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#rockbox log for 2015-10-04

00:01:39jtdesigns01yep, right now i`m implementing getting the relative data
00:02:00[Franklin]jtdesigns01: for SW:DF?
00:02:27jtdesigns01though sw:df will definitely use it
00:03:25[Saint]you could do simple swipe gestures just by checking to see if you pass through the quadrants of the touchpad in a single gesture, though there's room for false positives there.
00:09:13[Franklin]how can I format a floating-point number in rockbox?
00:09:19[Franklin]%f doesn't seem to be supported
00:09:41[Franklin](for testing purposes, also, so speed doesn't matter)
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00:49:09*[Franklin] wonders what will happen to USB throughput if he increases HZ to 1000
01:25:19[Franklin]Strange. Rockbox refuses to boot when HZ=1000
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02:32:34[Franklin]pamaury (logs): so can there only be one frame sent per tick the way it is now?
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07:56:05pamaury[Franklin]: current yes
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17:53:35[Franklin]pamaury: I'm still struggling to wrap my head around things, but I think I have it mostly figured out
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17:57:46[Franklin]just one more think I don't know: what piece code responds the the host's polls?
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18:03:44gevaerts[Franklin]: if you mean the once per frame (or whatever you set it to) polls, then the answer is "none"
18:03:48gevaertsThat's done in hardware
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18:04:39[Franklin]that explains it
18:05:03[Franklin]but how does rockbox give the host the interrupt data then? DMA?
18:06:59gevaertsDepends on the exact device, but on PP502x you tell the hardware about a bit of memory you put the data in. If that's there, the hardware will respond to the poll with it, if it's not there, the response will be that there's nothing
18:08:30[Franklin]so would that be what's happening in ep_send() in the as3525 driver?
18:09:02*gevaerts isn't familiar with the as3525 code
18:09:23[Franklin]it's a PP5022 core, I think
18:09:37*gevaerts promises it isn't :)
18:10:02gevaertsWhat device are you working with?
18:10:08[Franklin]sansa e200v1
18:10:18gevaertsThat's PP5022
18:10:21gevaerts*not* as3525
18:10:38gevaertsYou want firmware/target/arm/usb-drv-arc.c
18:10:45*[Franklin] isn't sure where he got as3525 then
18:11:00[Franklin]oh... e200v2 uses the as3525
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18:53:11pamaury[Franklin]: I kind of simplified, as gevaerts said, everything is done in hardware, it's only the notification of completion that limits the speed because it goes through threading and is subject to HZ limit
18:53:47pamauryusb drivers tends to be quite complicated
18:54:24[Franklin]would it be possible to rewrite it without using threads?
18:54:45[Saint]The Clip(s) USB drivers drove me to madness at one point.
18:55:51pamauryas I said, the only workaround is to have the driver directly call a function, as done in g#1009
18:55:56[Saint]Oh. ANd N2Gs.
18:56:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #1009 at : Add USB Audio 1.0 support (EXPERIMENTAL) by Amaury Pouly
18:56:41pamaurybut then you have to be extra careful because the handler will be called from interrupt context so not every operation is allowed
18:57:15*[Saint] decides to work on intermediate scaling again
18:57:28[Saint]...though, honestly, I'm not entirely sure it makes a lot of sense
18:57:37[Saint]Well, it does on some targets.
18:57:42[Saint]Others, notsomuch.
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18:58:00[Saint]I have a tree here with the basics /kinda/ working...ish.
18:58:25[Saint]It touches damn near everything though. WHich is hardly graceful.
18:58:52pamaury[Saint]: what is intermediate scaling ?
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19:00:59[Saint]N clock levels between min/max.
19:01:10pamauryah frequency scaling
19:01:14*[Saint] nods
19:01:36pamaurythat would be useful indeed but the current code only knows about min/max :-/
19:01:47pamaurydo you think it's worh it though ?
19:02:35[Saint]...maybe. I mean, we have some VERY powerful targets, but, they also tend to be rather efficient at high clocks. So, ...
19:02:47[Saint]Mainly keeping me occupied. :)
19:04:39pamauryyeah that's true
19:06:36[Saint]The additional overhead from scaling might well wipe out any gains it could possibly bring.
19:09:40pamaurywell the thing is that changing the clock frequency can be costly
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21:12:32wodzpamaury: (log) I pretty much like your hwstub/hwstub_server refactoring. The only thing which might be considered is that TCP transport is always used and client (qeditor, hwstub_shell) checks if server is running and if not spawn one.
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22:36:26pamaurywodz (logs): the problem with the approach you suggest is that hwstub_server only supports once device
22:36:37pamaurywhereas the library and tools all support multiple devices
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22:37:20*[Saint] is far down the rabbit hole
22:37:56[Saint]even "simple" scheduling is fairly complex.
22:38:00pamauryplus tcp is maybe not the best option to do that, I think dbus would be more appropriate for a local server
22:38:23 Join ps-auxw [0] (
22:38:50[Saint]I'm really not convinced all this overhead I'm needing to pack in is going to be in any way effective.
22:39:29[Saint]In fact I'm entirely convinced it won't be.
22:54:53jtdesigns01do we use flyspray at all anymore?
22:55:40jtdesigns01ok i see that now
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