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#rockbox log for 2015-10-07

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01:00:29*TheSeven passes that on to prof_wolfff
01:00:58TheSevenuser890104: IIRC he found a GPIO in the meantime, but maybe there's an issue with it
01:01:29TheSeventhe hold switch actually physically shuts down power to the clickwheel, so that explains why the buttons wouldn't work despite hold detection not working
01:01:39TheSevendoes the lock icon in the status bar come up if you lock it?
01:01:54user890104TheSeven: no
01:02:22TheSevenok, most definitely a regression from one of these patches then
01:02:52user890104any idea which are they?
01:03:05user890104i can try an older build
01:03:59TheSevencan you check GPIOE value while toggling the hold switch?
01:04:00prof_wolfffactually the holdswitch is not working, i have patched it in the bootloader patch that i am going to send to gerrit (finally) today or tomorrow, in addition i have more info on how the clickwheel works, ATM it is not included in the patch because it is so much info and i need to revise it
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01:05:01*TheSeven wonders where prof_wolfff always gets that information from ;)
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01:06:09user890104prof_wolfff: which bootloader? :)
01:06:20*user890104 is using emCORE
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01:06:36TheSevenI think he has an AMS-like approach
01:06:49prof_wolfffi noticed the problem with the holdwitch when writing the bootloader, then i start to investigate the clickwheel, i did it sampling the GPIOs using emCORE to see what was going on, i was hooked with that for a few sessions
01:07:56TheSevenI guess I had a reason when I implemented the PMU-based hold detection ;)
01:08:12TheSevenway too long ago to remember what it was though
01:09:10user890104is there a development version of the new bootloader available for debugging/testing?
01:09:11prof_wolfffuser890104, i have a bootloader prepared, it is the first version but it works great, ATM i load it using, i have seen there is a ipoddfu_c written by you, i think it could be by the RB intallation utility
01:09:51user890104prof_wolfff: the C version is so buggy, i haven't had the time to fix it
01:10:21prof_wolfffi was doing the last cleanup ATM, i will try to upload it in the next hours, it modifies many files and i had last time problems porting it to RB, it is almost 90% emcore code
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01:10:41user890104the exploit uses some timings, which i fail to reproduce in my version so it doesn't work as expected
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01:10:54prof_wolfffdoes the c version works on windows?
01:11:09user890104it should in theory
01:11:16TheSevenuser890104: shouldn't depend on timings much, other than "wait long enough for it to complete whatever it's doing"
01:11:45TheSevenand the expected error situation at the end of the process, when the ipod just reboots
01:11:47user890104TheSeven: then there's another bug in it
01:12:08prof_wolfffall my development was in linux, but i have tested nothing in windows, i think i should use cygwin
01:12:44user890104i can do windows testing
01:13:16prof_wolfffanyways the C version is a good starting point to add to rbutils/mk6gboot/, actually there is a mkdfu.c thats build a .dfu file including the installer and the bootloader
01:13:46prof_wolfffuser890104, nice, please tell me all problems you can find
01:13:54user890104prof_wolfff: i think i can get the c version to work
01:14:55prof_wolfffgreat!, it will be necessary for the RB installation utility
01:43:17user890104prof_wolfff: ipoddfu_c works on my linux board
01:43:43user890104at least with the 17kiB bootstrap, i remember that it used to fail on bigger files
01:47:02user890104not working:
01:59:00prof_wolfffuser890104: i tested it yesterday on linux a couple of times using a ~90Kb .dfu and it works well for me, i am going to use it from now
02:00:04user890104prof_wolfff: i'm pushing an update now, there are some ugly expressins in the code and the makefile is a mess
02:00:33user890104but freemyipod's svn server is acting up
02:03:47prof_wolfffif you are ok, i will download it latter and add it to RB bootloader at rbutils/mk6gboot/ipoddfu, then we need to modify it a bit to integrate into an unique rbutils/mk6gboot/mk6gboot utility, this utility will create the .dfu using mkdfu.c and upload it to iPod device using ipoddfu.c
02:04:34prof_wolfffuser890104: ^
02:05:43user890104prof_wolfff: i'd like to polish it a bit before inclusion into rockbox, and test it with large files
02:06:45prof_wolfffok, i you want you can try to integrate it into mk6gboot
02:07:31user890104is it uploaded to rockbox's git repo, or only as a patch?
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02:07:56prof_wolfffi will upload it as a patch in a few hours, just look at these folders
02:08:08user890104ah, i see. ok
02:09:20prof_wolfffyou can add it as other patch over the bootloader, i suppose the bootloader is not to be commited too soon
02:10:00prof_wolfffand then join both patches before the final commit
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12:15:38wodzpamaury: ping
12:18:13pamaurywodz: pong
12:19:06wodzpamaury: What libusb_ref_dev() actually does?
12:19:35pamauryadds a reference to the device and return the same pointer
12:19:46pamauryyou absolutely want to get those right
12:19:56pamaurycause the pointer is destroyed when ref count is 0
12:20:54pamauryand read the libusb doc carefully
12:21:14wodzI did and still don't quite grasp how it works
12:21:47pamaurywhat do you mean ?
12:22:20pamaurysome functions create libusb_device pointers, like libusb_get_device_list
12:22:41pamauryinitially the device has ref count 1
12:22:48pamaurywhen count is 0, pointer is destroyed and becomes invalid
12:23:07wodzpamaury: I mean I have hotplug_callback() with libusb_device *dev filled by libusb. Do I need to reference this dev with libusb_ref_dev() or it is permanent and I need to destroy it manually?
12:23:44pamauryyou need to read the doc, let me check
12:25:06pamauryfor future reference:
12:26:20pamauryhum doc is unclear, my guess is that the pointer is unreference after the callback so if you want to save it, you need to reference it
12:27:17pamaurysorry wrong link to the doc:
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12:39:24pamaurywodz: I had a look at the code, apparently the device is unreferenced when it is disconnected, so you probably should add reference
12:40:08pamauryand in the example they provide, libusb_open adds a reference internally
12:40:26wodzpamaury: I'll craft something and let you look at it
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14:31:43wodzpamaury: Do you think client should be able to close/release device it didn't opened (but it happens is opened by other client)?
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14:33:18pamaurywodz: no
14:33:45wodzhmm, this complicates server
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14:34:14pamauryI mean for a start you could allow this (but clearly if the client does so that's a bug) and later on fix this
14:34:46pamaurybecause then it means you need to keep a per-client list of opened devices so yeah it makes things a bit more involved
14:35:43wodzbut we do allow other client to issue commands to device opened by other client, or not?
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14:36:46pamaurywodz: in theory no
14:37:58wodzok, goes back to thinking...
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14:39:32pamauryThis is not very complicated in fact: the server has a list of clients, each client has a list of opened devices it can send commands to or close. The server manages the devices based on that: it opens devices that one or more clients opended and closes them when no client is using it anymore
14:41:37pamauryIf you want I can have a go at the code to shoz you what I'm thinking about
14:43:51wodzI'll try to do this on my own.
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23:21:34wodzpamaury: See g#1222. This early WIP, untested, probably not working. Please comment about general approach.
23:21:42pamauryok let me see
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23:23:39pamaurywodz: just a small remark, since the server and device protocol are now differing, wouldn't it be better to use different #define to avoiding mixing the two ?
23:24:26pamauryespecially since the usb protocol commands must have special values (0x4x) for usb reasons, whereas the tcp protocol does not
23:25:30wodzpamaury: As you like. tcp protocol is extension. I don't care if commands are 0x4x or something different
23:25:54pamauryyeah it's just that GET_DEV_LIST does not exists in USB
23:26:01pamaurybut it "eats" 0x49
23:26:16pamauryand USB can only have a small number of such commands
23:26:50pamauryanyway, it's not important
23:27:26pamauryoh actually my mistake, you use a different prefix HWSERVER
23:27:44pamauryso yeah forget about it, but use a different value, just to avoid confusion
23:30:30pamaurywodz: do you know C++ ?
23:32:00wodzpamaury: A little bit. I know it could make code cleaner in c++. I am just not fluent in c++;
23:32:08pamauryok no problem
23:36:30pamaurywodz: I don't quite understand what is reflist and dev_list, what is the difference/relationship between the two ?
23:37:22wodzdev_list is global device list as filled by libusb hotplug callback function
23:37:46wodzreflist is per connected client and reflects device the client is connected to.
23:38:33pamauryah ok, right
23:57:49pamaurywodz: The overall principle is fine I think
23:58:12pamauryI'm not sure about some missing libusb_ref_device
23:58:41pamauryalso I *think* there might be race condition between hotplug and server thread

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