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#rockbox log for 2015-09-21

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00:38:06[Saint][7]: May I pounce on you?
00:38:06[Saint]Is there any obvious reason not to change:
00:38:06[Saint]CFLAGS=-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE ../$toolname-$version/configure −−target=$target −−prefix=$prefix −−enable-languages=c −−disable-libssp −−disable-docs $configure_params
00:38:06[Saint]CFLAGS="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fgnu89-inline" ../$toolname-$version/configure −−target=$target −−prefix=$prefix −−enable-languages=c −−disable-libssp −−disable-docs $configure_params
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00:38:07[Saint]in to get around building with GCC =< 4.4.4?
00:38:42[Saint]I can't see one myself but compiler flags aren't exactly my specialty
00:39:31[Saint]Without it, you get:
00:40:11[Saint]I just don't want to get griped at for a hackish solution to a problem if I push this to gerrit if there's a cleaner or more obvious solution that I'm missing.
00:40:28[Saint]And I recalled that you're fairly handy with this type of thing.
00:40:41[7]tbh no idea what you're talking about
00:40:57[7]neither seen that error before nor a -fgnu89-inline flag being used, nor do I have an idea what the latter does
00:42:01[Saint]That error will pop up if the host system has gcc =< 4.4.4, which isn't terribly common yet I imagine.
00:42:30[Saint]Outside Arch it probably doesn't happen at all without deliberate intervention.
00:42:51[7]you mean >=?
00:43:39[Saint]Ah. Fuck. Yes, I do. Typing is like,,,hard and stuff.
00:43:50[7]if adding that flag seems to work around the issue, I see no reason to not do that - I don't think it would affect the compiler's output in any way, just maybe compilation speed, compiler binary size, things like that
00:44:14[7]and probably in a non-noticable way if at all
00:45:22[Saint]Hmmmm. I'll probably just push it and wait for gcc 4.4.4 to see more widespread deployment in the more popular distros, and in turn for others to realize it is a problem.
00:45:51[Saint]At the very least when that happens it'll encourage someone to find the right solution.
00:45:53[Franklin]isn't the current GCC like 5.2?
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00:48:41[7][Saint]: regarding that patched rockbox on github, that one is really funny
00:48:58[7]let me try to explain the situation:
00:49:12[7]we had two bugs in the ata driver, completely unrelated to each other
00:49:37[7]one was causing the mess with tarkan's adapters, one was causing minor performance issues at worst
00:49:57[7]as I did a major overhaul of that driver, I pushed both fixes to gerrit as a single changeset
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00:50:38[7]the latter fix then uncovered that weirdness of the CE-ATA drives, which basically just worked due to the second bug in the past
00:51:03[7]reverting that fix was by no means a proper solution for that issue, but to make matters worse, the tarkan fixes were reverted on that branch as well
00:51:16[7]then we realized what was causing that CE-ATA problem and fixed it
00:52:09[7]the fix got pulled into that branch - but apparently the branch maintainer didn't realize that and merged those fixes on top of the reverted old fixes
00:53:19[7]so that branch will be completely broken with tarkan adapters, have minor issues with all other drives, and will work with CE-ATA drives equally well as the official builds ;)
00:53:46[7]so yeah, there's absolutely no point in using the master branch in that repository
00:54:06[Saint]I'll bundle that up into a pastebin and drop it into the guy's forum thread.
00:56:30[Franklin]foolsh: do you have a target to test USB HID on?
00:56:45foolshtwo accually
00:56:46[7]the SSD branch is even more funny
00:57:36[7]apart from some unrelated stuff that sneaked into that SSD patch (such as enabling the test-disk plugin, some audio buffer alignment stuff, etc.), it only patches the PP ipod ata driver
00:58:02[7]that code isn't being used on ipod classic at all ;)
00:58:29[7]oh wow, what do I see here?
00:59:11[Saint]That's one of proff_wolfff's MANY patches.
00:59:32[Saint]He's got IAP partially working, Recording working, serial, etc. etc.
00:59:43[Saint]He's been busy but no one can validate his patches.
00:59:49[7]yeah, very impressed by that! looks like my emcore SAT work finally kicked something off in that direction :)
01:00:15[Saint]If you could go through gerrit and push...that would be a godsend.
01:00:36[Saint]The problem, however, is that the new gerrit instance fucks up dependency listing.
01:00:45[Saint]So applying the patches in order is a fucking minefield.
01:01:14[7]tbh I think I should just hand over target maintainership to him - I'm certain that he knows those beasts much better than I do by now (both because of him digging deeper, and my memory starting to fade)
01:01:49[7]and as you're aware I'm not really active here anymore apart from an occasional look in here
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01:01:56*[Saint] nods
01:02:13[7]I don't even have commit access anymore, so it's kinda nonsense to have me maintain that thing ;)
01:02:24[Saint]the problem seems to be that he's unwilling to push direct to mainline and no one else understands the target internals.
01:02:50[Saint]I'll see if I can't poke someone into committing them.
01:03:06[Saint]Recording and serial are two biggies that should definitely go in.
01:03:31[7]well getting stuff reviewed is generally not a bad idea - if there's anyone who can actually review it in a useful manner
01:05:23[7]officially handing over port maintainership to him might encourage him to actually push his stuff instead of waiting for others to review
01:06:05[7]given that he's likely the one who knows most about these devices by now, he should be the one having the final word on what goes in and what doesn't
01:06:34[Saint]prof_wolfff: (logs) this ^
01:06:53[Saint]tl;dr: push your shit, yo.
01:07:36[Saint]Except the plainly silly undervolting/underclocking one that makes the UI completely unusable, naturally.
01:07:38[7]no idea who would be in charge of formally making such a decision - but I wouldn't have any objections about handing ipod classic (and likely nano2g as well) port maintainership over to him (if we even have something like port maintainers formally)
01:08:21[Saint]Yeah. I'm not entirely sure there's any type of formal arrangement here.
01:08:27[Franklin]foolsh: can you see if this compiles?
01:08:51foolshSure will, right after the toolchain build ;)
01:08:58[7]well, just let him know that I won't be holding anything back then
01:09:20[Franklin]I think [Saint] has a prebuilt one
01:09:56[Saint][2015 09 20 18:29:40] <[Saint]> ::
01:09:56[Saint][2015 09 20 18:29:49] <[Saint]> ::
01:10:20[Saint]that's everything except Android.
01:13:19[Saint] would think that guy would've clocked with his ssd branch as son as he started touching firmware/target/arm/pp/*
01:15:40[7]I'm kinda surprised that the android builds and nightlies and whatnot on my server still seem to be working btw ;)
01:16:22[Saint]Likely because you're using an ancient version of the SDK and haven't touched it for an eternity.
01:16:42[Saint]If you tried to set it up now, you would see it fall over.
01:17:23[Saint]the check for the build-tools package version is failing for some reason I couldn't be bothered figuring out so I went back to just hardcoding it.
01:18:58[Saint]And zipalign moved
01:20:19[Saint]Personally I think hardcoding it is a cleaner solution.
01:21:09foolsh[Franklin]: having trouble with the prebuilt for some reason, shouldn't be to long for to finish
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01:30:59[Saint]well...that went well.
01:31:10[Saint][7]: ^
01:33:04[Saint]#if [Saint] == true
01:33:04[Saint] then set_panties_bunched
01:36:27[Saint]Apparently, [7], you're a dirty dirty liar and this isn't fixed in upstream for CEATA.
01:39:12[Franklin]foolsh: I have no idea if it compiles or not
01:39:33[Franklin]my clipv2 target refuses to build correctly just finished
01:39:55foolshbuilding fine so far
01:42:54foolsh[Franklin]: try building for the Sansa e200
01:44:13foolshIt built fine for fuze +
01:44:44[Franklin]does the plugin get installed?
01:47:23foolshit should, lemme check the zip
01:47:56jtdesigns01ive got a fuze+ on my desk if anyone wants me to test something on it
01:48:11foolshyea, but it I forgot to assign a category
01:48:15jtdesigns01(not sure what you guys are talking abt so just thought id put that out
01:48:33foolshit dropped it in .rockbox/rocks
01:49:36[Franklin]try enabling USB HID mode, plug it in, and run a test file
01:49:40[Franklin]wait a sec...
01:52:13[Franklin]type this into a file and give it an arbitrary extension:
01:52:17[Franklin]REM test
01:52:35[Franklin]then associate ducky.rock with that extension in .rockbox/apps/viewers.config
01:52:55[Franklin]then plug it in with HID enabled, and run the file
01:54:30jtdesigns01hold on, need to re-pull into a new dir
01:54:40foolshYou do know who you're talking to don'tcha?
01:54:44foolshI got this
01:55:13jtdesigns01was that directed to me?
01:55:21[Franklin]I was saying it for jtdesigns01's benefit ;)
01:55:30jtdesigns01cd ../
01:55:36[Franklin]it should make the start menu pop up on a windows box
01:55:52jtdesigns01woops, wrong window selected
01:56:34[Franklin]anyway, I'll package it up into a patch set to simplify the process a bit
01:58:06jtdesigns01question, when i set it to usb hid mode and then plug in, i still get the usb connected screen, so i cant do anything
01:58:29[Franklin]that's a problem...
01:58:41jtdesigns01sorry to be a noob (only time will fix that :p )
01:59:20*[Franklin] has been on hiatus for a while
02:00:01*[Franklin] doesn't know how it all works anymore...
02:00:34[Franklin]try using the remote_control plugin
02:00:58jtdesigns01you mean start it before i plug in, already tried that
02:01:32foolshyeah, this will have to sit above the HID setting some where
02:01:44jtdesigns01nearly done pulling
02:02:05[Franklin]how does the remote_control plugin do that?
02:02:19jtdesigns01do what?
02:02:27[Franklin]not go to the usb connected screen
02:02:45foolshwell could execute the plugin and wait
02:02:46jtdesigns01it *does* for me
02:02:52jtdesigns01done pulling
02:02:58[Franklin]jtdesigns01: are you sure that you have HID enabled?
02:03:37jtdesigns01"USB HID" is set to "Yes"
02:04:03foolsh[Franklin]: this is what happens
02:04:30foolshwhen the HId is enabled, it takes over as soon as usb is connected
02:04:50[Franklin]what about when it's disabled?
02:04:53foolshIf I execute the plugin by opening the file, it just sits there
02:05:13foolshbut I can't execute it if usb is plugged in
02:05:35foolshbecause the input in the DAP is presented to the computer
02:05:50[Franklin]i.e. keypad mode?
02:06:23[Franklin]try disabling it
02:06:34[Franklin]then exec the file
02:08:00foolshI have to disable HID mode then
02:08:23foolshdefeats the purpose, its not placed in the right spot
02:08:33[Franklin]is there a separate setting for USB keypad mode?
02:08:48foolshonly a choice to which mode you wanrt
02:08:55[Franklin]manual says it's toggled with REC
02:09:00foolshIt would be nice if
02:09:32foolshexecuting the plugin, would cause it to wait for usb connection, and capture it before the kernel does
02:09:45foolshnot sure that's possible yet
02:09:49[Franklin]that's what I was thinking
02:10:02jtdesigns01whats the name of the plugin
02:10:28[Franklin]though it doesn't matter, because I've just provided it's source code
02:10:38foolshsome output on the DAP would be nice to, it's just blank, could tell us if there's a connection and that it's waiting
02:10:42[Franklin]stupid gerrit
02:10:54foolshyes ducky
02:10:59foolshit opens dck files
02:11:11foolshthough might want to think about that one
02:11:27jtdesigns01sorry to be a noob, but did you commit ducky to trunk
02:11:35*[Franklin] isn't a dev :P
02:11:40jtdesigns01then how do it get it
02:11:42[Franklin]nor is foolsh here
02:12:01foolshwe needs gerrit back
02:12:42jtdesigns01then how do i get ducky?
02:13:02[Franklin]download the code from
02:13:11jtdesigns01oh ok
02:13:19[Franklin]actually, do as foolsh says then
02:13:24[Saint][Franklin]: regarding "how do I get patches from Gerrit now?", there's a download option, top right, with a drop down menu to select the archive type.
02:13:29foolshhang on I'll upload a
02:13:31[Saint]It's not ideal, but, it's all there is.
02:15:48jtdesigns01was that a fuze+ build?
02:17:08foolshbut it don't work yet
02:17:25foolshIt's still sitting below the kernel
02:17:39[Franklin]I'm sure remote_control works
02:17:46[Franklin]I just want to figure out how
02:18:17foolshI'll get that e2xx out this week and you can really see then
02:18:31[Franklin]really, thanks foolsh
02:23:01[Franklin]jtdesigns01: there's really no point in "testing" right now
02:23:07[Franklin]nothing works as of yet
02:23:10jtdesigns01oh ok
02:24:41[Franklin]for the time being, you can savor my 2048 plugin :)
02:24:54jtdesigns01i just lol
02:28:54[Franklin]anyway, night
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02:31:35jtdesigns01going afk for a while
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10:02:19wodzkugel: ping
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13:28:33erroreaHi there
13:30:06erroreaIts a long time ago since I used rockbox. Now I have a question: Is it possible to map the keys of the player differently with rockbox? I have a device here where the "volumeUP" button is broken and wondered if it is "easy" to remap it with Rockbox. Thanks
13:35:01gevaertserrorea: I'd suggest not remapping but using the quickscreen instead
13:35:21gevaertsYou can easily add volume there
13:37:46erroreawhats the quickscreen? as i said,didnt use for long (4-5years at least) and also cannot install without problems (first have to repair superblock of device somehow)
13:37:56erroreais it easy to use and practical in everyday use?
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13:46:06erroreagevaerts: mentioning your name just to make sure :)
13:46:50gevaertserrorea: have a look at
13:47:21gevaerts(I picked the clip+ manual, look for the corresponding bit in the manual for your device)
13:47:38erroreaits the clip+
13:47:42erroreathank you
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14:18:31erroreathanks againgevaerts,helped out, I have new hope for the device now. have a good time everybody
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17:33:41prof_wolfffThe Seven, Saint: i will commit ipod patches in the next few days, actually there is a set of final gerrit patches prepared, i am delaying it because i am trying to merge locally my gerrit branch with the bootloader branch, i started it on a different branch on a different computer and actually lots of files are modified, i am forcing code a bit because i want unique files for RB, dfu installer and the bootloader
17:35:58prof_wolfffthe bootloader is going fine, ATM there are dualboot installer and uninstaller binaries in rbutils/mk6gboot/dualboot/*, they are embedded into a DFU generic container using rbutils/mk6gboot/mkdfu executable, mkdfu creates a .dfu containing dualboot-installer + build/bootloader.ipod, i am executing it on ipod using, the dualboot-installer.dfu installs or updates RB bootloader.bin in NOR (original NORBOOT is moved), the du
17:35:58prof_wolfffalboot-uninstaller.dfu removes bootloader.bin from NOR and leaves the device on its original state, all of this is already working! ATM i am using a bootloader.bin that produces 3 beeps and launch the OF, button press are also detected, i am paused at the preliminary HW initialization prior to initialize system and kernel and mount the HDD to locate rockbox.bin and launch it, i hope to have time in the next 2 days to get some funct
17:35:59prof_wolfffional thing to upload to gerrit
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18:14:04pamaury[Saint]: about gerrit: I've pinged Bjorn several times without response
18:29:27 Quit maruk (Quit: Leaving.)
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19:50:46ruhannndoes windows still suck to use with ipod6g
19:50:50ruhannnor does it always suck
19:54:43 Join Markmaster [0] (
20:04:05amayerruhannn: from what Ive heard as long as you dont have iTunes installed it should work fine.
20:04:31ruhannnAh. So thats probably my problem
20:04:40ruhannnI just installed the driver because screw itunes
20:04:54ruhannnBonjour or whatver
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21:50:36TheSevenprof_wolfff: that sounds great!
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23:52:38[Saint]pamaury: (logs) that is....unfortunate.
23:53:26 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:54:39[Saint]I absolutely adore the fact that Haxx and the Swedes provide these services, but it is extremely problematic when they become the sole point of contact for maintenance when they have all stated that their desire for involvement is minimal at best.
23:55:45[Saint]We need to have a serious discussion about things like Gerrit, the main build farm host, hosting, and what other services and options are open to us.
23:57:29[Saint]I am quite happy to host the build farm myself if need be.
23:57:50[Saint]But that is less of a problem because it "Just Works" I suppose.
23:58:05[Saint]Gerrit, however, is a huge problem.
23:58:49[Saint]...may as well move to bloody GitHub if everything that made Gerrit enticing is either broken or never came to fruition.

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