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#rockbox log for 2015-09-15

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04:18:54n1ckyI have a few files that are not playing whatsoever, and another that cuts out mid-file. checksums match PC and the files are fine.
04:19:09n1ckyis it possible to generate logs?
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04:20:56saratogan1cky: not on the device, although you can test in the sim and see if any debug info is printed
04:21:18n1ckythe sim? Rockbox has a simulator?
04:21:34saratogayes, you can compile it yourself or get binaries from google
04:22:32saratogadepending on what the problem is however they may or may not be very informative
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04:35:36n1ckywhere is it? uisimulator/ ?
04:37:30saratogayou mean to compile?
04:38:30n1ckyyeah, i should read the docs
04:43:11[Saint]If you want, I can make things somewhat quicker at least.
04:43:22saratogayou compile it like a normal build, but during configure choose sim instead of a normal device build
04:43:28[Saint]I just uploaded x86-64 toolchains to
04:44:16[Saint]there's armeabi, sh, mpis, m68k, and arm-ypr0 in there
04:44:53[Saint]just make sure ~/bin is in your path
04:45:20[Saint](or, wherever you like to put things like this in your system, whatever)
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04:51:28[Saint]uploading new files now (though the old link is still active)
04:51:45[Saint]I'll put this stuff up on the wiki in a sec
04:52:07[Saint]actually, I might host it myself and make a little wrapper script to install it.
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04:52:52[Saint] ::
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04:53:24[Saint] ::
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04:54:19[Saint]the latter has all the cruft that spits out, the former is just the bin folder, which is all you technically need.
04:59:02[Saint]I'll do ones for ARM too if that's a thing people want...for...reasons.
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05:00:20[Saint](ODROID, Raspi, Beagleboard, Banana Pi and other Pi clones, mini2440 et al)
05:00:54IvoahWhy is there a copy of the ILI9163 datasheet on
05:01:48[Saint]Presumably because a target uses either it or another component with a similar register set?
05:02:24[Saint]I think the N2G does, offhand.
05:03:20saratogathe link has a clue!
05:04:05[Saint]colour me both shocked and surprised.
05:04:23n1cky[Saint]: thank you.
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05:07:43n1ckyhow do you guys manage your music libraries? I use beets
05:08:03n1ckythinking i might make a weekend project out of importing from it, they just use sqlite
05:11:43[Saint]I use Musicbrainz Picard to manage my library metadata tagging and replaygain, with some scripting to reorganise on import to */<first letter of album artist name>/<album artist>/<YYYY>/<album>/<disc N>/NN-<trackname>.ext
05:11:59[Saint]and from there I just drag-n-drop to my DAPs.
05:13:08n1ckyHave you heard of beets before? Though your scripting does a lot of what it otherwise would have done, it can do a lot of extra cool stuff and it's really well engineered.
05:13:22n1ckyfor example i have replaygain generated for tracks, it grabs album art and lyrics
05:14:07[Saint]I have a metric shittone of audio files, to to make sure that a lot of media players stopped falling over trying to count so make directories in the structure I had it in, I had to do /Music/{*|0|1|2|3|...|A|B|C|D...}/Album Artist/Album/...
05:14:22[Saint]SOmewhere in the order of 2.4TB now
05:14:36[Saint]*so many
05:15:23n1ckylol yeah you're probably better off without it then. :S
05:15:28n1ckyit would struggle.
05:15:31[Saint]and, yeah, musicbrainz picard can do exactly that as well. I do have it grab cover art and both metadata embed it and create a cover.jpg file in the album folders.
05:15:47[Saint]it can also grab lyrics, I just don't use that feature.
05:15:56[Saint]it can also time sync the lrc files for you.
05:16:14[Saint]musicbrainz picard is preeeeeeety bloody powerful.
05:16:32n1ckybeets uses musicbrainz as a backend, it's really just nice for the command line utilities it provides
05:16:37[Saint]with a craptonne of extensions via third party plugins.
05:16:42[Saint]ah, I see.
05:17:36[Saint]But, yeah, I already have a semi-automated import process.
05:17:50n1ckyits a bit more fun that way. :)
05:17:56[Saint]But I like to manually review it all anyway because I'm a real anal bastard about my metadata.
05:18:15n1ckyTo that point, i have had it miss-match songs and that's extremely frustrating.
05:18:30[Saint]right, that's why my process is /semi/ automated.
05:18:38[Saint]I learned that lesson the hard way.
05:20:01[Saint]I have also had to tickle musicbrainz's certainty thresholds for matching to cutom levels to meet some of the fairly obscure shit I listen to.
05:20:41[Saint]I have submitted a metric craptonne of audio signatures and metadata to acoustid now.
05:21:10[Saint]about a terrabyte of mp3 320 CBR's worth.
05:22:10n1ckyso rockboxui plays the files fine.
05:22:56n1ckyI'm going to try putting a git-build on the device and see if it changes anything
05:24:25n1cky[Saint]: I should start doing that, I've had some albums without any data
05:26:43[Saint]yeah I figure that if I can make life mildly less annoying for other people who happen to try and tag the same album(s) further down the line, then, so be it.
05:27:23[Saint]it takes little time out of my day to correct incorrect existing or add some correct metadata.
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05:58:21n1ckyi'm having trouble with gerrit login, clicking the login button and going through github oauth redirects me to a 404?
05:58:26n1ckya 404 on github, even stranger.
06:04:38[Saint]google oath2 login works fine for me here.
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06:06:08n1ckyi'll figure it out tomorrow. Night.
06:06:10[Saint]are you sure you're going to n1cky?
06:06:37n1ckyyou mean
06:07:01[Saint]you said you were having trouble with the gerrit login.
06:07:11n1ckyyeah, i am.
06:07:23[Saint]right. and that's the gerrit login url.
06:07:31n1ckyit redirects me to[...]
06:07:40n1ckywhich 404's.
06:09:07[Saint]the above url takes me to a page where I can select between google and github oauth2 providers, and I select google as my oauth2 provider (as I am logged in to my google account in chrome), and it just works.
06:09:24n1ckyyeah, I had that, but now it redirects
06:09:40n1ckyi have no idea what's going on, but i'll chalk it up to being my browser for now and worry about it tomorrow
06:09:52n1ckyi've had problems with other projects' gerrits before
06:10:11[Saint]sounds like it's some DNS fuckup on your end.
06:10:16[Saint]or your providers.
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08:57:51n1ckyi couldn't sleep so i decided to work on some things
08:58:57n1cky#1: I was able to build rockbox with arm-non-eabi-gcc by changing configure a bit. I know you guys don't like the idea of updating the toolchain, but 4.4.4 doesn't build with 5.2.0 and that left me in a hard position.
08:59:12 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
08:59:26n1ckyit flashed fine and is running well, no more crashes and is playing those songs that were previously broken.
09:00:14n1cky#2: I have a small change to that allows rebuilding to be continued easier.
09:01:12n1ckywhenever you guys see this, let me know if i should push the configure changes to gerrit for 5.2.0. We can -2 it right away but it'd be nice to have up there so that others could easily try.
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09:06:42n1cky(let's not chalk up the fixes of my system as a product of the toolchain, by the way. I was running a much older build)
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16:14:34ulmutuln1cky: gerrit seems to store the login choice; if you delete your browser's cookies, you'll get the github/google selection page back again.
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20:28:47n1ckyI was able to get it, thanks ^
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21:08:54emp^bbbIs there an updated version of mkamsboot.exe for the sansa clip+? It does not support the latest clip+ firmware version 01.02.18 (message: [ERR] Original firmware unknown) ...
21:08:56 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
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21:13:28pamauryemp^bbb: I think the version of the repository supports it
21:13:55pamaurybut I'm unsure it has been released
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22:07:24n1ckyis there interest in me updating everything to arm-none-eabi?
22:07:49emp^bbbthats a shame that it has not been released yet
22:08:11n1ckyrockbox has not reevaluated the toolchain choice since something like 2006
22:08:36n1ckygiven that it builds fine with a two line diff in tools/configure, 5.2.0 seems nice.
22:08:47n1ckyi could update to pull in 5.2.0 instead?
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22:16:42emp^bbband you are right - the mkamsboot of the repository supports the latest sansa clip+ firmware
22:17:40emp^bbbit checks for the md5sum of version 01.02.18 (MODEL_CLIPPLUS, "01.02.18", "80b547244438b113e2a55ff0305f12c0")
22:18:22n1ckyi have class now, but I can't push my commit with gerrit, getting denied. fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /rockbox
22:18:26n1ckybe back later.
22:23:18pamauryn1cky: which command line did you use to push ?
22:23:44pamauryyeah I think updating the compiler would be useful, especiall since arm-none-eabi is really used everywhere now
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