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#rockbox log for 2015-09-29

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01:12:03[Franklin]so, there's no clean way to ignore a usb connection from a plugin then?
01:13:50foolshI think a very informative message on screen would be the best out all options
01:14:35*[Franklin] would still like the "plug in and go" thing to be able to work
01:23:51[Franklin]is there any way this would be possible?
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01:25:56[Franklin]ooh this is interesting:
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01:33:42[Franklin]so I just need to block the sending of SYS_USB_CONNECTED_ACK, it seems
01:34:07[Franklin]that way, it'll never enter "slave mode"
01:34:35foolshYeah and the mass storage thing is a no brainer, even the newer rubber duckies do that now
01:34:43foolshso cool
01:34:48[Franklin]so what sends SYS_USB_CONNECTED_ACK?
01:38:15foolshThe newer ones, have a usb mass storage function
01:38:29*[Franklin] doesn't want to go that far yet
01:38:38[Franklin]too much work :P
01:38:45foolshIt's already there really
01:38:49[Franklin]well, I guess
01:38:53foolshno work needed
01:39:00[Franklin]ok, sounds good :)
01:40:13*[Franklin] needs to ask gevaerts when he's awake
01:40:13foolsh"18:18gevaertsUnfortunately you can't wait for SYS_USB_CONNECTED and then say "OK, but no mass storage please!""
01:40:27foolshgreats minds etc etc
01:41:29[Franklin]so battery_bench can run through a USB connection
01:41:35[Franklin]but it's a TSR plugin
01:41:55[Franklin]but the basic idea should be the same
01:42:13foolshWow long time since I used that acronym
01:42:29*foolsh has a flashback about DOS
01:43:53foolsh"If you don't exit and you don't respond with SYS_USB_CONNECTED_ACK somehow, you won't go to USB mode"
01:44:12[Franklin]that seems contrary to what battery_bench does
01:44:27[Franklin]it purposely sends a SYS_USB_CONNECTED_ACK
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02:11:05[Franklin]foolsh: turns out that default_event_handler is what causes rb to enter usb mode
02:14:52[Franklin]so if that's not called, all you have to do is detect a USB connect
02:15:44[Franklin]ok, got it!
02:31:43jtdesigns01hey guys, sorry to bother you, but i am really stumped. I am randomly getting "undefined instruction" crashes with my current code here
02:32:49[Franklin]well, where does it happen?
02:32:49*[Saint] hands jtdesigns01 gdb
02:33:28[Franklin]jtdesigns01: just a hint, but rockbox generally uses C-style comments /* like this */
02:33:30[Saint]just saying you get an undefined instruction error, and then handing us the full source, isn't entirely useless...but, it might as well be.
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02:33:58[Saint]step it through gdb and find out _where_ it's happening, and, we'll talk then.
02:34:01jtdesigns01just a sec
02:34:08[Franklin][Saint]: do you think the devs would like having a rubber ducky plugin?
02:34:22[Franklin]more importantly, would anyone object?
02:34:29jtdesigns01how would i step it through?
02:35:09jtdesigns01the sim wont work for sure, cuz i`m running 64-bit
02:35:23fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #64 at : Remove svn id. by Torne Wuff
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02:35:45*[Franklin] uses x64 too, and the sim works for me
02:35:51[Saint]Same here.
02:36:00[Saint]I'm not sure what would posses someone to think that.
02:36:02the_computer_useHi all!
02:36:06[Franklin]hello the_computer_use
02:36:10jtdesigns01yeah i know, but the type sizes are different than on the target
02:36:30[Saint]So what?
02:36:34[Saint]heh - snap
02:36:36[Franklin]it still works
02:36:54*[Franklin] has written plenty of plugins using only the sim
02:36:56[Saint]Are you under the understanding that 32bit binaries just magically don't work on 64 bit hosts...or what?
02:37:07[Saint]If that was the case, you wouldn;t even have an operating system, lol.
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02:37:23jtdesigns01"long" will be to big
02:37:39[Saint]just, no.
02:38:08[Franklin]in that case, you shouldn't be relying on size assumptions
02:38:24[Franklin]instead, use the fixed-size integer types
02:38:31[Franklin](i.e. uint32_t)
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02:39:03[Franklin]though you mentioned that you don't /always/ get undefined instruction?
02:39:15[Saint]But, yeah, I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with gdb.
02:39:19jtdesigns01anyway, how would i step through it?
02:40:00the_Webchat_userIm back
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02:40:32[Franklin]the 's' command
02:40:41[Franklin]it steps one line at a time
02:40:50[Saint]Though, it's not going to be particularly useful unless you compile a build with debug symbols.
02:40:53jtdesigns01just "uisimulator s"
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02:41:21jtdesigns01sorry, i`m really not familiar with gsb
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02:43:24[Franklin]gdb ./rockboxui
02:43:27[Franklin]then r
02:43:31[Saint]If only gdb had documentation...
02:43:50[Franklin]then c when it says things about signals
02:43:53[Franklin]then run your plugin
02:43:58jtdesigns01one of those gobs usually works, but you may have to try them a couple times
02:44:01[Franklin]then control-c to break it there
02:44:14*[Franklin] senses... uninitialized memory?
02:44:22[Saint]But, as stated, you'll need to first compile a sim with debug symbols.
02:44:27jtdesigns01thanks franklin
02:45:00[Saint]from memory I think we strip symbols by default, don't we? Or is that just on production builds?
02:45:38[Franklin][Saint]: not for the sim I don't think
02:45:52[Franklin]I think the sim comes with symbols by default
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02:49:37foolsh[Franklin]: On gerrit? I 'll test tonight
02:50:59[Franklin]foolsh: yeah
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03:12:24jtdesigns01aaaaaggggggghhhh. it works *fine* in the simulator!
03:12:54jtdesigns01what the *&/$ is wrong!
03:15:42jtdesigns01yeah, probably, but what?
03:15:52jtdesigns01is it running out of memory?
03:15:59[Saint]My initial suspicion is that you're running out of available RAM.
03:16:01jtdesigns01i don think so
03:16:17jtdesigns01does the sim simulate ram?
03:16:31jtdesigns01hmm, that could be it
03:16:46jtdesigns01i`l try it on small files a couple of times
03:17:16jtdesigns01nope got it the second try on a tiny file that work a minute ago
03:17:28jtdesigns01*got the error
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03:28:22jtdesigns01[saint]: am i not freeing memory correctly?
03:28:29Webchat_Userjtdesigns01: Hi there! :)
03:28:44jtdesigns01hi Webchat_user
03:29:38Webchat_Userjtdesigns01: what do you do with rockbox?
03:29:58[Saint]Is there something we can assist you with, Webchat_User?
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03:30:07[Saint]Guess not...
03:30:22jtdesigns01Webchat_User: i listen to music, watch movies and read
03:30:45jtdesigns01wait, where`d he go?
03:31:02[Saint]Uuuugh. You really use mpegplayer on Rockbox?
03:31:06[Saint]You poor bastard.
03:31:15jtdesigns01absolutely :)
03:31:29jtdesigns01what is wrong with it
03:32:14jtdesigns01except quality, which is probably my fault for encoding it wrong
03:32:33jtdesigns01*encoding the videos
03:32:34[Saint]I just dislike immensely watching a film on 320x240 at ~15fps
03:33:01jtdesigns01haha, 320x240, not so great, but i get fine fps
03:33:17foolshOne over each eye and you can have 3D!
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03:33:53jtdesigns01foolsh: LOL
03:34:06jtdesigns01actually, thats a cool idea...
03:34:45jtdesigns01... but probably too impractical to actually use ;)
03:34:51[Saint]My phones beat the shit out of it, easily.
03:35:05[Saint]My Nexus 6 is 2560 x 1440, at ~6"
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03:35:15[Saint]and even that is kinda painful to watch a film on.
03:35:22jtdesigns01yeah, a phone, absolutely.
03:35:41jtdesigns01but i dont have a phone, being only 15
03:50:31jtdesigns01[saint]: would you mind seeing if i`m forgetting to free memory or something?
03:54:38jtdesigns01ok, so my problem is definitely in my usage of the "gui_synclist" system
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08:42:32wodzpamaury: (log) Have you seen this ?
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10:45:35wodzpamaury: Have you got something running on x1?
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15:58:02pamaurywodz (logs): no I didn't know this tool
15:58:35pamaurybut I'm quite suspicious about decompilers if they are not interactive
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22:48:31pamaurywodz (logs): I updaded your hwstub server patch, I posted a comment with the details
22:50:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bc25437, 255 builds, 28 clients.
22:55:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 302 seconds.
22:55:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision bc25437 result: All green
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