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#rockbox log for 2015-09-25

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03:20:54[Franklin]now that gerrit works again, can someone commit g#1206?
03:21:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #1206 at : [Superdom] Bugfix by Franklin Wei
03:23:12[Saint]There was nothing stopping anyone from doing that prior.
03:23:49[Franklin]nobody could log into their "proper" account
03:24:07[Saint]Sure they could.
03:24:22[Saint]There were several people who still had active session cookies.
03:25:02[Saint]It was only problematic if you wiped out your cache or used an incognito/private browsing session.
03:26:35[Saint]But that part (oauth2) has been fixed for weeks now.
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03:51:46jtdesigns01So, i`m working on the code for SW:DF again, but i`m back at the problem i was at last time
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03:52:32jtdesigns01whenever i try to read into a struct, printing the contents of it tells me i`ve read a lot more than i was supposed too
03:53:21jtdesigns01basically, "rb->splash(HZ*2, current_header.magic);" prints about 7 characters, not 4
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03:54:35[Franklin]jtdesigns01: it's not null-terminated, most likely
03:54:49[Franklin]in C, the convention is for strings to be terminated by a NULL character
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03:55:35[Franklin]if you want to output a string with rb->splash, it must be null-terminated
03:55:38jtdesigns01hmm, so splash prints more than the array, just cuz theres no null termination?
03:55:52jtdesigns01mind blown
03:55:55[Franklin]it prints all the characters beyond the array until it encounters a NUL
03:56:03[Franklin]which is very, very bad
03:56:16jtdesigns01i knew strings were null terminated but i thought it was just convention
03:56:23jtdesigns01ok thanks
03:56:24[Franklin]it is just convention
03:56:39jtdesigns01well you get what i mean (i hope)
03:56:45[Franklin]there's no RULE that says that ALL strings must be null-terminated
03:56:46jtdesigns01at least, i get what you mean
03:56:54[Franklin]but it's deeply embedded into the language
03:57:01jtdesigns01(i think) :P
03:57:09[Franklin]i.e. all string literals are atuomatically terminated with a NUL
03:57:27[Franklin]jtdesigns01: you're also trying to print out a number, it seems
03:57:47jtdesigns01yeah, a pointer to the index
03:58:05[Franklin]when you pass it to rb->splash, it treats the number just like a string
03:58:25[Franklin]there's no automatic type conversion in C beyond the basics
03:58:28jtdesigns01how would i cast it?
03:58:34[Franklin]you wouldn't.
03:58:39[Franklin]instead, you'd use rb->splashf
03:58:46jtdesigns01oh, duh
03:58:53jtdesigns01lol thanks
03:59:05[Franklin]like this: rb->splashf(HZ, "%d", mynumber)
04:00:25jtdesigns01now to read in an index entry
04:02:47jtdesigns01hold on my, mom says i have to do the dishes first :)
04:03:00[Franklin]good night guys
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09:41:05wodzkugel: View buflib allocs debug screen crashes rb on ART. Seems like lcd_update() called from wrong thread
09:42:02wodzlcd_update_rect() to be more precise
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10:22:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d552ff2, 255 builds, 27 clients.
10:28:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 344 seconds.
10:28:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d552ff2 result: 0 errors 2 warnings
10:28:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 072d3cb, 255 builds, 27 clients.
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11:22:48wodzkugel: The interesting thing - if I protect lcd_update() and lcd_update_rect() to do something only when called from main thread the screen stays black.
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11:43:15wodzkugel: its scrolling which blows up lcd updates!
11:50:26wodzkugel: scroll_thread calls lcd_update_rect() so not all screen updates are from main thread.
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12:16:24wodzkugel: with your patch + tlsf + hacky fix for scroll crash forcing buflib compacting or buflib alloc doesn'
12:16:28wodzt kill playback
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12:33:01wodzmemory usage from system POV is around 2*MEMORYSIZE*1024*1024 + 0.5MB so with MEMORYSIZE set to 2 it is around 5MB, with default 8 it is over 16MB
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22:29:35joshuasm32What's the Emcore IRC channel?
22:29:43[Franklin]try #freemyipod
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23:10:29[Franklin]foolsh: what do you think about the duckyscript v2 spec?
23:11:31[Franklin]I added some arithmetic functions and conditional jumps
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23:30:10foolshOh sorry I ran out again to the store :P
23:30:27[Franklin]no problem
23:30:59foolshI was thinking we could do away with goto's as long as we had an else function
23:31:16foolshit may make the script longer and more complex but thats not an issue
23:32:43[Franklin]that might be to complex
23:33:08foolshThat cool it's your baby
23:39:21jtdesigns01ok, sorry to make you solve another one of my problems, but i am having trouble reading a binary file again
23:40:53jtdesigns01current_header.idx_offset has an offset to where i read num_files from
23:41:27jtdesigns01then, its supposed to skip 3 longs to the first index entry name
23:42:28jtdesigns01then, it should skip two longs to the next index entry name, and keep doing that for all the index entries
23:43:37jtdesigns01it reads the first name correctly, but after that, it reads only portions of the names
23:50:54jtdesigns01hooray, i figured it out!
23:51:39jtdesigns01i needed to add the size of the name to the incremented offset as well as the two longs
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