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#rockbox log for 2015-10-11

00:19:38[Franklin]rockbox seems to automatically shut down when there's no battery but it's on USB
00:19:44[Franklin]while the OF doesn't
00:20:07[Franklin]bug or feature?
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01:31:24fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c7fc5ca, 255 builds, 27 clients.
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10:12:40_wodz_pamaury: I am almost sure you introduced a bug in hwstub lib. in hwstub_tcp_open you should return &dev casted to (struct hwstub_device_t *)
10:14:11_wodz_not speaking that you don't check if malloc succeeded when alocating hwstub_tcp_device_t struct
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13:13:17pamaurywodz (logs): hwstub_tcp_open is correct because the layout of hwstub_tcp_device_t is to put hwstub_device_t at the beginning of the structure
13:13:47pamauryand yes it should check for malloc return ^^
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13:19:53pamaurywodz (logs): but if you don't like this cast (which I can understand), feel free to change it, I wrote this in a hurry so I didn't pay too much attention to the style
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16:18:27wodzpamaury: The returned pointer from hwstub_tcp_open() is not correct. It should return (casted) pointer to hwstub_tcp_device_t instance.
16:19:25wodzah doesn't matter in fact
16:25:00pamauryhum, it should really be a hwstub_device_t *
16:25:21pamaury(I mean from the API point of view hwstub_tcp_device_t * doesn't exist
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16:35:19wodzpamaury: I just realized that dev and &dev->dev are the same address
16:35:27wodzso it doesn't matter
16:35:57pamauryyes indeed
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17:07:55pamaurywodz: but I agree that &dev->dev is a bit confusing, you should probably replace it
17:11:15pamauryI'm trying to extract the register doc for the JZ47xx out of the ingenic headers
17:11:34pamaurythis is a bit tricky, clearly those headers have been partially done by hand
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17:46:41[Franklin]foolsh: conditional jumps are implemented now
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17:51:25wodz[Franklin]: what is this duckscript actually?
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17:53:07[Franklin]wodz: it's kinda hard to explain correctly
17:53:18[Franklin]but it emulates a USB keyboard
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17:53:32[Franklin]but you can script the keystrokes
17:54:05[Franklin]it's based on this:
17:54:39wodzWhat good it is for? testing of programs or waht?
17:54:53wodzpamaury: like most of our headers :-)
17:56:04[Franklin]wodz: anything you can do to a machine with phyiscal access
17:56:41wodz[Franklin]: but whats your usecase
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17:58:12wodzpamaury: what exactly is the uri format in hwstub lib? Examples in comments are kinda contradicting
17:58:24[Franklin]wodz: it's extremely flexible
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17:59:39wodz[Franklin]: Can I smash nail into the wall? :-P Thats what is possible with physical keyboard. And thats without scripting!
18:00:01[Franklin]wodz: it sends keystrokes to a USB host
18:00:22[Franklin]it can execute a malicious payload, for example
18:00:24pamaurywodz: really ? Do you have an example of contradiction .
18:00:42[Franklin]or draw ASCII art
18:00:42[Franklin]all extremely quickly
18:02:39pamaurywodz: the most complete documentation of the URI is the one printed by hwstub_uri_usage()
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20:32:26[Franklin]it appears that USB HID has stopped working altogether on my e200
20:32:42[Franklin]i.e. HID mode is broken and remote_control isn't working
20:38:07[Franklin]ok, I'm not going crazy
20:39:14[Franklin]it's just my computer acting weird
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20:41:07[Saint]pamaury: in a nutshell, what _is_ hwstub/hwstub_server
20:41:22[Saint]I've looked at the code several times, and I still don't have an accurate understanding of it.
20:43:14pamaury[Saint]: hwstub is a combination of a small code block running on a device and a library to interact with it
20:43:14pamaurythe goal is to be able to read/write registers and execute code on your device by only loading a small blob with your device in DFU mode
20:43:38pamauryon top of that, I build hwstub_shell which allows to lua scripting on top of hwstub
20:43:52pamaurythis way you can very easily test code on your device
20:44:07pamaurythat's how I developed all the imx233 ports, especially LCD code
20:44:12[Saint]ahhh - so, get execution, and, this assumedly helps in (amongst other things) discovery and disassembly?
20:44:39pamauryin may help in disassembly but it's really most helpful for scripting
20:45:04pamauryit's much easier to script drivers when your first develop them
20:45:52pamauryit can also prove useful to OF spying: on several occasions, I modified the OF to run hwstub when some condition was reached (typically, hit a key), then you can inspect the OF and the hardware state
20:45:58pamaurysome form on primitive debugger if you will
20:46:02pamaurythat works with rockbox too
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20:51:21pamaury[Saint]: for example, NWZ E360 drivers in lua:;a=blob;f=utils/hwstub/tools/lua/sonynwze360.lua;h=4fabdfd27c65042503aa8ce6556a4da836a6d84f;hb=c7fc5ca
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22:07:06pamaurydamn it, can't ingenic just produce *working* headers
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23:39:01pamaurycrazy JZ4760 headers: register address macro depends on an index 'n' but the formula for the address does not ?!
23:48:17[Saint]How does that even work?
23:55:43pamaury#define CPM_MSCCPR(n) (CPM_BASE + 0x68)
23:56:07pamauryI just understood why they did it, but that is *NOT* a good reason
23:57:16pamauryin fact this is extremely confusing to do so

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