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#rockbox log for 2015-09-30

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01:16:30foolsh[Franklin]: I wonder if it's possible to check if HID is enabled in the system settings and if not to turn it on at plugin startup, then back off on exit?
01:17:00foolshIf not it really not a big deal though if you think about it
01:18:27[Saint]I don't really understand why anyone would turn it off to begin with.
01:18:33[Saint]Or, why it's an option to.
01:18:50[Saint]Even if you don't use it, it's not like it gets in your way.
01:19:21foolshfuze+ erroneous key presses
01:19:42foolshI had it off, but thats just because, fuze+
01:20:59foolshthe touchpad is so sensitive sometimes I can hover over a button and activate it, even with the sensitivity turned down
01:21:13[Saint]be less capacitive!
01:21:39*foolsh has a high capacity
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01:21:57[Saint]for capacitance?
01:22:49[Franklin]foolsh: I suppose the plugin could modify global_settings
01:23:10[Franklin]though I'm not sure it would take effect
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01:23:52foolshzug zug
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01:29:03[Franklin]foolsh: I think it would be useful to have the DAP change VID/PID's to better pretend to be a keyboard
01:29:21[Franklin]though those are currently #defined as constants
01:29:38foolshCan that be done at the plugin level? I think they're hard code at the moment
01:29:42[Saint]We don't do that.
01:29:46[Saint]like, at all.
01:29:57*[Franklin] knows it's bad
01:30:08[Saint]It's not just bad. It's flatly not happening.
01:30:11[Franklin]and it probably won't make it into HEAD
01:30:24[Franklin]but I'll do it anyway and put it in a separate gerrit task
01:30:47[Saint]Using someone else's VID/PID is a bit of an asshole move. The real solution is to get our own.
01:31:01[Franklin]this is to better masquerade as a keyboard
01:31:17[Saint]Oh. I'm aware, it's just a dick move.
01:31:20[Saint]Someone paid for those.
01:31:23[Saint]Someone not us.
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01:31:42foolshIf people want it bad enough they'll have to do it themselves, but anyone who really wants it will be smart enough to do it to
01:32:01[Franklin]it's not even really "hardcoded"
01:32:11[Franklin]a variable is initialized with the VID/PID values anyway
01:32:28foolshI see
01:32:37foolshWell keep it seperate
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01:32:49[Saint]From our POV even re-using the OEMs VID/PID is a bit of a dick move. But at least that VID/PID was intended for the issues device.
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01:33:06foolshit's not even a gray area
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01:33:47*foolsh thinks he feels a net split coming
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01:34:12[Saint]That's the reason why I used 0xabcd 0x1234 for VID/PID on the Classic for my MAC builds.
01:34:38[Saint]They're not issued, and it's enough to fool the hsot into thinking it's not an iPod.
01:34:46[Saint]Even then it's a bit questionable.
01:34:59[Saint]Well...a lot, really.
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01:40:06foolshThat being said, I feel ducky has a place in rockbox, if we stay above the legal outlines of international law
01:40:23foolshIt would be nice to have it to automate things
01:40:38[Franklin]it's got some legitimate uses
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01:41:14foolshI once saw pamaury rewrite the remote_control.c for some poor sap who had a broken keyboard and was installing his OS
01:41:29foolshducky could have been handy at that moment
01:41:39[Franklin]and he came in #rockbox?
01:44:03*[Franklin] wonders if there are any "generic" USB VIDs/PIDs
01:45:25foolshpony up the cash and you can have your very own
01:45:46[Franklin]FWEI Inc. USB Device
01:49:26[Franklin]$5000 actually
01:53:53[Franklin]well, it works
01:55:20[Saint]We could get a block of a few hundred to use, where "we" == "Rockbox", for free. But that really requires the Swedes.
01:55:43[Franklin]wasn't there some project that was providing free ones?
01:55:52[Saint]You or I can't really go "Hey, I'm Rockbox. Gimme a block of USB IDs"
01:56:02[Saint]Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
01:56:13[Franklin]but not free
01:56:15[Saint]They won't issue singular IDs to Joe Average, though.
01:56:21[Saint]And it is free, yes.
01:56:37[Franklin]sorry, me misread
01:56:42[Franklin]*I misread
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02:30:28[Franklin]hmm... apparently it's a bad idea to change global settings from a plugin
02:30:41[Franklin]enabling usb_hid from within the plugin doesn't appear to work
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03:07:34foolsh[Franklin]: Oh well, no biggie
03:08:42[Franklin]the "bart simpson" payload appears to work :)
03:08:58[Franklin]just need to add STRING_DELAY 30
03:10:10foolshSo whats left function key and documentation?
03:10:58[Franklin]and variables, jumps, etc.
03:11:04[Franklin]but those are optional
03:18:25foolsh[Franklin]: I'll try to hammer out a manual entry tonight
03:18:58[Franklin]ok, thanks
03:18:58[Franklin]feel free to push, I don't mind merging good stuff ;)
03:25:00[Franklin]ok, function keys work
03:25:14[Franklin]the language should have all the features of duckyscript now
03:26:00[Franklin]test, test, test!
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03:28:15[Franklin]good night now
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10:28:38pamaury[Franklin] (logs): not sure what you are trying to achieve with HID but I know quite a bit about it, so feel free to ask
10:29:39pamauryBy the way, someone asked on the forum about the Fiio M3, which is a new, super small device from Fiio. It runs an ATJ2129 and a dev from Fiio told me it has "163K SRAM OC, 88K MASK ROM" so Rockbox wouldn't fit
10:30:17pamauryThis is getting annoying, the number of recent devices with ultra small RAM is increasing. We should do something about it !
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11:13:40wodzpamaury: I see you picked up hwstub_server work.
11:13:50pamauryyeah, I did some cleanup and bugfix
11:14:22pamauryright now I'm coding the JZ interface, I went further in hwstub lib cleanup, it was messy with hwstub/tcp/jz. I will upload the work very soon I hope
11:16:10pamauryI will slightly tweak hwstub_server to be able to handle any kind of hwstub, at the moment it is hardcoded with VID:PID which is bad
11:16:36wodzyeah, it was just POC code
11:23:37pamaurywodz: did you see my comment about Fiio M3 and ATJ2129 ?
11:24:36wodzok, see now.
11:24:54wodzSo basically my assumption about this line of SoCs was correct
11:25:03pamauryI don't know how close the ATJ2127 and the ATJ2129 are but I got confirmation about the latter
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11:28:16pamauryThis trend is weird
11:28:26pamauryI wonder if we should do something about
11:29:09foolshrockbox lite?
11:29:42pamaurywodz: by the way, luaprompt is awesome ;)
11:30:12wodzpamaury: nice you like it :-)
11:32:54pamauryHum, I have a weird freeze in qeditor because of libusb_unref_device :(
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16:13:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started.">Revision f01fb3c, 255 builds, 28 clients.
16:19:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 315 seconds.
16:19:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message:">Revision f01fb3c result: 0 errors 16 warnings
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16:33:54pamaurywodz (logs): I have can now read/write to Fiio using hwstub
16:34:06pamauryI'll upload the code on gerrit after some cleanup
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19:52:00rockbox"the number of recent devices with ultra small RAM is increasing. We should do something about it !" Rockbox lite?
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