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#rockbox log for 2015-09-24

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03:49:35[Franklin]can't push to gerrit
03:51:37foolshold openid account?
03:51:48[Franklin]had an old SSH key in there
03:52:14[Franklin]ok, g#1212
03:52:26fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1212 at : DuckyScript plugin by Franklin Wei
03:52:27[Franklin]still nothing works, totally untested
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08:18:07wodzpamaury: (log) Thanks for your effort to make gerrit usable again. Besides anonymous browsing I strongly miss cherry-pick/checkout/fetch etc. urls
08:19:13wodzpamaury: (log) Scratch that! I accidentally find out that the commands are there! They are hiding in 'Download' dropdown menu.
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09:53:32wodzgevaerts: ping
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10:56:47pamaurywodz: yeah the checkout commands now are in the download menu
10:57:00pamauryI'm trying to get bjorn enable anonymous access and openid login
11:01:04pamaurywodz: I think anonymous access is working now
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11:56:49gevaertswodz: pong?
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14:00:24wodzgevaerts: I wanted to ask how to link tlsf into the main binary. I hacked something but I am not sure this is the proper way
14:08:59kugelwodz: iirc you add it to CORE_LIBS in its
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14:30:06wodzkugel: can you remind me what was the function printing to the logcat?
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15:07:30wodzkugel: I implanted tlsf + mmap as alloc backend in your 'malloc backend for buflib' patch.
15:08:31wodzkugel: for 480x800 it ends up with 8.59MB tlsf pool before playback
15:09:08kugelsounds like a lot though
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15:14:00wodzwhen starting playback it doubles the pool
15:14:25wodzwell almost
15:14:47wodzkugel: Any simple test to check if this is working properly?
15:16:30kugelwodz: playback is one of the "give me everything you got" type of allocation
15:17:05kugeli think my patch gives MEMORYSIZE bytes to each, should be 8MB as per configure
15:18:05wodzkugel: could be it allocates 8654848 bytes (but this is after rounding and aligning)
15:19:21kugelnot sure how to test
15:19:33kugelthere is a buflib submenu in the debug menu
15:20:07kugelselecting the first debug alloc frees it, then it attempts a 64k alloc which should trigger compaction
15:20:17kugelbut compaction is not a thing i guess
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15:24:49wodzbig allocations are 'tc tempbuf', 'tagtree' and 'audiobuf' as you said
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15:27:25kugeltc tempbuf another "give me everything you got" type
15:27:47kugelnot sure about tagtree
15:28:22kugeldircache would make for another one, but that's disabled on hosted
15:30:08wodz'give me all' strategy is a bit problematic
15:31:34kugelit's only strictly necessary for playback to maximize the size of the audio buffer
15:32:33kugelthe other ones shrink themselves after initialisation so they could also use a "give me X MB", but I'm not sure it's so much better
15:32:41wodzwell, on hosted audio buffer doesn't have to be that big
15:32:59wodzthis are flash targets
15:33:24kugeleverything is defined by MEMORYSIZE currently, it doesn't have to be a lot
15:36:53wodzbtw. I hit funny bug in tlsf with mmap backend - if first call is tlsf_malloc() everything works but if the first call is tlsf_calloc() it crashed because there was no check if internal structures got initialized :-)
15:41:47kugeli bet our tlsf copy is really old too, perhaps it was fixed upstream already
15:43:32kugel3.0 is altest
15:46:25wodzwe use 2.4 AFAIK
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20:13:19wodzkugel: There are two implementations of TLSF allocator 1) 2) We use 1 and there are only minor changes between upstream and ours. The changelog states that one bug was fixed due to rockbox project on some of the latest releases.
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22:29:41[Saint]Pretty sure that was [7] and emCORE/emBIOS.
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23:06:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 399904a, 255 builds, 28 clients.
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23:13:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 407 seconds.
23:13:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 399904a result: 0 errors 1 warnings
23:15:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 59928e6, 255 builds, 28 clients.
23:15:47[Saint]Is it a bug, or a feature, that Gerrit completely fucked up the website's commit list?
23:16:22[Saint]They're listedn in commit order, I _think_, but the dates are from when they were added as Gerrit tasks.
23:16:32[Saint]And that seems completely and entirely useless data.
23:18:20 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 42.0/20150921151815])
23:19:21b0hoonI don't remember how was it before ;)
23:20:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 286 seconds.
23:20:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 59928e6 result: 0 errors 1 warnings
23:20:49[Saint]I seem to recall from the subversion days that it took the date it was actually committed into mainline.
23:20:56[Saint]though I may be mistekn.
23:21:02[Saint]errr, mistaken.
23:21:27foolshit's still useless info
23:22:54[Saint]why so?
23:23:13[Saint]the date it entered mainline is more interesting than the date it entered the versinong system.
23:23:39[Saint]with the latter, we get commits with times that are skewed by over a year.
23:24:12[Saint]2015, 2015, 2015, 2015, ...hold up...what the fuck? 2014, 2015, etc.
23:24:59foolshno no I was speaking of the gerrit entry date as useless
23:25:16foolshregardless of what it was before
23:25:38*foolsh is feeling below par
23:26:37pamauryI think it's a bug of our website interface rather
23:26:49pamauryit displays the author time instead of committer time
23:27:00pamaurywhich is quite useless indeed
23:29:43[Saint]The amount of people with access to these services needs to chance.
23:29:53[Saint]I *want* to fix this type of shit.
23:30:20[Saint]But shitting a path out onto gerrit against the website is something I see as an effort in futility, sadly.
23:30:45[Saint]It'll sit there for 17 years.
23:31:04[Saint]also, *change
23:31:16[Saint]If that means moving services out of Swedeland, so be it.
23:32:24[Saint]There's apparently a few of us that don't want to give up.
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23:33:00foolshwith blckjack and hooker!
23:33:07foolshha sorry
23:33:10foolshcouldn't resist
23:33:17[Saint]But I'm getting to a point where I feel like a broken record.
23:33:33[Saint]Somethig needs to be done, I can't do it at all, and I certainly can't do it alone.
23:33:37b0hoonalso am i wrong or there was something like G#NUMBER in the description on page before when change was from gerrit?
23:34:43[Saint]b0hoon: iirc, at some stage the commit description was putting in a url to loop back to the task.
23:34:53[Saint]that doesn't seem to be a thing anymore.
23:35:42b0hoon[Saint]: yes that's what i'm talking about
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23:36:59b0hoonand the committer is now always
23:37:20b0hoonor Gerrit Rockbox
23:38:15kugel[Saint]: it was always displayed in auhtor date
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23:41:22b0hoonyes i see it by looking on the changes from the last release
23:48:10b0hoonAnyway i'm happy that gerrit is usable again. In most part of it.
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