed up...
17:01:33HelloCarestook about 2 minutes though
17:02:25amayerHelloCares: it should show up faster on Linux
17:02:40HelloCaresSo, how do I transfer files to it?
17:04:59fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1238 seconds.
17:05:00fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1cada1f result: 0 errors 16 warnings
17:05:28amayerOn linux or windows?
17:05:38HelloCaresWell, both.
17:05:43HelloCaresBut I'm on windows now, so that first :)
17:06:14amayerafter it shows up you can go to My Computer (or Computer) depending on windows version and there should be a device called iPod
17:06:30amayerIf you open that you can drop files on it
17:06:38HelloCaresCool. Any particualr directory though?
17:07:06amayerRockbox searches the root of the drive so you can make your own files structure
17:07:33amayerpersonally my root has Audio, Playlist, Settings
17:07:41amayerSettings are just some common config files I use
17:07:59amayerAudio contains Books, Music, Podcasts
17:08:10amayerBut you can really make it look like what ever you like
17:08:25amayerAlso I would recommend updating to the newest dev version of Rockbox
17:09:59HelloCaresOkay, great.
17:10:08HelloCaresIsn't the latest dev version what gets installed by the rockbox utility anywaY?
17:10:27amayer*shrugs* probably
17:10:33HelloCaresI think it is.
17:10:37HelloCaresOne more question...
17:10:41amayerI dont use the rockbox util
17:10:47HelloCaresIs there a way to use the iPod while it's plugged into USB?
17:11:07amayerYou can charge it and use it but you cant have it mounted and use it
17:11:40amayerif you want to connect it to usb to charge only you just hold Menu (or any key really) when connecting it to usb
17:26:35 Quit Bray90820 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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18:00:02pamaurywodz (logs): I push three commits on soc_desc and rebased the last one. I need to finish the header generator (or leave it out of the commit) because it's unfinished
18:00:17pamauryI'd like to port everything to Qt5 also since Qt4 is not developed anymore
18:00:50 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:35:26prof_wolfffhi!, very nice that gerrit it up an running again, i must admit that the iPod Classic bootloader was in pause last summer, but i have great findings about HW clocking and clickwheel, i am preparing a final patch to commit almost all iPod stuff ASAP
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