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#rockbox log for 2015-09-20

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00:41:31Bray90820Does rockbox support iTunes format audiobooks
00:41:37Bray90820Assuming they don't have DRM
00:43:37munchitunes audiobooks are just chaptered m4a files. contain drm but that's defeatable. m4a is supported afaik.
00:50:41Bray90820munch: So it doesn't have chapters or anything?
00:50:50Bray90820Sorry that's not what I meant
00:51:43[Saint]I'm failing to see how munch's statement doesn't answer the question.
00:51:59Bray90820That's because I said it wrong
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00:52:40Bray90820Like when you hit the next button it goes to the next chapter
00:52:54Bray90820Maybe I am unfused about how audiobooks work in iTunes
00:58:34Bray90820Idk if iTunes works the same as audible
01:02:09munchaudible's audio books use a proprietary format (aax) that hadn't yet been defeated last i checked.
01:03:46Bray90820I wasn't talking about stripping the DRM tho I was actually talking about making my own from a CD and playing them back on Rockbox with chapter support
01:05:00Bray90820Eventho I did end up stripping the DRM From an audible Audiobook in realtime by having my mac record whatever the system output was
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01:05:41[Saint]Congratulations. You made a hilarious Rube Goldberg audiobook machine out of something that can be done trivially with a commandline toolset.
01:06:04[Saint]Though we won't talk about defeating DRM here...that's still mildly hilarious.
01:08:24Bray90820But what about creating my own for rockbox?
01:09:49[Saint]Your own what? You can create any file out of anything so long as it is in a supported container. We support m4a/b, we DO NOT support chaptering.
01:10:17[Saint]So you would need to either add bookmarks (stupid), or split it into separate files per-chapter (non-stupid).
01:10:23Bray90820That answered my question
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01:13:41Bray90820[Saint]: does rockbox resume playback on a file by file basis
01:14:01Bray90820Like If i wanted to create a bookmark or something?
01:14:50[Saint]You're mixing two terms. Yes. We support bookmarking. And of course it is per-file. Yes, we also support automatic resume entirely separate from bookmarking, this can also be per-file.
01:15:03[Saint]I highly suggest you spend some time with our fine manual that explains all this and more.
01:15:33Bray90820Sorry for being a noob :P
01:18:10[Saint]It's not that. It's not that at all. I can't expect you to know everything now can I? :)
01:18:10[Saint]But I *can* expect you to be able to read some documentation that can explain 99.999% of anything Rockbox related you could possibly ask me.
01:19:59Bray90820I honestly didn't know that documentation existed existed
01:20:20Bray90820My bad
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08:12:00trophyhi #rockbox
08:13:05trophyI'm trying to run, but it's throwing up these errors
08:13:27trophydoes anyone know what they mean?
08:15:07trophyor, perhaps what can be done to fix them?
08:15:24[Saint]what distro is this?
08:17:19[Saint]can you give me your texinfo version please?
08:25:08trophythere appears to be an answer here...
08:25:54[Saint]Yes. I can see that. But there's no immediately apparent reason as to why this would happen _now_.
08:26:17[Saint]I built the entire toolchain set on a debian machine a matter of days ago.
08:26:34[Saint]And this has existed for at least 2 years.
08:28:21trophymy computer has been a little iffy for the past few weeks
08:29:24[Saint]In that case I'm going to assume the problem lies with you then. If you don't mind.
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08:29:30[Saint]As a holdover, here:
08:29:40[Saint]04:52[Saint] ::
08:29:49[Saint]04:53[Saint] ::
08:32:23[Saint]That's enough to get you building.
08:32:39[Saint]Though I imagine you almost certainly only wanted armeabi.
08:33:57trophyyes, that is correct
08:34:23trophythank you, [Saint]
08:35:33[Saint]If you want you can grab the bin-only download and just extract it to ~
08:35:55[Saint]*buntu distros will automagically pick up ~/bin if it exists and append to path.
08:36:58[Saint](though it won't get picked up unless .bashrc is run in that session, ie. logout, login)
08:37:51[Saint]But I suspect you're a big boy and wear big boy pants and can adjust your own path to suit if need be.
08:38:03trophyI am!
08:39:08[Saint]I honestly don't know /why/ creates and keeps all that other cruft that's entirely superfluous to functionality.
08:39:26[Saint]I only just noticed a few weeks ago that we don't use anything outside of the bin folder.
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19:40:53[Franklin]what targets have USB_ENABLE_HID?
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21:31:00foolshyes, the encoder is in java, but an ondevice editor may be clunky as well
21:31:27[Franklin](continued from -community)
21:32:21foolsh=] the java app spits out some binary blob of some sort
21:33:01foolshI wonder if that is for the benefit of the hardware they use
21:33:31foolshwhats to stop us from just interpreting a script as plain text
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21:34:43foolshNo.. that would cause interchangeability issues between the two projects
21:35:26[Franklin]that's what I was thinking
21:35:29[Franklin]plain-text scripts
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21:35:41[Franklin]sorry, afk now
21:36:14foolshOk, plain text is a good start though
21:37:33[Franklin]I'm also planning to make the two script formats compatible
21:37:56pamaury[Franklin]: about USB_ENABLE_HID, it's not that easy to know that
21:38:18pamauryI once wrote a script to check on which targets some defines are defined, let me find it
21:39:59pamaury[Franklin]: pamaury/3fa6ff03ecc26387b977">
22:24:57pamaury[Franklin]: here is a list pamaury/77d3be4e5696232a9d2d">
22:25:17pamauryI only have the arm compiler so for other architecture I don't have the results
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22:36:33foolsh[Franklin]: yeah, it appears that the java app is only for the benefit of the hardware they use. The plain text scripts are the "real" payloads
22:36:52foolshso they java app is only really good for reference
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23:15:11[Saint]Can someone PLEASE fix up gerrit?
23:15:26[Saint]I liked it better when I /couldn't/ log in, but it was actually useful.
23:15:57[Saint]There's no point in being able to use oauth2 if every other feature we were using on Gerrit is now missing and/or broken.
23:16:15[Saint]How have more people not bitched about this?
23:21:01jtdesigns01i dont fully understand what gerrit is, but i will be happy to complain once i am enlightened
23:23:49[Saint]List of things now broken or you can no longer do:
23:23:49[Saint] - view individual file changes from a patch set
23:23:49[Saint] - cherrypick/clone/checkout direct from gerrit (you can now ONLY download an archive file or craft a custom URL)
23:23:49DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
23:23:49[Saint] - view dependency flows for patch sets
23:23:59[Saint] - view ANYTHING when not logged in
23:24:38[Saint]It's near useless. It has gone from being a useful tool to a place where shit gets thrown at the wall until it sticks.
23:24:53[Saint]May as well move to fucking GitHub.
23:26:26[Franklin][Saint]: I have, trust me
23:26:52[Saint]You seem to be the only other guy that's noticed this.
23:27:09[Saint]I find that genuinely hard to believe.
23:28:08[Franklin]you're usually the one that tells me to stop complaining :P
23:28:56jtdesigns01could somebody add yahoo to gerrits oauth providers?
23:30:32[Franklin]I suppose I'll use pastebin for my rockbox version control for the time being
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