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#rockbox log for 2015-10-03

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01:38:14[Franklin]foolsh: ping
01:38:27foolsh[Franklin]: pong
01:38:45[Franklin]so, I've been trying to figure out how to get ducky to send keys faster
01:38:53foolshread that ^
01:39:13[Franklin]currently I get around 100 keystrokes/second, which is pretty good ;)
01:39:18[Franklin]but I want more!
01:39:24foolshAlso I see you found a bug, congratulations
01:39:39[Franklin]well, maybe
01:40:05foolsh100 a sec is insane
01:40:26[Franklin]the theoretical max is 1000 frames/sec
01:40:31[Franklin]so 500 keystrokes/se
01:41:58[Franklin]currently the bottleneck is having a thread do the work
01:43:32[Franklin]I was thinking that you could do some work on the interpreter while I try to get this figured out
01:44:23foolshWhere does it stand right now?
01:44:40[Franklin]well, all the features of duckyscript are supported
01:44:54[Franklin]I have a bit more miscellaneous stuff locally, so I'll push that tonight
01:45:16[Franklin]all that's left is flow control and making sure no keys got left out
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01:47:16*foolsh hasn't touched C in months but he'll try to get back on that horse ;)
01:47:29[Franklin]don't worry
01:47:36foolshit's all been php and python lately
01:48:13*[Franklin] hadn't written any code in any language for months before ducky
01:49:41[Franklin]anyway, I'll push what I've got
01:50:18foolshducky.c looks fairly simple on the surface for something that can do so much
01:50:41[Franklin]it can't do much though ;)
01:50:50[Franklin]all it can do is script keystrokes :P
01:51:19[Franklin]all the guts are down in the USB driver
02:00:21foolsh[Franklin]: should go all the way to F24?
02:00:34[Franklin]only f1-f12
02:00:47[Franklin]it's not worth the effort to support the extra 12
02:09:28foolshgoing to have to find a picture of a 102 button keyboard to print out so I tick them off as I go
02:09:46foolshI see one key missing I think
02:14:00*[Franklin] thinks he has them all covered
02:14:27*[Franklin] takes that back
02:14:40[Franklin]need pgup/pgdown
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02:15:10[Franklin]and home and insert
02:15:38[Franklin]but that's it, I think
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02:19:33foolshMenu / App
02:20:03*foolsh needs ink for his printer :-\
02:20:10foolshgimp it is then
02:27:51*[Franklin] adds that
02:30:41[Franklin]foolsh: she's all yours now
02:31:20*foolsh is slightly tipsy and tired so don't hold him to a deadline tonight ;)
02:31:44[Franklin]there are no deadlines here
02:32:04[Saint]megal0maniac: yeah, we should probably add that to mainline I think.
02:32:51[Saint]Glad it's sorted for you, though.
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02:42:56foolsh[Franklin]: want media keys?
02:43:20*foolsh might as well since he's looking at it
02:44:00[Saint]It would seem odd if it didn't.
02:44:13[Franklin]why not?
02:44:31[Saint]where to draw the line, though.
02:44:37[Saint]...and calc?
02:44:43[Franklin][Saint]: calc?
02:45:02[Saint]calculator. common helper/function key.
02:45:16*foolsh is looking at
02:45:36[Saint]every keyboard I have has media keys and calculator, I find 'em useful.
02:45:41*[Franklin] found
02:45:46[Saint]especially the former.
02:45:49[Franklin][Saint]: I've never used the media keys /once/
02:46:09[Saint]the bit /I/ never use is the numpad.
02:46:17[Saint]like...never. at all.
02:46:22*[Franklin] uses the numpad all the time
02:46:33[Franklin]using the numbers in a row is inefficient
02:46:54[Saint]it's less efficient to take your hands off home row.
02:47:06[Saint]like, drastically so.
02:47:44*foolsh uses the number pad during numerical data entry and calculations
02:47:51[Saint]almost evry time I've seen a key log/frequency set from a coder, numpad is pretty much entirely disregarded.
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02:49:14[Saint]I do touchtype, though, not a lot of people seem to do so these days.
02:49:27[Saint]people just stab at a keyboard with 2 fingers while constantly looking down.
02:50:28*foolsh stares at the tops of his hands to oriented them in space above the keyboard
02:51:02foolshI don't look at the keys I look at my hands it's weird
02:51:06[Saint]I need to look down occasionally because I can't feel the home row "nub" on F.
02:51:17[Saint]Occasionally my left hand slips off home row and shit gets garbled.
02:51:29[Saint]offset by one key in either direction.
02:52:40foolshI think it comes from being raised on so many different types of keyboards when I was a kid
02:54:20[Saint]I tried to DVORAK for a time.
02:54:24[Saint]...fuck that noise.
02:55:28foolshAtari800 Commodore TRS-80 Tandy Apple all had slightly different keyboards sometimes very different
02:55:58[Saint]I hadn't learned to touch type while I was still interacting with those boards.
02:56:21[Saint]I only picked that up within the last decade.
02:56:34[Saint]I actively avoided learning to do so. No idea why.
02:57:01*foolsh took typing classes because there were no programming classes
02:57:19foolshI would fly through my assignments just to get programming time :)
02:57:38[Saint]It was in my HS curriculum, but, the teacher was entirely non-committed and could give zero Fs.
02:57:59[Saint]Typing is /still/ in our curriculum, somewhat oddly.
02:58:31[Saint]those stuuuuuuuuuuupid fucking home row drills.
03:05:56*foolsh just remembered wiring a Sega Genesis game ad to ps/2 keyboard keys to play games on his first IBM compatible
03:06:15foolshI had a lot of imagination back then
03:06:21foolshI miss that guy
03:06:56[Saint]I miss my AMSTRAD 6128.
03:07:18[Saint]I have everything _but_ the PSU.
03:07:41[Saint]I could build one, sure, but I really want to track down an original one.
03:08:01[Saint]The AMSTRAD 6128 was what really inspired my love of computing.
03:09:44foolshWhen win-95 came out the drivers for my sound card conflicted with the video card's IRQ
03:10:04foolshI cut the traces and soldered it to another IRQ line that was supported
03:10:25foolshI was just a kid back then
03:11:13foolshbut man I loved my pc
03:11:42foolshwhen I first bought it I told the guy I got it from "I can't wait to get it home and take it apart"
03:11:53foolshthe look of horror on his face
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03:31:35[Franklin]good night
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03:35:32jtdesigns01[saint]: how do i add a function to the plugin api?
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03:57:30foolshjtdesigns01: find an appropriate place in rockbox/apps/plugins/lib/* to add it or create a new pair of header and c files if what you have in mind doesn't fit any where else naturally
03:58:15foolshBut if what you're doing doesn't need to be share between programs you can just leave it in your plugin's source
04:00:11foolshyou basically put it some where and include that file in your program with "include foo.h"
04:00:50foolshor rather - include "foo.h"
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04:07:07jtdesigns01foolsh: thanks
04:08:58jtdesigns01foolsh: but how do i add it so that it can be called by "rb->......"and only have to include plugin.h in the plugin?
04:10:00foolshYou would put it in apps/plugin.(c,h)
04:12:53jtdesigns01where? in the struct?
04:14:46foolshIt really depends on what you're doing but plugin.c,h is generally very low level stuff sitting close to the hardware
04:14:53foolshwhat are you working on?
04:15:44jtdesigns01I implemented a function to get the relative data from the touchpad on the fuze+
04:16:57foolshah then it maybe better to wait until you hear from someone more knowledgeable than me, but this should go in the driver I'm sure
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04:17:20foolshand other place to I bet
04:18:26jtdesigns01well, all that really needs to be done is just find a way to call the function from plugin.h
04:21:06foolshthe function would go in plugin.c the data structure references go in the header file plugin.h
04:21:16foolshNot sure if thats the best way to explain it
04:21:57jtdesigns01the actual function impementation? the rest of them dont seem to be iomplemented in plugin.c
04:22:22jtdesigns01anyway i need to go to bed now, but thanks
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17:16:27[Franklin]jtdesigns01: the plugin api is just a bunch of pointers to functions
17:16:39[Franklin](that's the simplest way of looking at it)
17:20:22[Franklin]most of the functions are in the rockbox core, and the plugin API just gives them a nice uniform interface
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22:55:16pamaurywodz: I uploaded my patch to gerrit, see g#1217
22:55:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #1217 at : hwstub: add JZ support, refactor code, fix related tools (qeditor, hwstub tools) by Amaury Pouly
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23:10:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3fdb86e, 255 builds, 27 clients.
23:17:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 402 seconds.
23:17:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3fdb86e result: 4 errors 0 warnings
23:22:21[Franklin]debug build is broken
23:22:27[Franklin]time to fix...
23:27:00[Franklin]seems profiling is broken too
23:27:05[Franklin]/home/franklin/rockbox/apps/plugin.c:497: error: 'profile_thread' undeclared here (not in a function)
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23:51:42jtdesigns01what is the define for the targets with touchpads?
23:52:24jtdesigns01and do all the touchpads have the ability to track a moving finger?
23:52:35jtdesigns01(like the fuze+)
23:53:57[Saint]oh, ah, sorry. I misread. though, I think in the case of the Fuze+ specifically it is treated like a touchscreen. scrollstrips for other targets are fundamentally different.
23:54:39[Saint]bah, gotta run off /firmware/export/config/*.h - go nuts
23:55:56[Saint](grep is your friend)
23:58:10[Saint]you could break the touchpad up into segments as desired, or treat it as a single uniform touch surface, and gesture support and tracking is possible - but you'd have a fair amount of work on your hands.
23:58:56[Saint]there's a few ways I could think of of doing some basic gesture detection.

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