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#rockbox log for 2015-10-13

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01:41:39swift110hey all
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01:54:25pamauryswift110: ask your question if you have one
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02:14:44swift110sure if I install rockbox to my iPod would it be dual-boot or would it just be rockbox
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02:40:14foolsh[Franklin]: ducky gets in a wierd state if unpluged (of course) but pla BUTTON_BACK is universally availble to every target and would be a good choice for a kill switch
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02:41:42*[Saint] is more of a fan of multi-key plugin exit triggers.
02:41:45[Saint]ala iPods.
02:41:51[Saint]It makes sure it's a deliberate action.
02:42:00[Franklin]but this adds in button handling to the main loop, which might slow it down if it's thread-dependent
02:42:01[Saint](menu+select, for instance)
02:42:25[Saint]It's not only useful if you've run out of buttons in the keymap.
02:42:35[Saint]It's very useful for making sure exiting the plugin is deliberate.
02:43:03[Saint]Well...that's my $0.02, anyway.
02:43:11[Saint]Do what you will with it. ;)
02:43:24foolsh `++++++
02:43:27foolsh '+++++.
02:43:30foolsh ++++++
02:43:33foolsh .+++++'
02:43:36foolsh ++++++`
02:43:39foolsh ++++++
02:43:43foolsh :+++++;
02:43:44*[Saint] gets ready to do some kickin'
02:43:58foolshSorry guys
02:44:05[Franklin][Saint]: it's probably a ducky malfunction :P
02:44:23[Saint]phew. I was hovering over my kick alias. ;)
02:45:22[Franklin]foolsh: I tried testing on a windows box today and it didn't work too well
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02:51:20[Franklin]it worked after some fiddling around with it though
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02:51:54[Franklin]had to connect first in HID mode so it recognized it, then again holding down a key, and then run the script
02:59:59*foolsh will source a windows box somehow
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03:42:38jtdesigns01how does screendump work?
03:42:55jtdesigns01i`ve been able to do it before but never knew how
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04:42:18[Saint]jtdesigns01: enable screendump, plug USB.
04:42:27[Saint]USB detection is the trigger.
04:42:43*[Saint] is pretty sure this is covered in our fine manual...
04:43:07[Saint]s/pretty sure/abundantly confident/g
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12:24:37wodzpamaury: hey!
12:26:12wodzpamaury: I think locking is still not correct. I think that basically all operations must be mutex protected. Otherwise you have no guarantee that other thread does not change the dev_node object in the middle
12:31:42pamaurywodz: if you are unsure you can lock but I don't see what could happen
12:35:19pamaurytoo much locking cannot really hurt in this case I guess
12:35:48pamaury(of course I'm assuming libusb is thread safe, which thinking about it now is not obvious)
12:36:20wodzit was one of the main goals of libusb-1.0 AFAIK
12:36:59pamauryyeah the doc says it's thread-safe
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12:42:01pamauryfoolsh: you are the one writing DuckyScript ?
12:42:15pamauryand having a problem with HID being too slow ?
12:42:35pamaurywodz: should I review hwstub_server again or are you doing more changes ?
12:43:56wodzpamaury: I am working on hwstub_shell now actually. If you have time please look at hwstub_server
13:00:49pamaurywodz: what are you planned modification for hwstub_shell ?
13:13:55wodzfilling{taget, layout} on opening device
13:15:38pamauryso you keep hwstub_shell design of one device open at a time, the lua code can change the opened device and you can specify one on the command line to use first ?
13:17:14wodzthats my idea yes
13:18:21pamauryI thought about the API problem we talked about yesterday and I may have an elegant solution, very similar to libusb actually
13:19:03wodzhow exactly it would be supposed to work?
13:20:49pamauryyou would have notion of context, all operations are done in this context (open, close, get dev list, usb requests). Simialrly to libusb, there is a default NULL context, that if initialise will spawn a tcp server (unless it can find one)
13:21:12pamaurybut if you want, you can init one with different TCP server or even use usb devices directly
13:22:55pamauryin fact this requires very little modification to the API because only open/list need a context pointer, the other functions take a device as a parameter and a device is always part of a context
13:23:29wodzsmart indeed
13:24:21pamauryI guess with this design we have two context typs: usb (hwstub + jz) and tcp
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14:07:52wodzpamaury: Ok. Now it should be possible to play with hwstub_server + hwstub_shell. The shell tries to connect to localhost:8888 (hardcoded for now). Then you have 3 new commands in lua 1) hwserver_get_dev_list() 2) hwserver_dev_open(id) 3) hwserver_dev_close(id). You can also call after open() to get familiar stats about hwstub running on particular device.
14:08:27pamaurywhat do you mean familiar stats ?
14:09:30pamauryisn't this printed by some lua code ? is lua function, yes
14:10:02pamaurythere also the problem that some lua magic happen because of some lua code, you need to rerun it every time you open a function
14:10:07pamaury(for example to get correct registers)
14:10:32wodzhmm, didn't think about it
14:12:12pamauryI think the proper way to do that is to have the lua code define a funcion called device_init() (for example) which is implemented in init.lua and that calls whatever functions are necessary to setup everything correctly
14:12:27pamaurybecause you can just rerun the script
14:12:30pamaury*you can't
14:14:37pamauryI'll have a try at fixing this once you upload the patchset to gerrit
14:14:46pamaurysince I wrote most of the lua code
14:15:30wodzpamaury: I just uploaded to gerrit
14:17:19pamauryok, so what is the next step right now ? (apart from the lua problem)
14:17:47pamauryshould I have a go at reworking the hwstu API as I suggested ?
14:19:00wodzand there is qeditor to fix
14:19:49pamauryah right
14:20:14pamauryok so let me have a try at the API this afternoon/evening
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18:35:31foolshpamaury: Nope, I'm just an innocent bystander.... ducky is all [Franklin]
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18:46:45pamauryokay, that's what I thought, I had a sudden doubt ^^
18:53:44foolshwell I might have nudged him toward it at some point, but it's all him
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