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#rockbox log for 2015-09-27

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00:51:20[Franklin]TD-Linux: how do I clear the HID "state"?
00:51:24[Franklin]i.e. no keys down
00:51:39TD-Linuxthe bitmask is blank and all six keycodes are FF iirc
00:53:14[Franklin]so how do I/can I do this with usb_hid_send()?
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07:58:29natanelhohave problems with clip zip can some1 help?
08:01:46natanelhoit stucks on bootloader screen of the rockbox, when trying to start OF it shows green screen. help?
08:06:18natanelhoalso how to operate failsafe usb mode?
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19:10:29*[Franklin] thinks he knows why key combos over USB aren't working
19:10:50[Franklin]each call to usb_hid_send() simulates a key down and then a key up event
19:26:21[Franklin]from my reverse-engineering of a USB keyboard, it seems that pressing a key down sends two packets, and releasing it also sends two
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19:30:54[Franklin]is there any way to have rockbox send only a 'key down' or 'key up' event?
19:58:43foolsh[Franklin]: Also what is wrong with sending (Shift+a, Shift+b, Shift+c) to send the string "ABC", that is what you're trying to figure out isn't it?
19:59:39[Franklin]now it should be possible to hold down keys
19:59:45[Franklin]and then release them when done
19:59:52[Franklin]just lemme test it ;)
20:01:29[Franklin]it seems to build OK
20:04:22foolshBy the way be EXTRA careful with the head phone jack on the e2X0, pull it straight out and plug it straight in, use slow controlled movements, I serious, it will break eventually, they all do, but if you're careful they will last a long time
20:04:52[Franklin]X=5 btw
20:05:31foolshso 2G?
20:06:06[Franklin]it's not working as expected
20:06:14foolshIt was built from extra parts so don't trust the cover
20:06:23[Franklin]what cover?
20:06:29foolshthe back cover
20:06:50[Franklin]I can see that you did me a favor by leaving all but 1 of the screws out :)
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20:07:26foolshI did you a favor by useing th elast screw I had :)
20:13:30foolshI have two e2X0s left one with no headphone jack and one with a broken screen
20:13:58foolshBetween the two I'll build me one to rule them all
20:15:55[Franklin]still isn't working as I'd expect
20:17:38*[Franklin] will try the forums
20:18:19[Franklin]somebody must know something about it
20:30:38foolshlook in action.c I seem to remember it doing things like clearing last keypress every tick, too bu that was from years ago when I was trying to fix the andriod port for my tilt2's button problem
20:31:06[Franklin]foolsh: I think that's for buttons on the device itself
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20:33:42*[Franklin] finally understands it
20:34:02[Franklin]each time a frame is sent to the host, it contains a "snapshot" of the current key state
20:34:54[Franklin]therefore, simulate multiple keypresses, they must all be in the same frame
20:41:04[Franklin]it appears that rockbox's HID driver allows for this already
20:41:19[Franklin]you can place up to 4 bytes in the key state at once
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21:10:28[Franklin]it works!
21:10:46[Franklin]ducky can now send up to a 4-key combo!
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21:16:19foolsh[Franklin]: very cool, gerrit?
21:17:36[Franklin]one sec
21:17:55[Franklin]still very limited
21:18:03[Franklin]strings don't work yet
21:18:11[Franklin]the only character you can type is 'D'
21:18:22[Franklin]but it proves the concept
21:18:51[Franklin]so type this into a .ds file, attach to a computer, and run the file: 'GUI D'
21:19:05[Franklin]should minimize all your windows
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21:48:11totalbroI'm looking to buy a device with high-quality audio support which can run Rockbox in an ideal way. Does anyone have a recommendation?
21:48:17[Saint]I believe the only acceptable total bro greeting is "sup bruh"
21:48:33[Saint]and/or saying "it's just a prank!" while getting pepper sprayed in the face.
21:48:36totalbroOh hey, saint, can I pick your ear in #freemyipod?
21:48:41totalbro*pick your brain lol
21:48:58[Saint]ipod6g, problem solved.
21:49:14totalbroI own it :/
21:49:26[Saint]it's the most available, highest build quality, most affordable, highest sound quality device we support.
21:49:28totalbroMine is broken, which is why I was in #freemyipod
21:49:32[Saint]without getting into the VERY silly ends.
21:49:57totalbroHaving an Emcore issue, might be able to fix it (but suspect that it's my hardware)
21:50:07[Saint]WHat's the issue?
21:53:11 Part totalbro
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22:03:31*[Franklin] wonders about the clip jam
22:06:15[Saint]If its even remotely similar to the Sport, I wouldn't go holding your breath.
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23:26:47*yuriks is holding onto his clip+ for dear life
23:27:06jtdesigns01yuriks: why?
23:27:27yuriksthey're not produced anymore, are they?
23:27:32yurikslast one I got was refurbished already
23:27:46jtdesigns01oh, i get it
23:28:15jtdesigns01yeah, very few DAPs are still getting made
23:28:51[Saint]It's a dead industry.
23:29:14[Saint]The only ones buying are idiot audiophiles with more money than sense, and people who want something disposable and cheap for the gym.
23:29:19[Saint]There's no middle market.
23:29:46[Saint]Hell...even the gym bunnies are gradually warming up to using their phones now that IP* standards are getting more common on midrange devices.
23:30:09[Saint]Smartphones killed the DAP star.
23:31:48yuriksfor better or worse
23:32:09yuriksI always shy away from using my phone for music, so can't pass judgement
23:32:19ZincAlloybecause it's worse
23:32:21yuriksmy clip has more storage and is much lighter than my phone though, so yeah
23:32:38[Saint]I think better, honestly. My DAPs have 512GB storage, maximum, and I'm on the extreme end of the spectrum.
23:32:47[Saint]The storage on my mobile is essentially limitless.
23:32:50ZincAlloysmall flash players with a clip are awesome
23:33:16[Saint]No, streaming.
23:33:24[Saint]I don't need any local content.
23:33:28[Saint]The Internet is my HDD.
23:33:56ZincAlloythat wouldn be very annoying for me.
23:34:06*[Franklin] prefers good ol' hard drive storage
23:34:11ZincAlloywhenever I'd need it there would be no reception
23:34:11[Saint]The only people who think that are people in countries iwth third world internet. ;)
23:34:27ZincAlloylike germany!
23:34:29yuriksmeh on streaming too
23:34:34[Saint]Once your locale gets "real Internet", you'll see.
23:34:38yuriks[Saint]: ever took a subway? :P
23:35:06[Saint]yuriks: cute - you think cellular internet doesn't exist in subways. :p
23:35:21[Saint](also, yes, no difference, because my locale doesn't suck a giant fuck)
23:35:50[Saint]When your locale wakes up to the future happening around it, you'll see.
23:36:43[Saint]I guess it /does/ help that I live in a locale that just so happens to have the fastest LTE in the world.
23:36:57[Saint]So, there is that, yes.
23:37:20[Saint]You guys'll catch up eventually. CDMA is on its death bed. GSM is getting there.
23:37:21ZincAlloyI can't even use LTE :D
23:37:42ZincAlloymy phone doesn't support it and my phone provider wouldn't let me, anyway
23:38:06[Saint]No wonder you German guys always seem cranky. :p
23:38:29[Saint]That would piss me off too.
23:38:46ZincAlloywe don't get proper mobile flatrates here, either
23:39:11ZincAlloyit's low speed flats with limited high speed data volume
23:39:27[7]yeah, I think they're slowly moving from 1GB to 2GB for 10€/month
23:40:02ZincAlloyI'm on prepaid
23:40:11ZincAlloy2€ for 100mb
23:40:51[Saint]I get 10GB LTE and then it switches to unlimited 3G.
23:41:16[Saint]My pprepaid pack is like $19 or so.
23:42:23[Saint]unlimited SMS to any national network, 200 international SMS/MMS, 200 international any-network minutes, and 10GB LTE. Or, something to that effect, I think a couple of those recently went up.
23:42:34ZincAlloyI wouldn't mind 3G speed. but being able to use LTE would be quite awesome
23:42:38[Saint]But, we used to have it as bad as you guys once upon a time too.
23:42:59[Saint]But we actually put some money into our telephony infrastructure, so, there's that.
23:43:14[Saint]It does kinda help that NZ is a platform for spying on the rest of the world.
23:43:23[Saint]That's the primary reason we have fat pipes.
23:44:21 Quit ender` (Quit: There was a picture on my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.)
23:44:25[Saint]If we didn't control some pretty strategic undersea cable joints/nodes, it would likely be a different story alltogether.
23:44:47[Saint]Our public telephony systems increased alongside our capacity for spying on you guys.
23:45:11[Saint](sorry :-S If it was up to me...we wouldn't, but, it isn't, and we do)
23:45:29ZincAlloyfor me it's cheaper to send messages using a foreign network because the EU has capped the costs for international SMS
23:46:08[Saint]You guys also get the "fun" of having access to virtually no interesting or useful Google services.
23:46:17[Saint]Like YouTube Red, or Google Music, etc.
23:46:27[Saint]'cos, we all know Google hates the fuck out of the EU.
23:47:04[Saint]Well...most of Europe, actually. Prety much that entire continent.
23:47:39[Saint]And the EU is about to make it a whole lot worse.
23:47:39ZincAlloyyoutube is as good as broken here in germany as google is not willing to pay as much as the german performance rights organization wants it to :)
23:48:22[Saint]The EU is currently petitioning so that _no_ user identifiable data can cross into the US.
23:48:36[Saint]That'll make things real fun for you guys, and, pretty much break the entire Internet.
23:48:39[Saint]Well done.
23:48:41 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:49:04ZincAlloythe US will have to find new ways to spy on us ^^
23:49:14[Saint]They did that a decade ago.
23:49:18[Saint]It's called New Zealand.
23:49:32ZincAlloybe prepared for a nuclear war.
23:49:59[Saint]We do the majority of their snooping for them now. Because then they get to say "We're not collecting any data on X"
23:50:10[Saint]...because they're not. We are. We just fork it over to them freely.
23:50:40ZincAlloyso that's gonna be next year's big thing… looking forward to the coverage in the media.
23:50:57[Saint]That came out ages ago. One of the very first Snowden links.
23:51:09[Saint]errr, *leaks
23:52:03[Saint]Australia is in a better strategic position to do the harvesting, but are less willing to cooperate. We're mini-USA. Will suck dick for Freedom.
23:53:07ZincAlloymy name, email address and a passoword hash were leaked once
23:53:24[Saint]Sony? :)
23:53:24ZincAlloyguess I registered to the wrong forum ^^
23:53:31ZincAlloyno, liberal party
23:53:52[Saint]Ah...well, in all fairness, that's kinda begging for it. lol
23:54:14ZincAlloyif I ever should ever meet anonymous I'm gonna punch him in the face LOL
23:54:47[Saint]it's [Franklin].
23:55:36*ZincAlloy punches [Franklin]
23:55:52*[Franklin] limps away
23:55:57 Quit einhirn_ (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:56:14*[Franklin] returns with his flamethrower and melts ZincAlloy into a pile of goo
23:56:44*ZincAlloy is wearing a heat resistant suit.

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