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#rockbox log for 2015-09-18

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10:38:52wodzkugel: Logging value of thread_self() in _battery_level() gives 0x102 while main thread gives 0x100. So yes we try to do jni calls outside from main thread.
10:39:28kugeli know, those calls come from our powermgmnt thread
10:39:36kugelor power thread, whatever the name was
10:41:05wodzkugel: What is your opinion how worker thread should be designed? Should it be created from native part or in java. How to pass messages?
10:45:01kugelwodz: actually I'd try to use our main thread
10:45:27kugelthen you can use queue_send() which is synchronous
10:46:15kugeli have a patch somewhere that adds a SYS_EVENT that takes a callback, and the callback is called on the main thread
10:46:57kugelotherwise you could spawn a pthread with a pthread_cond_wait based mainloop
10:48:45wodzkugel: I don't know well this part of code - where is main loop where I could stick queue check?
10:50:33kugelyou use queue_post(&button_queue, ...) to post events or queue_send(&button_queue, )
10:53:43wodzkugel: You mean to hack in default_event_handler_ex() new type of message, like SYS_JNI_CALL or something like this, right?
10:55:44wodzhacking time then !
10:57:41kugelwodz: found it:
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11:00:14kugeli implemented run_on_ui_thread() in apps
11:00:28kugelso either move it to firmware or do queue_post() manually
11:00:55kugelthe downside is that the callback is void/void, so no context or return value
11:01:51kugelnot a big deal for battery readout though: do the post and return the global variable's value, the callback can simply update the global
11:02:22wodzkugel: battery reading is the tip of the iceberg
11:03:08wodzkugel: I bet we do jni calls from other places as well
11:06:48wodzkugel: If I understand correctly the callback for button_queue is defined so you abuse data part as function pointer?
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11:58:26kugelwodz: the other day you mentioned that reversing the logic (i.e. having the java side set the global) also works, I'd think that would be easiest
11:59:17wodzkugel: This actually work, I tested it. The thing is that AFAIK we have more places with JNI calls outside of main thread
11:59:37kugelI'm not so sure actually
12:00:43kugelupdating the display is done on the main thread, button reading already uses the reversed logic. pcm callback is also safe i think
12:00:58kugelthere is not a lot of jni calls left, if any
12:01:04wodzIt was reported that after commenting out the guts of __battery_level() the app crashes when entering WPS
12:02:31wodzHa! delegating jni call from __battery_level() to main thread works.
12:05:35kugelah right, the statusbar notification is probably called from the audio or buffering thread (see apps/hosted/android)
12:06:41wodzkugel: What is the android path for adb push so I could easily find uploaded test file?
12:07:48kugelwhich file?
12:08:21kugelyou can do adb install rockbox.apk
12:09:11wodzI want to upload mp3 or ogg to test WPS issue
12:09:34kugel/sdcard/ should work
12:09:49wodzI don't have sdcard here
12:10:47kugelyea, doesnt matter
12:10:57wodzlets try
12:11:13kugel /sdcard is part of the ABI if you wish
12:12:38wodzfailed to copy 'vorbis_096.ogg' to '/sdcard/096.ogg': Read-only file system
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12:14:41kugelno idea then
12:15:26kugelperhaps you need to allow write from adb somehow? (never had that problem)
12:15:29wodzok, worked it out
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12:18:57wodzkugel: It crashes when starting playback before displaing WPS. Nothing meaningfull in logcat
12:19:40kugeltry disabling the code in apps/hosted/android/notification.c
12:22:42wodzNow it enters WPS but playback doesn't start and then it crashes after few seconds
12:23:08wodznothing interesting in logcat
12:26:20wodznow it throws something which basically points out again not some jni call probably.
12:26:33wodz*to some
12:26:37kugelah it's a mess
12:27:15kugelpcm_play_dma_* suffer from the same problem
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12:31:03wodzI guess it is not sensible to shift such calls to main thread through queue
12:37:09kugelit sucks that we can't use queue_event for pthreads
12:38:22kugeloh wait, we can
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12:38:50kugelby (ab)using our multicore support
12:42:04wodzkugel: I abstracted all dma stuff by posting to queue and it works!
12:42:51wodzkugel: pcm_set_mixer_volume() is the only one which can't be done like this since it gets int parameter
12:45:00kugelwodz: if we'd implement corelock_{lock,unlock} (with a standard pthread mutex) we an use queue_wait on a external pthread
12:46:01kugelwith a separate event queue we can better use the data parameter and return value (by enabling synchronous queue_send())
12:46:55kugeli did this in my playbacklib a while ago (though there I made all rockbox threads be pthreads)
12:47:29wodzwhats wrong with doing the same here?
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13:32:42wodzI workaround pcm_set_mixer_volume() so now only notification stuff is left.
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13:50:11kugelwodz: nothing
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14:27:20wodzOk I have it all running.
14:27:43wodzConsidering how massive hack it is I am surprised how easy this was.
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14:41:28wodzkugel, [Saint]:
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