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#rockbox log for 2015-09-26

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01:19:19foolsh[Franklin]: viewers.config needs an entry, but thats not here nor there if it has to be implemented some other way, i.e. start plugin first and wait till usb connect
01:22:20[Franklin]I was thinking that "running" a file would wait for usb connect too
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01:34:09foolshAh yeah, that would need it then
01:34:28foolshcould have a start/pause/resume button
01:38:27[Franklin]maybe an interactive menu too
01:39:00[Franklin]and if it's run without a file, it goes to that menu directly
01:39:14[Franklin]and on that menu is stuff like execution speed, virtual keyboard, etc.
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01:40:55foolshI like that
01:43:07*[Franklin] isn't sure how the USB keyboard manages state (i.e. shift key held down)
01:43:19[Franklin]that might be a bit of a problem that needs figuring out
01:43:40*foolsh takes dive into remote_control.c
01:44:43[Franklin]so it appears that there's no key up event that needs to be sent
01:44:46[Franklin]only key down
01:44:56[Franklin]so no clues in remote_control as to how shift works
01:45:35[Franklin]foolsh: could you modify remote_control to add a shift option and test it?
01:46:02[Franklin]just make it send a shift key and see what happens
01:58:31[Franklin]the way USB works is that it's poll-based
01:58:43[Franklin]therefore, it might be that a key is "down" if it's polled to be down
01:59:13[Franklin]if that's true, you have to continuously send shift for it to be "held down"
01:59:19[Franklin](i think)
02:06:47*[Franklin] will probably have to experiment a bit once he gets the device
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02:42:44foolshapps/action.c is where I think the button press gets release on every tick
02:42:48TD-Linux[Franklin], USB HID keyboards have bitfields for modifiers + 6 8-bit keycodes that are down
02:42:55TD-Linuxthere are no "events"
02:44:09foolshAh this is good to know
02:47:08[Franklin]so to hold down shift, you just send shift and the key?
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02:56:20foolsh../firmware/usbstack/usb_hid_usage_tables.h:#define HID_KEYBOARD_LEFT_SHIFT 0xE1
02:56:20foolsh../firmware/usbstack/usb_hid_usage_tables.h:#define HID_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_SHIFT 0xE5
02:58:19foolshstring interpretation may need some work, to send the string "AAAaaabbabBB" would need some logic in place?
03:01:18[Franklin]something like the duckyscript parser conveniently has ;)
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03:17:47foolshhaha smart ass, you realize I know where you live right?
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03:22:20[Franklin]anyway, if it indeed works the way I think it does, everything should be relatively easy
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04:00:37jtdesigns01how would i make a menu from an array of strings?
04:01:01jtdesigns01or at least from a nondeterminate amount of custom strings?
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19:46:44[Franklin]is it possible for rockbox not to go to the USB connected screen on a USB connect?
19:47:03[Franklin]or, can I run a plugin after usb is connected?
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19:56:24gevaertsYou can hold a button while plugging in
19:57:05[Franklin]it works
19:57:13[Franklin]is there a setting for this?
19:57:24[Franklin]is there a reason not to add one?
19:57:50*gevaerts can't remember what the consensus was
19:58:08*[Franklin] doesn't see anything wrong with it
19:58:12[Franklin]and it
19:58:20[Franklin]and it'll save some headaches in the future
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20:35:14[Franklin]weird... rockbox/firmware/export/font.h:36:21: error: sysfont.h: No such file or directory
20:43:43[Franklin]it seems to be working again
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20:58:31*[Franklin] just messed up his "new" e200
20:58:48*[Franklin] tried reformatting it and now it won't boot
20:59:03[Franklin]lsusb says: 0781:0720 SanDisk Corp. Sansa C200 series in recovery mode
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21:00:44gevaertsHow did you try to reformat?
21:00:56gevaerts(apart from "wrongly")
21:01:00[Franklin]deleted all partitions, made a new one
21:01:05[Franklin]there were 2
21:01:11*[Franklin] probably deleted the firmware one too
21:01:13gevaertsWell, yes. You shouldn't have done that :)
21:01:21[Franklin]well, now I know
21:02:15gevaertsWell, off to you go
21:02:29*[Franklin] is already there
21:02:38[Franklin]so manufacturing mode then?
21:02:53gevaertsDepends. Does plain recovery mode work?
21:03:06*[Franklin] doesn't see any 16MB drive after following recovery mode instructions
21:03:23[Franklin]so I think it's "bricked"
21:03:41gevaertsIn that case manufacturing mode, yes
21:04:22[Franklin]so which mi4 to use?
21:04:31[Franklin]1.00.12 or 1.01.11A?
21:04:58gevaertsShouldn't matter
21:05:01[Franklin]or 1.02.15a?
21:05:06[Franklin]so just the latest one?
21:06:12gevaertsJust make sure to check that you copy the right files. Doing things like renaming a random file to something.bin and using that *can* brick the e200
21:06:45gevaertsBut if you use the correct files, I've never heard of recovery not working unless the hardware was broken
21:08:06[Franklin]recovery mode!
21:08:20gevaertsOn c200 there's a fun bug in the OF that makes it unable to reformat the data partition if the data partition is corrupted in the right way
21:08:51gevaertsBut on e200 I don't think we've seen that
21:08:53[Franklin]thankfully that thing got dropped in liquids a while ago :)
21:09:17*gevaerts hit that bug before it was known about :)
21:10:13[Franklin]gevaerts: so once in recovery mode I copy the same file I used with e200tool?
21:10:41[Franklin]or not
21:11:03gevaertsAnd the mi4 file
21:11:17gevaertsAnd a sansa.fmt file
21:11:27gevaertsSo three files in all
21:11:31[Franklin]you sure?
21:11:59[Franklin]the wiki says:
21:12:00[Franklin]Do not copy .rom, .btl, or .bin files to that partition unless you know exactly what you are doing. Again: You might brick your player!
21:12:04gevaertsBasically you're now in regular recovery mode except it was started from USB and not from flash
21:12:26gevaertsSo you do need to recover the bootloader
21:12:36[Franklin]so I ignore the "word of caution"
21:13:03gevaertsWell, not exactly
21:13:12gevaertsYou now know what you're doing :)
21:14:09gevaertsI don't think you'll be able to ruin much with .rom files anyway. It's the .bin files that are *really* dangerous
21:14:15[Franklin]ok, formatting
21:14:35gevaertsThose get flashed to the i2c boot rom, which happens to be the one that handles manufacturing mode
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